Let’s Stay Together: Married Duties

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Episode 1: Beginning

Episode 2: Ex-Rated Issues

Episode 3: Married Duties

Dear Lord, If you love me…. please dont let there be a second episode tonight. Amen.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2,2 #BoredomInMotion

THEY WILL NOT START EVER EPISODE OFF IN THE BEDROOM!!!!! I refuse. I will stop blogging.

Ummm…. Cousin Crystal (Kyla Pratt) walks into their bedroom with a camera to record for newly married couples. Ummmmm… can we say random and weak ass plot? They better come back from this commercial with a good explanation as to why Crystal is here and we have NEVER heard of her.

I am not used to Kyla being this thick. Lordy. And now she is subleasing Kita’s apartment. But…. Kita was just signing up for the show on the last episode, she didn’t actually make the show. I’m so done.

I love this grandmother that is in Stacy’s doctor’s office. That is the lady from Amen. All my grown folks remember that show. But she gave some great advice. If your husband is doing his job… you need to do you job.

So Jamal comes home and Tasha pops up and says that she is pregnant again. But she hasn’t taken a test yet. She just craves celery and the color orange makes her cry. So she gets bored and get horny and she loves his body cologne. Lol.

Crystal offers to teach Stacy how to cook and she will take the leftovers home. Stacy is horrible. Okay, was it me or  did Kyla look dead at the camera when she “remembered that her Did she say “ Hide your rims and lock your cars cause they stealing from everybody out here”? BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And then they remixed it too for Youtube. Lol.

So,Crystal is in town because she just got transferred to Clark-Atlanta for communications. Tasha comes for Crystal and Crystal comes back in full force. So Jamal and Tasha reveal, at the table, that they are not having a baby. Right then, Stacy suggests a vasectomy. OUCH!

The problem that I have with this dinner scene is that it is fake.Crystalhas been HELPING Stacy to cook dinner and was in the kitchen supervising her make this meal. So you mean to tell me that you supervised her to make a mess? Then what was the point of you being there? I could see if she made this meal on her own, without supervision, and then invited everyone over, then I would buy it. But nope….. you need to fire these writers.

Then everyone gets up and heads to Red Lobster because her dinner sucked so well.

Okay, so how convenient that the doctor that Stacy suggested Jamal use for his vasectomy is using Stacy’s office because the paint in his office is still wet. Smdh. Okay. Jamal says that he will do it. Now, if you know a black man like I know black men….he is not going to agree to snipping the necklace to his family jewels so easily.

The acting still sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And so now Jamal is still going to go through with the vasectomy even though Tasha doesn’t want him too. He is going to put some sperm into a sperm bank. Ummm.. okay.

So, Why would Charles sneak and eat food in their BEDROOM where they are ALWAYS? Boy, you pick another room in the house. You eat before you get home. I just need for this writing to get better and more believable. I am trying. I suffered through the first season and all I have to show for it this season is one baby sighting and Kyla Pratt. Lol.



But they get married.

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