The Game S5: BORING!

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 7 February 2012 at 10:56 pm

Episode 1: Season 5 Begins

Episode 2: Know Your Role

Episode 3: Classy vs Trashy

Episode 4: Stereotypical Black

Episode 5: BORING!

I hope that this episode is better. I almost want to scream at Kelsey Grammar. Like, how can he let the quality of work on this show go down hill as much as it has? I mean, that white man is a pro at black shows! lmao!

It’s Game Time!!!!!!!! #@TheGameBET

Malik’s last day in is house and he is just chillin? Lol. Funny. TeeTee comes by to check up on him. Damn, that must suck. Why does TeeTee look old as shit this season? He went from looking 18 to 35.

Who is this lil Asian kid? Dayum! He thought that Malik was Cuba Gooding Jr? bwhahahahah Comedy at its finest. But really? The new family is in his house the last day that he gets to live there? That is harsh as hell.

So Malik was on the “Dame Dash” spending spree; buying things, wearing them once and throwing them away.

What is this FUGLY ASS dress that Melanie has on? See! See how they treat fashion for people who gain a little weight. And why does she want to go by The Drop Bar? Really, does Tasha really hang out that much?

In walks Jason as he watch Summer Greyson become his new co-anchor.So Summer left ESPN to come host his show? Ummm that doesn’t make sense. So they producers did it to make the show sexier? And why is this rap tight as hell? Is he trying to relive the “Dip” rap?lol

Why is Malik playing It’s SO Hard To Say Goodbye? Bwhahaha. Wasn’t he only in this house for 6 months? I guess BET got tired of paying rent for this huge ass house. Bwhahahahah. This faux drowning scene was too much. And this fool has a horse called Midnight Black?

I sure am asking a ton of questions this episode.

Dayum. Chardonnay lives in a studio apartment? Jason goes over to her house to talk about Summer being added to his show. And did this fool jus come up with a name for her future spa; Spadonnay? *Side eye* And why do they have Chardonnay in this tiny nighty? And why is Jason so off beat with these dances? Hahahaha. Comedy! Not the Kid N’ Play! But I really love Chardonnay with Jason.

Wait, is that a poster of Diggy Simmons on the wall above Chardonnay’s bed? Umm… is a grown woman allowed to have posters of underage kids? Siiiiiign number one.

Is Tasha sitting in a BAR reading Eat, Pray Love? Where they do that at?

And Derwin has gone back to not drinking after season 3? Ummmm and what is up with Melanie ordering the same nuts Tasha orders? I’m so confused. I KEEP ASKING QUESTIONS!!!

And is there really a reason for Tasha and Melanie to have a battle over who will be leaving the club last? This is sooooo sad nad pointless. What does this do to the plot of the story? And Melanie gives up and leaves first anyway? Ugh!

And Malik tries to burn down the house and fails. Malik found a picture he through when he was in third grade. It was the very same house that he has lost and now he feels like he has blown his dream. Of course TeeTee comes in to be the voice of reason by telling him to move on to the next dream. And then Malik torches the picture.

Wow! SO now Chardonnay wants to attack how Jason will handle being in proximity to his white co-host. OUCH!!! Jason turned on Chardonnay saying tha she wasn’t being his rock and she was insecure.  They just need to have sex and get it over with. BWHAHAH! Jason said he wasn’t going to kiss her forehead because the first kiss was greasier han he thought that It was going to be. Hahahah. Cute.

Okay… so what was the purpose of this episode? Did the writers go on vacation? Strike? Die? Just wondering because it was boring as hell.



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