The Game S5: Classy vs Trashy

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Episode 1: Season 5 Begins

Episode 2: Know Your Role

Episode 3: Classy vs Trashy

I’m not even home.I found a friend’s house to watch this on so I can blog from my phone. CALL ME VICIOUS! 

It’s Game Time!!!!!!!! #@TheGameBET

Tasha’s hair is on point. Oh snap! It is great to have Jazz (  Tae Heckard ) back! Who lives in a hotel? I’m confused.

And here comes NeNe Leaks. Lawd, does she really have a clothing line or is this just for the show. Please say it is just for the show. I really cant take it if this was real. Did NeNe just say “vulumptuous”? Yep, she did. SMDH. But, on a stranger note, this is the first time that I have ever thought that NeNe has looked so slim!!! This black dress is vicious.

Okay, so it took us 3 episodes this season before we got to see the Sabers in a jersey or even seeing anything football related. I mean, this is called The Game and not Shit that Goes on Outside of the Football Season.

This new dude, Qwon, is fine as hell! We got a sneak peek of him at the end of last season, but it took 3 episodes before we got to see him? I think they forgot how dramatic they ended last season. I thought that Qwon would have been more important than he is. Dont make me attack these writers, you know that I am good for it! So they made a big deal about him being with Camille and the first time we see him he is no longer dating her? THEN WHY MAKE IT SUCH A BIG DEAL?!!!

I have a hard time telling how much time has lasped this season. Usually, from the first few seasons each episode was like a week apart, these episodes are like skipping months. So confusing.

My homegirls are in here talking about Raheem Devaughn and his music so I totally missed this whole seem between Derwin and Melanie.

Who is Chardonnay’s friends at the table? The female looks familiar. KEL from Keenan & Kel!!!!! He is looking sexy. But I can’t even drool too long because I know he has kids. I dont do baby mama drama. lol. BWAHAHAHAH! One of the guys at the table called Jason a “brother” and they all clapped! lol.

Oh Lawd! So, Melanie couldnt come to the Sun Beam meeting because she is having invetro? Wait, are they in Melanie’s house though? So, all of these women were let into Melanie’s house to have a meeting, that she cant attend, because she is having an invetro appointment? *side eye* I know, I know….they used to meet up in Kelly’s house, too, before she would get home.

Now these designs that this Sweetscott guy came up with were okay, very couture. So this Heather chick is another Sun Beam who tried to take over the fashion show and she brought in this guy to show designs that she felt trumped Tasha’s. So they took a vote. By a show of hands, more Sun Beams want to see Tasha handle the show.

So Jason was in the mall at a DTLR store ( great product placement) and walked out as the sensor alarm went off. Now that he has been harping on his new-found blackness, he tries to pull the race card when the white sales lady let a white guy pass. Come to find out, the sensor went off because the sales clerk is new and she left a sensor on one of Jason’s items. No need to raise Johnny Cochran from the grave. It was a false alarm. Just like he walked out of the mall and almost got hit by a car and the person inside called him “darkie”! IN WHAT WORLD is Jason’s powder ass a DARKIE!!!!? FIRE THE WRITERS!!! Y’all are trying too hard. First you get rid of Kelly and now you are trying to put Jason on the backside of the “paper bag test”? Fuck outta here!Where ever you are trying to take his storyline… you are trying too hard. You are turning him into a caricature and not a character! Please stop it, and stop it now!!! There as NOTHING wrong with Jason before.

All of these dudes in the Saber locker room are fine as hell. So Derwin tried to bond with his teammates and Qwon told him to stop asking him out because it is starting to look suspicious. Qwon is obviously opposed to being Derwin’s friend. And Malik just has to stab the knife in his back even further. Shame.

Yet again, Jason is taking this black stuff too far. Did he just ask Chardonnay how does it feel to be “regular” black? And the kiss between those two was sooooooo random and awkward!

So Melanie needs to rest, under doctor’s order. And now Tasha is trying to have Jodeci come to the fashion show. And to bring in the peace Mel settles the fashion show dispute with the Sun Beam bi-laws and says that she will be taking over the show. Tasha takes this as a personal attack and digs into Melanie like she stole her virginity and sold it on eBay. OUCH! Tasha didnt have to go there, but we know how these writers will make these characters say about anything these days.

Is it just me or didnt this show start off rather sitcom-ish and now I feel like I am watching a black soap opera? I used to watch The Game to laugh and forget about my day. Now I can turn on Basketball Wives or some other hood show to see the same things. I remember when The Game was different. THAT is why we wanted them to come back on the air, not with all of this unnecessary drama. I know what is missing, I just hope that they are able to bring back the very essence of what we loved and now are starting to miss.



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