Let’s Stay Together: Sick Intentions

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 7 February 2012 at 11:05 pm

Episode 1: Beginning

Episode 2: Ex-Rated Issues

Episode 3: Married Duties

Episode 4: Trust In Me

Episode 5: Univited Advances

Episode 6: Sick Intentions

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So they are in the bedroom yet AGAIN! And he is in the bed sick and she is ignoring Charles’ request to take care of him.

Okay, my problem with this show is that the writing, for them now being married, is as if they are just starting to date. Did he ever get sick when they were engaged and living together? Did she not take care of him then? I’m confused and still hate this boring and predictable, stereotypical as show.

So now Jamal is happy with the new job. And wait…Crystalis babysitting he twins? So she moved into town like a few episodes ago and they didn’t know her and now Tasha trusts Crystal with the imaginary twins? Yeh, right.

So Crystal sees a single ladies commercial and so she calls a friend and tells her to be at her house. Ummm, okay.

And Stacy has a bad girl running around in her office. And Charles calls Stacy at the office and she is more concerned with her work than being home with him.

Troy’s office seems to be almost finished and it is looking fresh to death.Troy invites then to a Nicki Minaj listening party. Unfortunately, Tasha can’t go because she has to stay with the installers at the office. And then Troy offers Jamal a free Armani suit? Can I work for Troy? But quick question, where is the in office bathroom that Tasha mentioned to Troy last episode? Do they forget the B.S. they mention in previous episode? I ask because it is not where we can see it where they mentioned it.

Charles called his mama and now Stacy is trying to defend how she takes care of her husband. His mama made him duck soup while Stacy brought home microwave soup. Damn! His mother told Stacy that she may be able to take care of her child patients but has a lot more to learn about taking care of a man.

Oh, okay. So Crystal has a party where she is going to try to hook up singles. But who is this semi cute dude with the lips tatted on his neck? And she has then doing Charades and the Soul Train line. She is a hilarious match maker.

Can someone please tell me why the “vapor rub” looks like a jar of Vaseline? And why is Charles faking sick? Just so Stacy can stay home? But it was cute how they break down the ways hey look after one another and show their love.

In short…..Crystal let those strangers in Kita’s house and they robbed her. So you mean to tell me that you didn’t see people walk out with a flat screen TV? Yeh, right.

Troy brings Jamal home drunk. Hilarious. And the way that Troy looked at Tasha’s butt when she left the room. Just scandalous.  And why is Emma the shade of powder? Where is the recessive white folk gene in the family? I promise you the boy twin was darker three episodes away. I doubt we will ever see the set of twins together.  And now Troy wants to send Jamal out-of-town on “business” to Cali for 5 weeks? Yeh, he wants him out-of-town so he can try to holler at Tasha. Just a shame.

So Stacy gets sick from catching Charles’ cold. Instead of taking care of her himself, Charles calls his mother! Lol. That was the one funny scene the entire show!



  1. I saw the episode this week and although I like the show so far I find the writing so predictable and cliche. For starters, the thing with Troy is so predictable as he is obviously being set up to be a homewrecker that wants to put the moves on Tasha and is sending Jamal out of town coincidentally. To me Troy’s character wore out his welcome after the first 2 episodes of the second season and should have been sent off into the sunset afterwards. It would been more original if Troy had genuinely had moved on from Tasha but we were given the impression that he wasn’t only to find out he wasn’t-I mean doesn’t he have a new girlfriend by the way? We’ve already done the ex-boyfriend wanting to get back with his old girlfriend despite the fact that she’s involved with another man bit in so many shows and movies so BET needs to come up with better writing than this.

    • I agree. I think that it would have been better writing if Tasha looked up and realized that Troy didnt want her and she began to wonder why he didnt want her any more. Or Jamal started to wonder why Tory didnt want his wife. You know, that whole every man should want my wife because she is so fine syndrome. lol. But this show is the WORSE!!! I only blog because I know it will get ratings. Other than that….. I wouldnt watch it.

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