Real Housewives of ATL S4~ Surprisingly Rich

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Episode 1: Below the Belt

Episode 2: Surprisingly Rich

I am late, but it is here. Enjoy

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So they are headed to Miami Beach…again. Remember the fiasco that was last year. Lol. So NeNe invited Kandi, and Cynthia on this trip with her. I swear, if NeNe says “Hi Haters” one more time, I will punch her in her sagging breast implants. Lol.

I love how Kandi said that she hopes her trip with NeNe goes well. She said that she has just began hanging out with NeNe and her history of flipping out on people is not cool. I too hope that they get along. Just like their talk of getting each other a man is hilarious.

Kim and this damn dog is a trip. I feel sorry for the dog. Lol. And why are we listening to KIM PEE!!!!!!? I swear this is horrible. Wow! Kroy told sweetie to help play with her surprise birthday party and to : leave the rest of the idiots out of it”. Wait…. Kroy is 25 and Kim is 33. Why does Sweetie have this much makeup on while sitting in the house? I don’t get why dudes like females that spend so much of their hard-earned money. Makes no sense to me.

Phaedra and this funeral home nonsense. Umm… how do you go to a person to get advice on opening up a business that will become that person’s competition. Phaedra with this much makeup on her face hurts my eyes. And her nail polish is killing me! She looks the most beautiful when she is simplified.  Wait, was that casket $7,000? Why are we paying that much money to put someone into the GROUND?!!!!!! And why is she name throwing? I really don’t care that she was friends with the family of Martin Luther King, Jr. *Sigh* Oh Lordy, Mr. Willie is going to mentor Phaedra for her funeral home venture. *rolls eyes*.

Kandi brings up the confrontation with Sheree up to NeNe. I agree with Kandi, people with new money always get a little extra dollars and think they are rich. Baby, get a few years on that money and then come screaming that you have money. The rest of the conversation was pointless. Wait, it is Pride weekend in Miami. And these two lesbians invited the three of them to the events. NeNe is weary of joining any of these activities. I just thinks that she needs to open her mind to the lifestyle.

Kairo, Sheree’s son, is tall as hell! I am trying to figure out who he looks like, because the only thing of Sheree he has is that odd-shaped head and chin. He must get his face from his father, cross-eyed Bob Whitfield. Lol.

Wait, what does she mean she doesn’t know if she is going to be a single mom? NeNe….is Greg not helping? Well this first home is beautiful! I think that she should stay in Atlanta and not spend this type of money on this house in Miami. Hell, even Kandi doesn’t believe that she has made this much money. I think that she is trying to show off for the camera, I say that by the “it’s a little pricey” comment that she said as she was leaving the house. I am thankful that Kandi is being the logical one here …. I just wish that Cynthia would shut the hell up. Didn’t your husband have to close his last business? HUSH! You are not in a position to give money advice.

Ummm… Who told NeNe to let her boobies out like that? And Kandi is juicy in the hips. And it is hilarious how Kandi doesn’t want to be on the beach next to Cynthia. Lol. Why does it always come back to Kandi’s sex life? NeNe says that she doesn’t like sex toys. And did NeNe says that she heard a Bullet can give you third degree burns. LLS!!!!YIKES!!!! Why did the camera men zoom in on NeNe’s breast! And did NeNe just say that she has been with guys who were great eaters.  I love that swimsuit that NeNe has on.

These three going to the foreign guys to play Frisbee is hilarious!!! So, is NeNe completely divorced or are they just separated? And She is still stuck on Greg? I don’t get it. I would party it up like Jenn from BBW having a divorce party.

Sheree and Kim are out to eat. Kim is allergic to seafood since she has been pregnant. Interesting. Two seconds into the conversation and NeNe comes up as a topic of conversation. NEXT!!!! HOLD UP!!! Did Kim say she was trying to buy burp rags for her baby at Niemen Marcus? GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!!

Ayden, Phaedra’s son with Apollo, looks JUST LIKE APOLLO!!!! I don’t see Phaedra at ALL in this plump baby boy. Lol. He is going to be a handsome little cookie. Apollo is not going to fall for the idea of having a funeral home as a family business. I think that Phaedra should understand that dealing with the dead is NOT for everyone.

Kim is a bit much with this whole pregnancy. Does someone’s uterus and bladder et weaker the older you are? Poor Sweetie, she is doing all of these preparations for the party. Why couldn’t she hire someone. But Kroy meant well. I think that Kroy is a good guy. He is down to earth and real. I zoned out on this whole dinner with Kim & Kroy. But this chocolate diamond bracelet cost $22,000? WHY!!! Who needs something that costs that much money to sit in a jewelry box? I hate foolishness! That is a mortgage, a car payment….hell a total cost of a car.

Wait, is Kim’s cake a Louis Vuitton purse? CUTE!!!! I love how everyone was ducking down in the kitchen to surprise Kim for her birthday. And then Phaedra yells, “Come out, NeNe, come out!” all facetious like…lol. I love how Riley is the black version of Aryiana(sp). They make such cool friends. Kandi is a fool!!!! She said that NeNe’s rich now. Lol. And Kim said that NeNe must have eaten her teeth at the back of her mouth because they are missing.

I love how Kim told on the fact that Kroy is still having sex with her while she is pregnant. And then Phaedra is not having sex with Apollo? Ummm, what is that about? And then Phaedra has the nerve to ask Kroy when is he going to marry Kim. Lord! Phaedra seems to be asking the strangest questions and they seem to be making Kroy the most uncomfortable.  But he did well during the interrogation.



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