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The Cast

106 & Park (11Oct11)

Episode 1: Good Enough For Me

Episode 2: Big Girl TIme

Episode 3: Anger Management

Episode 4: To Thine Own Self

Episode 5: Competitive Spirit

Episode 6: Cheaters Never Win

Episode 7: Naked Truth

Episode 8: Art of Listening

Episode 9: Boys in Tights

Episode 10: Forgiveness

Episode 11: Lesson in Change

Episode 12: Work Ethics

Still catching up. Okay, I can NOT talk on the phone on Tuesdays because I miss a ton of stuff and forget to come back and blog about it.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #ReadBwtnlines

HAHAHAH! The twins are negotiating their allowance based on the cost of living inNew York. They say that if they do not get a raise they will go on strike. Alex is HILARIOUS!!! He said, what cost of living do they have? Free clothes, Free water, and free food. Lol. COMEDY!!! But Carla says that if the twins work an extra hour of yard work, then she will give them a raise of $2. Alex does not approve. Hahahahahah Then Alexis comes in with a hand0drawn presentation seeking a pony. Hahahaah I LOVE THIS SHOW!

Keenan wants to buy a new pair of shoes, but he is $50 short and went to ask Alex. When Alex declines and tells him to save him money instead, then Keenan threatens to play his biological father, Marcus, against Alex. Shame.

It is Bring Your Child to Work Day, so Kaci comes to work with Carla. And Kaci becomes Dr. Reynolds for a few moments as Carla lays on the couch to mock Kaci complaining about Keenan. Kaci wishes that her mother had more “fun stuff” to talk about, like serial killers or multiple personalities. When her mom’s 9 o’clock appointment comes in, Kaci goes to ask Ms. Helen what it is that she does all day.

Ms. Helen gets all dramatic about what it is that she does. Like, saving a guy’s life who almost died in the lobby. Lol.

So Keenan took his money and entered into a raffle. And then he won a ton of money because he figured out how to up his odds. I feel like this is a message in gambling. Lol. But I do approve of the lesson that Alex is trying to teach Keenan.

Alex takes Keenan to an efficiency apartment that he used to live in when he was in grad school. This place looks HORRIBLE!!! I wouldn’t live there if I was homeless. But I think that Keenan is getting the message.

WOW! I WANT THIS DRESS!!!! Is Purple Carla’s color? She looks so HOT in it. First off, I think I want Traci’s body so that dress will look the same on me. Lol. Daaaaang! Alex looks sexy!

Ms. Helen is babysitting again? At what age can the twins babysit Alexis? Just wondering. Wait, Kaci wrote her report for school and she managed to leave out her mother and write purely on what Ms. Helen does. Kaci said that her mother’s job is so boring, but Ms. Helen calls her on it. Ms. Helen points out the good things that he mother does with her therapy practice.   Kaci goes and revamps her paper and she gets an A on her paper.

The money that Keenan paid Kaci to do his chores, Kaci donated it to a women’s weaving collective in Kenya in Keenan’s name. Ummm, I am all for charities, but why must we send stuff to Africa? Was there not a woman’s shelter downthe street from her house? But that is just my own pet peeve. Never mind. lol.

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