Real Housewives of ATL S4~ Cycle of Love

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Episode 1: Below the Belt

Episode 2: Surprisingly Rich

Episode 3: Baby, Shower Me

Episode 4:

Episode 5: Apologies & Support Systems

Episode 6: Cycle of Love

I made it on time today!

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #FakeWivesofATL

In short, Kim has to be induced. On to the next story.

I did not know that Cynthia and Russell Simmons used to date back in the day. Who knew. Small world. Lol. But it is even funnier that Peter says that Cynthia cant wear that perfume around Russell. Lol.

Sharee meets up with her mother to show her the plot of land that she is building her house. Now rumor has it that this is the land that belongs to her mother. Hmmmm. Sharee is talking to her mother about her situation with Bob. Her mother says that she never spoke badly about Sharee’s father but she did take him to child support. And then they go into the sob story about the Speak & Spell toy that Sharee never got with her father.

NeNe and Cynthia are in NY for business. Cynthia says that she wants to be financially independent of Peter.  NeNe says that she will be meeting with a guy named John who own a bunch of pizza joints. She says she met him through Mr. Trump and this guy may want more than a business relationship. Cynthia mentions to NeNe that she used to date Russell Simmons…surprise! Lol.

Phaedra shows up to court to defend her client, Dave. Apparently Phaedra knows the judge, Judge Freeman, who is going to preside over this case. So the person was charged with excessive tent on his window, and marijuana. The judge has no tolerance for drugs and threatened time in jail, but gives him a lighter sentence for a few thousand and a drug screen. If he fails the random drug screen he will go to jail. And then he walked out of the court to his car that has the excessive tent STILL on the window. And then he goes out to the car and handed Phaedra cash out of a wad of big face hundreds. SHAME!!! That says illegal shit if I ever saw it. Lol.

Cynthia shows up to Russell’s office. EW!!! She said that peter’s beard appears to younger woman….NOT! So they go into the conversation about whether or not Russell cheated on Cynthia when they dated. Lol. And the way that he is multi-tasking is off the chain! I need to get like him.  I also love how he grilled Cynthia and made her focus and hone in to what the purpose of her business should be. She is a model, but how is it that RUSSELL is tell her how to run her own business. I mean, I know he is smart, but boo….you should know more about your business than anyone else has.

Kim shows up to the hospital for her delivery. Kroy is Kim’s rock. I think it is hilarious how she has a designer hospital gown. Lol. COMEDY!!!!The nurse asks if she is going to wear the wig during the delivery and she says yes….lol. Is she really chewing gum while getting an epidural?  I would be afraid of choking. Lol.

Kandi’s mother is bringing over clothing to wear on photo shoot. So the photos from this will be put on a website for sexy singles. I THINK I AM GOING TO DIE!!!!! Kandi is loaning her girdle ot her mother. Lol. I think this is hilarious. These photos are sooooo cute! I love this dress she has on too.

Sharee takes the dog for a walk and comes home to a petition of modification for child support. WOW!!! Bob set her up with papers. He says that he only makes 3 thousand a month and 2 of that he is supposed to give to Sharee. I don’t get why Sharee is having a hard time with this. I hate simple bitches. Do what you need to do.

This orange mess that NeNe is wearing should be burned at the stake!!!! The earrings are huge and unnecessary. Now, she meets up with John to talk about NeNe’s lounge. So her real name is LeNethea(sp) Lounge. Wow! Too much. Wait, John pulls this huge dramatic step to tell the waiter to take the menus away. He then says “ a real man knows what his woman wants.” WTF! And then he mimicks NeNe’s gestures with her MMMMhmmms and laughs. This is comical. And if he says “girl” one more time I am going to scream. He is pouring it on too thick. I hate it! It is making me sick. NeNe is drinking up a storm! Lol. And then he is trying to feed her food. WOW!!! And then he pulls out a Tiffany box. It turns out to be a Tiffany’s pen. Very thoughtful. And then he takes her outside for dessert and he gives her some beautiful red bottom shoes. And apparently it wasn’t the last gift. Up walks some dude from Napels. And this guy starts singing in Italian…. I think. I am sure that in some country it was a wonderful gesture… but here it is too much.  And I am sure that the sob=story he told about this older guy saying he would never sing again after a nephew died is like AND?! That sounds horrible of me, right? But dude…. No.

Kithe, Cynthia’s best friend and stylist… the stylist for her wedding has lost like 80 pounds. I didn’t even know who he was until they did the flashback to her wedding. He looks AMAZING!!!! Wow… his face is so handsome. They start to bash the materialistic habits of the rest of the cast in Atlanta. He asks about her relationship with Peter. She says “Its not like I wake up every morning screaming “I’m so happy’” and he says that she has to get back to that point in her life. She used to be. Cynthia never seems happy when she talks about Peter. That seems so sad. And she admits to regretting having left New York. I didn’t know that Kithe was that short either.

Ariana and Brielle are killing me. Kroy has the Stonewall Jackson face. This is comedy. But I think that they are all in denial about the birth of the son. I love how the doctor said, “if she isn’t cussing, then she aint ready.” Lol. That is pure comedy!!!

Cynthia shows up to NeNe’s gathering and NeNe says that she has never seen her look so happy. I agree.

And a baby is born!!! Kim gives birth to a healthy baby boy, KJ. Kroy said that he broke down nd started to cry. Wow! He weighed 8 pounds even. But  am happy for her.



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