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The Cast

106 & Park (11Oct11)

Episode 1: Good Enough For Me

Episode 2: Big Girl TIme

Episode 3: Anger Management

Episode 4: To Thine Own Self

Episode 5: Competitive Spirit

Episode 6: Cheaters Never Win

Episode 7: Naked Truth

Episode 8: Art of Listening

Episode 9: Boys in Tights

Episode 10: Forgiveness

Episode 11: Lesson in Change

Episode 12: Work Ethics

Episode 13:

Episode 14:

Episode 15: Sounding Board

Episode 16: Opinions

I felt so bad about falling behind that I made sure I posted these episodes tonight….lol. Enjoy

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #ReadBwtnlines

Alexis is sooo cute. And scary how much she looks JUST like Alex. This girl wants to many animals. Unfortunately, I can tell that she is not really drawing anything with this marker. Yeh, I am that chick and I always notice stuff like that.

When asked if adults get report cards, Alex pulls up his website where students get to comment on his teaching and he finds a ton of good comments but one unfavorable one as well. Yeh, I want to know the story behind why this student thinks that he is a pompous “daddy, I cant say that word”. Lol.

Lauren London is back. So Lauren’s character is a weather girl, or auditioning to be one? Wait, she got the job already? Gentry is afraid that she is going to screw up because her mother’s voice is in her head. Dr. Carla tells her to dance when she gets nervous, even before she goes on air. I have a feeling this is going to come back and bite us in the butt. Lol.

Sidebar: I love this Plum dress that Carla has on. Yup, I’m convinced that purple is her color.

Carla tries to cheer Alex up. She tells him that he has too many years of great reviews to get upset over one. She even burns his tongue with microwaved brownies. Lol.

Kaci asks Alex if he has any jazz that she can listen to. She says that she wants to trade in her hip hop for something that is more meaningful. She also said that she loves what he loves. And immediately in comes Keenan. I smell a trick up their sleeves. Lol. They are laying it on thick!!!! And here comes Alexis as she hands him a box of tissue as she tells him that it is okay to cry. Lol.

Oh Lord, Gentry is on live reporting the weather and she is doing terribly. NOOOO!!! She breaks out into the running man. Lol. Bwhahahahahahah! I cant take it. She looks like the old aunt at the family reunion.

The student who posted the first comment is still posting negative remarks. He even has other students agreeing with their remarks. Wow! Alex may want to get to the bottom of this.

Poor Gentry. She walks into the office as Gabby and Helen are laughing at the video online of her breaking out into her FAME audition while live on the air. She comes to see Carla and she says that she is going to quit because she messed up and cant go back.  Oh LORD!!! Why does Carla’s impersonation of Gentry’s mother sound like an old Jewish woman who smoked every day of her life? Hahahahaha. She is one sentence away from breaking out into a Barbara Streisand song. Lol.

So Keenan is helping Alex to figure out who VirgoScribe is and why they would be posting negative information about Alex. Keenan figures out that it is a student named “Something” Roberts by doing what everyone else in the young computer age knows how to do…lol.

Awww cute. Gentry takes the dancing and uses it to her benefit. She dances at the closing of her report.

Ariel Roberts meets with Alex to talk about her posts. Wow, she looks older than an undergrad student. She says that she loves the subject matter, she just doesn’t like HIM. Not that he has done anything to her personally, and he has to keep all of her negative remarks off that website since it is to recommend teachers to other students. She tries to say what else she doesn’t like about him and he says that he really doesn’t care. Sweet!

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