Let’s Stay Together: Season 2 Begins

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 10 January 2012 at 11:42 pm

Episode 1: Beginning

Okay, I hated this show last season, I pray that they get better so I don’t hate it this season…. And I am praying even harder that they do NOT make every episode an hour long. The show is not worth an hour.

I have noticed a few improvements. One of the commercials had an actual baby in it…. So they learned, I figured they would read my blog. LMAO! Secondly, Kita must be leaving the show because she is not in any of the promotional commercials and now Kyla Pratt is in them. I love Kyla so they must be trying to improve the show. We’ll see.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2,2 #BoredomInMotion

So they pick the show up the night of the botched wedding. All of the females are on the couch at Stacy’s house. Ummm… Kita’s face is HUGE as hell. So she is pregnant? And this baggy jacket is not covering up anything. The reason why I say this is because the sister is in a tank top and the mother is in a think knitted sweater and here Kita is in a winter sweat suit. And her forward waddle aint fooling me. And now they are pulling a Claire Huxtable; hiding Kita behind the kitchen counter. Lol.

These scenes are so swift and funny. It took them two scenes to make it to the bedroom, so HALLELUJAH!!!!!! Thanks you Jesus!

Is Stacy’s mom the second mother from Fresh Prince of Bel Air? And I am trying to figure out how your mama can sit on your bed while you talk about the freaky things you did to your man. And her mother enrolled her into a discrete matchmaking service? And was this laugh track on there last season? If so… you already know that your show SUCKS because I should be able to laugh on my own.

Troy, Tasha’s ex, shows up to Stacy’s house to bring over the wedding gifts. I love the subtle handing the presents off to Kita so she can use them to cover her belly so she can stand there. I really think that there was a more fashionable way to cover Kita. Black saggy shirt, sweats, etc. Anything but what they have her in.

Tasha is flirting too much with Troy. I did not know that Tasha’s butt as that huge…or her back is that swayback. And in comes Charles, hooked up to an IV with an EMT right behind him. Lord. Say it with me now…. THEY ARE DOING TOO MUCH! Who does that? Realistically? I would have loved for Jamal to run in and say that Charles was in the hospital. THAT would have been more realistic. But noooooooooooooo!

Stacy immediately runs over to him. I love how one of the Wayans kids is the EMT. So he tries to explain what happened and Tasha pops im him the face and runs off. Jamal is trying to figure out why Troy is in the house.

Charles finally tells Stacy what happened and how he was trapped in the elevator. Oh Lord, the story was so over the top. But cute. And this Roses Are Red, Violets are Blue version of his vows makes me want to punch him in the throat. She just snatched this IV out of his hand and all he did was clap his hand? Ok…. Yeh. And then he gets down on his knee and still asks her to marry him. They run downstairs and ask her mother to preside over the wedding in the living room.

Wait, did Kita really turn on “Make It Rain Trick” as the ceremony music? And this ceremony that the mother is doing is boring me to tears. You will have to watch it for yourself. I refuse to type it all.



But they get married.

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