The 54th Grammys

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Bruce Springsteen is awesome! I can’t say that I am a fan, but I am a person who respects his craft and his legacy. I have my Bruce moments. lol. But he deserved to open the 54th Grammys! He is so awesome that he has Paul McCartney doing the soul clap!

I do NOT like this hat that LL Cool J has on as he is walking out.

Wow! Did we really just have LL Cool J start off with a PRAYER on American Television?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I honestly dont think that I have EVER seen a prayer at a secular event ever occur. Even people in the audience who have been rumored of other faiths bowed their heads in respect to the moment and memory of the amazing legend Whitney Houston. And LL Cool J appears to almost be on the brink of tears. When I tell you that there will NEVER be another Whitney…. well damn it, that is what I mean. There will NEVER be another Whitney Houston. You can name your children what you like, but it just won’t happen. *my heart is hurting*.

After the video of Whitney singing “I Will Always Love You” the entire auditorium stand to their feet in applause. And so, the 54th Grammy awards begins.

I almost didn’t recognize Adele with this blonde hair. She is looking gorgeous as always. When I tell you that I am an Adele fan…. that would be an understatement.

Our second performance of the night is from Bruno Mars. Side note: Diana Ross and her son look amazing. Now, I am not saying anything too direct. but the tambourine player to the right side of Bruno is looking a little “Metro Suspectual”, if you catch my drift. In other news, I really am a Bruno Mars fan. They boy is an eclectic genius, but I don’t think that it always carry over in live performances. He is a hit or miss in live performances for me. bwhahahaha! Bruno just told the audience to “get off their rich asses and let’s have some fun”. The censor dude just said to hell with bleeping that, huh? lol

Up first to introduce the first award of the evening is the amazing Bonnie Rae and Alicia Keys; Bonnie at her guitar and Alicia at her keys. They mention the loss of both Etta James and Whitney Houston as they go into one of Etta’s famous hits, Sunday Kind of Love.

Best Pop Solo Performance

Adele- Someone Like You- WINNER!!!

Lady Gaga – You and I

Bruno mars- Grenade

Katie Perry- Fireworks

Pink- Perfect

ADELE WINS!!!!! No offense, but LIKE DUH!!!! She is so gorgeous and talented to me. She deserved every single moment that she is standing at this mic. I feel myself in every single one of her songs. I can play her cd from front to back without skipping a song. I salute you Adele

And our third performance of the night is from Mr. Chris Brown himself. For a brief moment I had to remember that this is the Grammys and you will see some eclectic performances. The batboys moving behind Chris are borderline creeping me out. What? They are. Is Chris channeling his inner MJ? Turn Up the Music was not my favorite song to start with but this Beautiful People joint is a keeper. Wait, not the bat boys have surgical masks on as well? Lol.  This whole performance seems to be very heavy on the techno side. And, is it just me or is Chris not really dancing all that much and was he lip syncing? Okay. I cant say that was Chris’ best performance. Egh.

Fergie and Mark Anthony come to the stage to present the next award. Funny. I always thought that Mark was always so short standing next to F

Best Rap Performance

Chris Brown- Look at Me Now

Jay-Z & Kanye- Otis – WINNER!!!!!!

Lupe Fiasco- Show Goes On

Nicki Minaj & Drake- Moment for Life

Whiz Khalifa- Black & Yellow

Jay & Kanye were unable to make it and so they accepted the award on their behalf. Up next is the beautiful Reba McIntyre. This copper dress is beautiful!!!! She introduces Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson as they prepare to sing Don’t You Want to Stay.  I am loving this dress that Kelly has on. It is fitting her beautifully. And this song between the two of them is just magnificient.

Coming in 4th place performing from the Staples Center are the Foo Fighters. AMAZING!!!! Foo Fighters have a special place in my heart. Their videos helped me get through Junior High. Lol. Don’t ask.  Just enjoy their awesomeness!

SO I have a feeling that Rihanna is up next with Coldplay!!!! Now, if you will allow me to interject for just a moment. This Tina Turner hair is NOT working on Rihanna. However, I honestly love the version of We Fell in Love in A Hopeless Place that she started off with. I wish that they would have created this as a slower version of the song. I smell a remix coming. Now, the creepy thing of it all is that Chris is backstage. Too close for comfort, people! Hahaha. Can we say “not a coincidence”? But this is the best that I think Rihanna has ever sounded to me in a live performance. The dance moves are off the charts though. She brought Barbados to the Grammys.

Chris Martin from Coldplay is sooo amazing. And if you don’t think so, go kick boulders with open-toed shoes! Let me find out that Rihanna is trying to become a serious singer. Lol.  I love the graffiti art around Coldplay. Now if you will excuse me, I’m about to stop blogging so that I may enjoy this performance. Shhhhhh!

Side Note: I am noticing how short they are keeping LL’s interaction. Same suit, no costume changes so far, and max of 2 teleprompter visits.

Pauley Parette!!! I hate that all of her tattoos are covered. Mario Manningham and Victor Cruise. No comment. GO PATS!!!!  And is Victor really giving us a little salsa? Hahaha

Best Rock Performance

Coldplay- Every Teardrop is A Waterfall

The Decemberists- Down By the Water

Foo Fighters- Walk -WINNERS!!!

Mumford & Sons- The Cave

Radiohead- Lotus Flower

Um, did they just have to turn the music on to cut off the Foo Fighters? Lol. Comedy! And they had to announce Ryan Seacrest twice. He is here to introduce the celebration of the Beach Boys. Maroon 5 starts it off. Did I ever mention that the lead singer of Maroon 5 can get it on the back pew of the church during communion? I mean, seriously.  Adam Levine is like the epitome of sexy!!!!!! Yummy. Just delicious. And then he can sing too. *Sighs in a 50’s teenie bopper way* He is so dreamy.

Oh yeh, his is all about the Beach Boys. Hahahaha. I just love that they are reuniting. Clearly classics never die.

STEVIE WONDER HITS THE STAGE!!!!!!!!!! I don’t even think that he is performing but I got excited just that quick. And he wanted to say to Whitney up in heaven that we all love her. Then he pulls out his harmonic and begins to play a little diddy. I love it. He introduces the legend that is Sir Paul McCartney!!!!!!!! Hush. I am paying attention to greatness.

Common and Tarji P. Henson come to present the award to the AMAZING Gil Scott-Heron. It took them TOO long to give him this award. I had the pleasure and honor of me

Best R&B Album

Chris Brown- Fame- WINNER!!!

El Debarge

R. Kelly


Kelly Price- Kelly

No offense to the other people  in the category with Chris, but DUH!!! To be honest with you, I didn’t even know that the other people had cds out. And Chris with his shirt open is sexy but the rest of the outfit is NOT going together for me.  Congrats, Chris.

The Civil War comes up and thanks all of their “opening acts”. Lol. That was clever. He even said that he appreciated that “talented kid from Liverpool”. Lol. I’m sure Paul McCartney is in the back laughing it up.

I have never heard of Civil War but this opening into Taylor Swift’s performance was awesome! I love their voice. I mean, it looks like I will have to check into their stuff. If you haven’t realized by now, I listen to anything that touches my soul.

Umm… what is up with this honkey tonk, milk maid dress that Taylor has on? Okay, it goes with the rest of her set. This year I am noticing that these performers have 20 too many extras on the stage. Once the camera pans out, it is too hard to locate the artist; too cluttered. Just saying.  I love how Taylor is strumming this banjo like it is an electric guitar. Lol.

Okay, let me be honest with you. I have stopped paying attention to the award show. Neil Patrick Harris is looking tasty in this suit. He has such great style. I don’t think that I ever pay attention to the entire Grammys. I know that sounds bad, but it gets to a point where it gets a little boring.

Song of the Year

All Of The Lights (Kanye West/Fergie/Rihanna/Kid Cudi)

The Cave (Mumford & Sons)

Grenade ( Bruno Mars)

Holocene (Bon Iver)

Rolling Deep ( Adele)- WINNER!!!!!

 ADELE WON AGAIN!!!!! LOVING IT! Okay, I am paying attention again!

Up next to the stage is Katie Perry. I know that her performance will rock like always. This outfit is looking a tad bit Gaga-ish. Has she gained weight, or is this lighting adding weight to her. Okay, for a brief moment I thought that the monitors were messing up her music. Okay, so was that really Katie at the beginning or was that a stand in with the thick hips? I say this because there is no magical way to get her from the bottom of the stage to get in the box hovering over the stage. Survey says……a thick hipped stand-in.

Miranda Lambert’s dress is so cute! So I take it that it is country time!!!!

Best Country Album

My Kinda Party- Jason Aldean

Chief- Eric Church

Own the Night- Lady Antebellum- WINNER!!!!

Red River Blue- Blake Shelton

Here For A good Time- Geroge Straight

Speak Now- Taylor Swift

What was Taylor Swift wearing? The dress looked horrible. But in other news, the band Perry kicks off the tribute Glen Campbell. He is a musical genius. Rhinestone Cowboy is a classic!

Gwyneth Paltrow is so gorgeous to me. This dress is so amazing that I am staring to see how she even has it on. HOT!!!!! And then she introduces Adele’s performance. CLASSIC!!! Adele starts off with Rolling Deep without any music. LOVING IT!!!!!! She is beautiful to me. If you cant tell… I’m an Adelite. Yes, I just made that up. An Adelite is a SUPER Adele fan. Lol.  Has Adele lost weight? I mean, she has always been beautiful to me, and if she never loses a pound she will still be awesome. I just noticed.  I salute her individuality.

*I stand up in my bedroom and give Adele a standing ovation*

I keep trying to find a time when Carrie Underwood looks horrible and I can never do it. But she welcomes the legendary ony Bennett to the stage. He is a classic. I know I keep saying this, but if I were lying you could call me on it. I love what he did with Amy Winehouse. Tony is one of my classic favorites. I am a super fan of his as well.

Best New Artist

The Band Perry

Bon Iver- WINNER!!!!!

J. Cole

Nicki Minaj


So, how can I say this respectfully? WHO THE HELL IS BON IVER?! I guess that I will have to do my research. But what I do respect is his honesty about his discomfort being up there. He has won my respect for that opened door into his moment. lol. Oh, he is from Wisconsin. NIIICE!Oh no, they are pulling the music on him. But congrats.

Awww I was wondering when the Grammy Camp would show up in the program. HERE IT IS!!! As a fellow band geek (It’s all about the Sax, shawty!!!) I stand up for programs like this. Rock to the face of school systems that take music programs out of school. You say you want children to find creative outlets, well…..stop taking them away. And that is all I have to say about that. *Steps off soap box*

In Memory of

Amy Winehouse

Nick Ashford

Phoebe Snow

Jerry Leiber

Steve Jobs

Heavy D

Nate Dog

Fred Steiner

Dobie Gray

Wilma Lee Cooper

Liz Anderson

Frank Dileo

Bruce Jackson

Jonny Otis

Stan Ross

 Roger Nichols

Joe Arroyo

Marvin Tarplin

Carl Gardener

Gene Mcdaniels

Joe Morellos

Bill Morrisset

Hazel Dickens

Gerald Smith

Pinetop Perkins

Camilla Williams

Milton Babbitt

Andy Kazdin

Bill Johnson

Jessy Dixon

Clarence Clemons

Whitney Houston

and more that were just as important.

And the tribute begins!

Jennifer Hudson begins with the iconic a capella introduction to I Will ALways Love You. Grammys, you did well in picking her to do this! PERFECT! Jennifer looks as if she is fighting to keep it together. WOW! Talk about powerful. And just listening to Jennifer sing Whitney’s words, the words now have a new meaning. WOW!!!  Ummm… was that it? One song? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE SHITTING ME!!!!! * Throws old laptop to edge of bed & carefully places new laptop down and storms out of the room*

I was not paying attention before I looked up and say Chris Brown looking like Run DMC. And did he almost fall walking in or was that a tick move gone wrong?

Aww, Drake is looking very debonair in this suit. Wait… did he just call Nicki Minaj classy?  I….yeh, speechless.

And what the hell is up with this Roman entrance? And she is doing an exorcism? Ummm… okay. I can hear people laughing in the audience. Is this an introduction for a movie role we dont know about? There is all sorts of blasphemy going on with this performance. I feel like I am going to hell just by watching this. I mean, only Nicki can have hip hop dancing cardinals. lmao!Sooooo she edited the word ass but she can say hoe and bitch? And who is the Amber Rose looking chick in the back. Levitation, right? Ummmm…. no comment. I went to church for two services today. I should be covered.

Lady Antebellum comes to the stage to present the Best Album of the Year award. I LOVE HER DRSS!!! Gorgeous and wonderful colors.

Song of the Year

Adele- WINNER!!!!

Bon Iver

Bruno Mars

Mumford & Sons

Katy Perry

ADELE WINS FOR A THIRD TIME ON-AIR!!!!!!!! I love her. Yup!

Diana Ross walks up to introduce the Album of the Year award. Can I say that I already know Adele is going to win.

Album of the Year

Adele- 21- WINNER!!!

Foo Fighter- Wasting Light

Lady Gaga- Born This Way

Bruno Mars- Doo-Wops and Hooligans

Rihanna- Loud

CAN WE SAY DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big ups to Rick Rubin. I love how she called out her snot while she was crying. THIS IS REAL!!! This is ADELE!!! This is why we absolutely LOVE HER!!!!!!! YOU DESERVE EVERY MOMENT OF IT!!!

And closing the show is Sir Paul McCartney. Clever choice, people! And Scene!



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