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The Cast

106 & Park (11Oct11)

Episode 1: Good Enough For Me

Episode 2: Big Girl TIme

Episode 3: Anger Management

Episode 4: To Thine Own Self

Episode 5: Competitive Spirit

Episode 6: Cheaters Never Win

Episode 7: Naked Truth

Episode 8: Art of Listening

Episode 9: Boys in Tights

Episode 10: Forgiveness

Episode 11: Lesson in Change

Episode 12: Work Ethics

Episode 13:

Episode 14:

Episode 15: Sounding Board

Episode 16: Opinions

Episode 17: Let’s talk Sex

Episode 18: Genius

Tonight’s episodes are awesome! This is just what the youth of today need. I just hope they are watching because this show is awesome!

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #ReadBwtnlines

Oh yeh. H-U, YOU KNOW!!!! This is the first time we have heard the Reeds speak of their time at Howard University. So apparently they went to Howard at the same time and never met each other. Lol. Okay, so they were freshman in 1991. Their flashback conversation is hilarious! Lol

SO Alex is making a speech at what looks like a college fair. Somehow, Keenan is there and he is looking to ask questions. He asks what is the female to male ratio at Howard University. He is hilarious.  At the same fair, Kaci sees a guy that is around her age speaking aboutMountPleaseantUniversity’s Physics department. He uses them in a demonstration which Kaci aces. And this guy recycles. KACI IS HOOKED!!!The kid even gives Kaci his jacket.

Jacob’s cousin Marco is a basketball star, and he is seeking physics advice for his jump shot. Dawn Lewis plays Kevin’s mom, Treshelle. So his mother wants him to get his sweater back from Kaci because she paid for it. Lol. Hilarious.

I love how Alexis did Carla’s hair with all of these bows and clips. Alexis asks that they go to the park so that everyone can see it. Lol. Carla says that her hair is so special that only family should see it. Great cover up. Lol.

Jacob and Marco come by to pick up the sweater. Kaci dressed up to come downstairs to impress Jacob and Keenan called her on it. Lol. Kaci even Febreezed his sweater and he said that it smelled pretty. Lol. Marco is hungry as all get out. Lol. COMEDY!!!! Marco practically talked his way into the kitchen for dinner.

Marco had to rush back to the dorm to get ready for a frat party. Jacob had to do a Spanish paper. Marco comes back to the dorm and tries to tell him that everything isn’t as bad as he thinks it is. But Jacob is hell bent on sending a letter to the Dean to give up his scholarship so that he can go back to high school and be a teen again.

Jacob comes over to visit the train. He took the train all the way from Jersey to get to the Reed’s house. Alex picks up on something and offers to take him back to Mount Pleasant. Back at his dorm, his mother comes to check on him. Marco hasn’t heard from him and doesn’t know where he is. He even lets it slip that Jacob wants to quit school and has already sent a letter to the dean. Jacob confesses how unhappy he is to his mother. After a heart to heart, Treshelle convince Jacob to consider staying in college.

So Jacob enters the school talent show. He gives a webcast so that Keenan and Kaci can see it. Okay, I have a sense that this guy is a real performer and I just don’t know who he is. lol. Because he went from the nerd to the hot performer gliding across the stage. Lol. Hilarious. Can someone tell me who played Jacob? I don’t have the energy to rewind my DVR.

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  1. which artist sung de love song which goes like this u r de only man sung during keenan and kaci party

  2. His name is Jacob lattimore. He is a Singer and that was his song he performed. You can look him up on YouTube.

  3. Jacob Latimore; he’s a singer.

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