Real Housewives of ATL S4~ Apologies and Support Systems

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Episode 1: Below the Belt

Episode 2: Surprisingly Rich

Episode 3: Baby, Shower Me

Episode 4:

Episode 5: Apologies & Support Systems

I have been busy with my business. My book is finally available ( Buy it HERE). But I am catching up.

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 I want to o to Kandi’s store the next time I am in the ATL. In short, that means I need to go to the gym. Lol.

I love Phaedra’s cake dish.  That is soooo cute. I love pink and brown together. I also think that it is a good thin that Phaedra has apologized to Kandi for bringing ReDickulous. But who knew that Phaedra was such a freak? Bwhahahahaha. And Kandi asked if Phaedra was limber enough to please herself, would she. Phaedra said that she would never go to work. Lol. I think a ton of people would say the same thing.

I also agree with Kandi how it was weird that NeNe left. NeNe was a stripper?!!!!! What the hell. Who paid to see that? BWHAHAHAHA! Phaedra said that NeNe needs to stop because she has shown her cervix for a quarter. Lol. That is my fav comment of the night. Lol.

So Cynthia is hosting this runway show atAtlanta’s Botanical Gardens. This dress she is wearing is a bit much. And oh my word, this sounds like a school show. Cynthia is a TERRIBLE host. Phaedra says that you only pay to see the models and not to hear them talk. Lol. Lawrencelooks a mess in this outfit. I love the earrings, the shoes, and the shirt…. But they do NOT go with these pants. Try again boo. I love the warning light dress that Phaedra has on.  The outfits coming down the runway are interesting, but not wearable. That has always confused me…. Why make it if I cant buy it to wear it?

Up walks Marlo and Charles. They are supposedly friends of Phaedra’s. Marlo is friends with Phaedra from the gym and Charles is an NFL player. Rumor has it… this is the guy that was in the tabloids a while back to having dated NeNe. This fugly creature. Sweet heavens! Sharee is HILARIOUS!!! He did a perfect impersonation of NeNe’s “I have NEVER did you wrong” speech. Lol. Comical!

Cynthia brings her sister and her mother to her modeling agency. This is her first business. Within minutes, Cynthia and her sister, Mal, are already at each other’s throats. This is the residue of the conversation that had in the previous episode. I really don’t like Peter and I think that Cynthia can do better. But then again, she doesn’t seem like the brightest crayon in the box…. So if she likes it then I love it.

Apparently one of Peter’s investors has fallen through and Cynthia feels the need to share this with her mom and sister. WRONG IDEA!!! Mal immediately gets upset. In the midst of Mal crying, their mother reminds Cynthia that she promised to not invest money into any of Peter’s endeavors all over again. Cynthia says that as his wife she feels like she has to be there for him through better or for worst. 

Sharee’s ex-husband shows up while they are playing soccer at a park. Bob….. this dude is so cross-eyed that I get a headache trying to figure out which direction he is looking. Within an instant, Sharee brings up the issue of unpaid child support, which he has not paid in 4 years. Oddly enough, Bob and Sharee favor. YUCK! I couldn’t date a man that ugly. I couldn’t do it. Needless to say, Bob isn’t paying anything and Sharee throws water in his face. She failed miserably in her attempt to pull from the Book of Evenlyn. YOU MISSED HIS FACE, SHAREE!!!!

I love how close Kim is with her oldest daughter. The honesty that they have is very important. I mean, there are a ton of things that I don’t agree with the way that Kim parents, but this close talk is something that I agree with. Now, if we could teach her kids what to say in public at a fancy baby shower. Lol.

NeNe is supposed to be co-hosting Peter’s preview opening for Bar One. I find it hilarious how far up NeNe’s ass Cynthia is. She says “NeNe is such a celebrity, she has been on The Apprentice.” Bwhahaha. Can you name something else? Lol.  I just need proof that Cynthia is smarter than she appears, because she always looks so dense to me.

So Cynthia lets Peter know that he can borrow money from her if he needs to. Peter says that he doesn’t need it and he will find a way. One huge reason is because he doesn’t want her sister, Mal, in his business. I just find it sad that she says she learned her lesson after investing in Uptown. Damn, was a partnership that bad with your then fiancé?

So Sharee goes to see Phaedra to talk about Bob not paying child support. In short, Phaedra says she needs to take him to court. Sharee says that she should think about it. But I can only think….what is there to think about it? But damn, why did Phaedra have to put Bobby Brown’s business out there? Lol. I wouldn’t want her as my lawyer, telling other clients my business. Lol. NO telling what she says when the cameras are NOT there.

Kim goes for a check-up. The reminisce on her other pregnancies. Cute.

Kandi goes over to Mama Joyce’s house to talk about what happened. To make a longer story shorter…..they cried, and mama Joyce reminded Kandi that she is her mama first and her friend second. She felt disrespected and Phaedra wouldn’t have done that for her mother. All in all, it is a confused message with how close we always see mama Joyce and Kandi and this seems like it came out of the blue to us too. But…. At least Kandi apologized and mama Joyce should get over it. She apologized.

Peter opens the doors to bar One and it looks a hot mess. They are putting furniture out as guests are arriving, the A/C isn’t working and people are melting. I hate how Cynthia tried to say it is hot because there are so many people in the building. No trick, it’s hot because your husband’s A/C isn’t working. Black people attract heat, but we don’t attract that much damn heat.

Lawrence and Sharee are trying to drive to get to Bar One and they are driving through the rough part of town. I have no clue where they are. It is so far away from Peach Tree Street that I would never go over there. The parking lot will be robbed ever night if the famous people come to this club. The inside looks good but for it to be in the hood is horrible. It will take for one person to get shot and Bar One is a wrap. Sad. He couldn’t get it closer to downtown?

Cynthia invited Charles and Marlo to the party. She also informed NeNe that they were invited and that may be the reason why NeNe is extremely late to the party that she is supposed to be co-hosting.  Peter doesn’t wait for NeNe and he reveals a huge picture of Cynthia on the wall as a gift to Cynthia. It is a beautiful pic of Cynthia with a huge afro.

NeNe finally shows up and she avoids Marlo and Charles and floats around the room to greet the other people. She texted Cynthia and said that she had a wardrobe malfunction. Charles basically says that she met up with NeNe they didn’t get along and he took her back to the hotel. I think they had sex and NeNe got played. But…. I cant see anyone loving NeNe for too long, especially with her new attitude.



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