The Game: Season 5 Begins

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Episode 1: Season 5 Begins

The commercials have made me anticipate this season even more. I almost barfed in my mouth just a little when I saw that NeNe Leaks will be on this season. I mean, didn’t she DOG Sharee when she wanted to be an actor? And then she turns around and features on the SAME show that Sharee featured on? Lol. All I can do is laugh at that muppet. Lol.

I am also excited to see what Brandy will have to do with this season. To say that it is chalked full of surprises is an understatement, to say the least. But it doesn’t matter to me……..

The day has come!!!!! It’s Game Time!!!!!!!! #@TheGameBET

It opens with Melanie admitting to Derwin having an abortion. To Megan laying on the floor with Tasha and Malik discovering that she is probably dead, and Jason in a hotel in Tijuana,Mexico trying to figure out when he got married. This…..is already going to be scandalous!!!

First off, I love this cute outfit that they have on Melanie to hide her baby bump. I am trying to figure out whose kid Melanie had an abortion after dating. Wait…. McHottie shows up with a kid on his hip as Melanie storms out of the hospital away from Derwin. Ummm, I am figuring, based on my context clues, it was McHottie’s baby that Melanie had an abortion. Erwin walks up to the conversation of McHottie and Melanie and walks away , yet again.

Jason is in bed with Gloria (Selita Eubanks), are they in Mexico? I am confused.  And how did they start the scene off making it look like they JUST finished having sex and she gets up with her undies and bra on and gets dressed? And then Gloria throws the race card at Jason, saying that they can sleep around but not get walked to the altar.

Malik brings Jenna ( his druggie girlfriend) into his house. I remember that Jenna was the one that we all wanted him to wind up with. Tasha does not love this scene at all. Malik doesn’t want to call 911 because that would alert the press and her career would be over. Tasha could care less. And is the Tee-Tee flunky with the Rick Ross beard still here? WHY!!!!!? But then how did they find Meagan in the garage dead? I’m so confused.

WOW!!!! Derwin thinks that the baby that Melanie aborted was his. Ummm… nope. Please Melanie… Please tell him the truth. Please speak up. Don’t let this come back, McHottie open his mouth and ruin everything.  Damn, she let him think it was his.

Malik is sitting in the shower with Jenna trying to keep her away during her overdose phase. And how the hell did Tee-Tee just walk up in the house? Ummm, was Tasha’s hair this damn long at the end of last season or are we supposed to believe that her weave is fierce.  And while Jenna is having a moment, Tee-Tee brings three orders of wings because Malik order it.

Jason walks into a bar where Brandy Norwood is the bartender. So they didn’t wait too long to bring her onto the scene. This interaction between them is too much. I have a feeling that she is the owner of the bar. Okay, ummm judging by the guy that walks up…. Chardonnay (Brandy) just got called into his office.

WOW!!!!! Trey, the football player that Melanie slept with right after her and Derwin broke up, walks up with his wife and daughter. Damn, all of Melanie’s exes are running up. Okay, so was the aborted baby Trey’s? But one thing that I did notice was that Trey says that they should “bump” information but no one pulls out a phone. If you are going to do a product placement, use the product!

Jenna has managed to get up and escape the bathroom and they are looking for her. And Jenna’s “personal concierge” (Jennifer Coolidge)  shows up to the door. I love this chick… Paulette from Legally Blonde. She came with a gun because apparently Jenna is $55 grand in debt with her “concierge” services.

Brittany is out with Liza ( he’s Swedish) when her dad thought that she was out with her friend Lisa. So, apparentlyBrittanydoesn’t date black people because her father doesn’t date black people. Ummm… I sense a message, a forced one… but a message just the same.

Malik is out in the woods with Tasha trying to find Jenna. He is trying to find Jenna because she has seen him at his worse and still loved him. So not he wants to be there for her at her worse.  And Lord, please don’t let Tee-Tee try to have a serious talk…. Did he just say he is his Magical Negro? Oh Lord. He said “imagine that you are a white person in need?” lol. And he told Tasha to go back to Derwin. And they found Jenna… in the garage. So that wasn’t Meagan Good. And how did she manage to wind up butt naked?

Ummm…. WHY IS DERWIN ON THE TOILET?!!!! And how can Melanie stand there while he does number 2? I don’t EVER want to be this close in my marriage. Derwin says that what is done in the dark will come to light. Mind you, he is still sitting on the toilet. So Melanie picks THIS as the time to tell Derwin that the baby was not his….it was Trey’s. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYUM!!!! Derwin went hard!  He said that it is debatable whether Melanie is even a doctor. Damn! Of course, I will try to think long and hard how Melanie had enough money to have an abortion without Trey knowing. Because during that time she was broke. But dare I digress into the facts of the past.

Tasha is still buggin’ and they are arguing while trying to revive her.  GROSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! The “personal concierge” chick hit her with an epi-pen and revived her. Dayum shame.

Chardonnay is sitting on a bench because she got fired and Jason pulls up to heckle her. Too funny. Did Jason just insult her and then offer to take her to Chili’s? lol. And then he wakes up in a Mexican hotel with a burrito in his hands? And apparently someone is in the bathroom, banking on it being Chardonnay, and he is ready to fight. Lol. And YUP!!!! It was Pinot Noir, aka Chardonnay, who walks out of the bathroom. Can you say it with me now… RANDOM AS HELL!!!! Okay, so they are going extreme like they did last season. Got it, Got it. So I am not suppose to have common sense this season either. Lol.

So Jason thinks that Chardonnay drugged him. SO they wound up in Tijuana because the Tacos were  cheaper. And I feel so uncomfortable with Brandy in her panties. I mean, her body is on NIIIICE, but I am just saying. lol. So apparently they got drunk and got married because Jason was talking about how he loved black women, so Chardonnay said “prove it”. Umm… okay.

Melanie wakes up in the bed by herself.

The “personal concierge” slept over while everyone waits for Jenna to recover. Well… the “personal concierge” is waiting on her $60 grand. And Tasha hands over the black card like the lady is not in the same damn room. And the lady takes credit cards. lol. Shame.

So we are getting to the bottom of Jason’s race issues. Jason tells his story about how the black kids used to joke on him. So the black girls that he didnt like dancing with “white boys”. But the white girls loved him. And the minute that he got his football contract the black girls loved him. So he felt scared. He now promises to be more open in the future.

All of these draped clothing on Melanie is hurting me lol. And this outfit is ugly as hell. What is up with these sparkling MC Hammer pants?Melanie explains that she had the abortion because she was afraid of losing Derwin because she thought thathe wouldnt want to see her with another man’s baby. So, she got the money for the abortion because she stole money from Tasha. I am SOOOOO happy that someone pointed out where that money came from. Because I noticed the gap in the storyline.

Malik is taking Jenna back to rehab.

DJ is turning 3 and both  malik and Jason are there for the party. OUCH!!! Melanie asked if Tasha was coming to the party but Malik said no because she still had some strapnale in her back. OUCH!!!

Melanie is feeling left out at the party , she can only sit and watch as Jenae, DJ, and Derwin have family time at the party. And so Derwin sees what pill Melanie has to swallow and so they make a truth truce. I find it so sweet.  DAYUM!!!!!! Derwin heads out to the car to get DJ’s presents and up walks Trey. Derwin knocked the HELL out of Treyand left him in a coma in the driveway. lol. They he walks in and tells Melanie that he is really over it. lol



  1. This episode confirms that the writers at BET obviously hate Melanie and are hellbent on reducing her to crap. Really, BET? Is this the best you can do? You actually think that shoe-horning something that never happened in the earlier seasons would make Melanie more interesting instead of being more vilified than she already is? Instead of making her a medical doctor like she should have been when she finished her studies, you decide that this was a better diection to take her? Also, Derwin under no circumstances would be cool with what she did-especially the reasons she gave and rehashing the beef between him and Trey just makes him look like a jerk and a douchebag for punching him. I really think whoever came up with the abortion idea was high on the funny stick, no lie.

    • I concur. I mean, there is so much that I want to say…. so just keep coming back to read my blog to get my true opinion. Thanks for reading.

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