The Game S5: Know Your Role

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 17 January 2012 at 10:47 pm

Episode 1: Season 5 Begins

Episode 2: Know Your Role

I am so happy that I get to relax now and watch the show as I blog.

 It’s Game Time!!!!!!!! #@TheGameBET

I REALLY hate this Rick Ross fool.

And Tasha changes her hair about as much as Mo’Nique at the BET Awards. But this full wig is fresh! Where ever she got this wig from, she needs to pass the business card on to Tyler Perry for his next movie, because their weaves ALWAYS look jacked.

I also love how we are on the second episode and we have no clue WHAT time of the season we are in. Are they in the  lock-out? Off Season? What? I swear, the longer BET has it, the further away from “the game” we get. But I progress….lol

Ummm… Derwin, why are you jumping on the bed with your shoes on? So Derwin re-signed with Irv after Melanie fired Tasha. Wait, so Derwin’s company is called Davis Inc? BET couldn’t come up with something more important. WOW!!!!! Did Melanie said that “if Tasha can be a manager, then a monkey can do it”? And the whole v-jay-jay conversation….pressed.

So Malik finds out that he doesn’t have any money left. He figures that if he throws rolls of money on the desk that it will prove he has money. MESSAGE: ONLY broke negroes carry rolls of money in their pockets. And then his cars will get repo-ed as well? DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYUM! Lol

DO Derwin made Melanie the person “over” Irv, so she is the CEO over Davis Inc. Irv is an ass. I never really liked him. And he just played Melanie so well. Come to find out, Tasha came up with the Verizon deal so she is going to sue Irv and Derwin. Wow!

And then Malik gets rid of his cars as TeeTee pulls up in his new car. And then he doesn’t let TeeTee know that he is broke and can’t afford to take car of his huge birthday celebration.

Melanie barges into the meeting between Tasha and Irv. Melanie plans to offer Tasha for starting the deal. Tasha “literally” lit that up and smoked it. She provided too much documentation to show that she had more to do with the Verizon deal. The judge came to the terms that Tasha shall receive her 10% on any dealings between Derwin and Verizon. Then she came for Melanie, and she came for her HARD! She said that the text message from Melanie signed “MBD” may have stood for “Mighta Been a Doctor”. And then she told Melanie to go home and cook her man a chicken dinner or have some babies, followed by “Oops, you can’t do either one.” DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYUM, Tasha! You had to go there? I mean, you already one, but that last part was about as frigid as Hilary Clinton’s panties.

So Malik is in club and he STILL refuses to tell TeeTee that he is broke. And in walks Estelle, and she says that she will not leave tickets for Malik. And in comes Sean, who is a baller and now Malik will have to pay for him too. And TeeTee brings up a chick that looks like Megan Good. COMEDY!

Now, Derwin reveals to Melanie that she is JUST his wife and not an intricate part of Davis, Inc. He wonders why she just can’t sit back and let him take care of him. Melanie says that he would not be Derwin “BOOM”Davisif it were not for her. But he says that he is who he is because he catches the balls on Sunday. Ouch! So, you see little boys and girls…NEVER give up your dream so another person can have theirs. You better make it work.

Did Melanie really put her face in the pillow and butt in the air? Lol. Derwin thinks that just saying sorry will make everything better. But I think that was one of the realist moments between Derwin and Melanie since BET got the show.

Dang. Malik let everyone ball out for TeeTee’s party that Tasha had to come and use her black card to bail him out and pay the bill.

And scene!



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