Real Housewives of ATL S4~ Baby, Shower Me

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Episode 1: Below the Belt

Episode 2: Surprisingly Rich

Episode 3: Baby, Shower Me

It is almost time for Kim’s baby to drop.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #FakeWivesofATL

Okay, who’s house is being torn down and why in the hell is Sheree turning up to a construction site in Manolos Blahniks? And did she really just call this Chateau Sheree? And did I hear a skating rink, gym, spa/salon….foolishness? Really? I guess that I just need this king of money to understand needing a skating rink in my own house. The gym I understand…but wow! And she doesnt read but wants a library….when she cant pronounce library. SMMFH

Awww, Ayden is so cute!!! I love how great a dad Apollo is. He is making Ayden pay attention to the rules and learns discipline. I LOVE THAT!!! Wait, Apollo got stopped by the police a week ago and beaten by the police. And when Phaedra called to find out what happened, Apollo lied until he figured out what was going on. But….I still don’t get why the cop had him on the ground with a gun to his head. Oooooh, it was a case of mistaken identity.  Wow!!!! Apollo said, “I cant fight society and then come in my house and fight you too.” That was deep. I completely understand.

Cynthia’s daughter, Noelle, looks so much like Leon that it is not even funny. And I saw how Peter looked over at Cynthia and Leon when they hugged. You cant tell me that Peter isn’t threatened by Leon. Cynthia and Leon look almost like Twins and they made a beautiful daughter. Wait… and Peter is going back into the bar business that they will call Bar 1. WOW!!!Leonis going straight to the gut….asking about how the family feels about their marriage.

Peter is so headstrong to a point of retardedness. He needs to listen to the advice that Leon is trying to tell him. Cynthia shouldn’t have to decide between her family and her husband, but her husband should also work to make it easier for his wife. He is too selfish. I honestly do not like Peter. I just don’t….not that my opinion matters.

Kim invites Sheree to lunch and it is hilarious to see Sheree sinking in these rocks. So did she say that she invite over 130 people to her baby shower? Kim’s wig is HORRIBLE!!! I don’t understand white women with long hair wearing wigs. I can understand extensions to make it thicker or to have highlights….but not wigs. Wait, is Kim saying that she doesn’t like used houses? I want to kill her stuck up butt. I will not start on Sheree Broke bourgeois ass.

Okay, so why in the hell is Brentt going to his father’s house using a Louis Vuitton suitcase? WHY!!!!!! Why are these kids using things that adults have to work hard to get? I promise you, if I get rich and famous, my kids will grow up using the Bill Gates spending plan. My children will not be spoiled. I believe that life can be easy without having to purchase foolish items like LVl uggage for a teenage. Niggerisms!

Wait, did Greg and NeNe kiss when he came in the house? NeNe has it bad for Greg. Greg doesn’t seem to care too much, or look stressed at all since he has been separated from NeNe. This conversation with the two of them is like watching paint dry. And the tacky way she asked if Greg was going on dates was horrible. *Sigh*

Phaedra and Kandi are looking for gifts for Kim’s baby shower. Wait, was this thing called the “Mother Tucker”? Interesting. And Kandi brings up the topic about Apollo being pulled over and Phaedra ducks and dodges the question. Also, Kandi brings up the fact that Cynthia and Phaedra are not on good terms. Basically, Peter talked poorly about Phaedra in Uptown Magazine. Soooooo, Phaedra is informed that they took offense to her “ I want a clean man and not a man with kids running all over the place” comment. Phaedra calls Peter Papa Smurf-ish and says that she didn’t even know he had 5 kids when she made the comment so they took it out of context.

All of the girls are getting ready for the baby shower. I love how Kroy is already a “dad” to Kim’s girls. And he gets a man pass for painting her finger nails. It takes a man super secure in his manhood to be filmed doing that and being in the NFL. Lol. Wait… Ariana didn’t get a baby shower? Sucks! I will have a baby shower for ALL of my children. They deserve it.

Now, this baby shower is over the top! I mean, this is where you say, “You’re doing too much”.  It is gorgeous, but I feel like I just walked into a wedding reception and NOT a baby shower. Again, maybe I need that kind of money to understand the magnitude to which people will do something foolish like this. Until then, I don’t get it.

 Kandi’s mother, Kandi, and NeNe are hanging out discussing Kandi’s love life.  Oh Lord, Kandi’s mama asked what happened to the “short, fat guy. Lol. Poor Greg. Lol

Kim’s parents absolutely adore Kroy. And can someone please tell me why Kandi has on this “ass crack on alert” dress for this baby shower? It is two inches , if that, from the crack of her ass showing.  The photo of Kroy kissing Kim’s belly is gorgeous! I just wish Kim had more of a deliberate expression on her face. Wait, Joe, Kim’s father hands his card to Phaedra during the shower. Phaedra does not look interested at all.

Sheree was thinking the same thing I said, it looks like a wedding reception. Kim’s oldest daughter is HILARIOUS with this speech at the shower. It is touching and bringing tears to a lot of people. She even said that she looks up to Kroy as her dad. Just awesome. Oddly enough…. Kroy looks like he could have fathered Kim’s daughters because they all look so much alike.

Kandi looks up and notices that Cynthia is missing in action. Of course, Peter’s magazine interview came up as well. Cynthia and Peter show up EXTREMELY late. Who does that. Cynthia says that the reason why she was late was because she was out-of-town on a job. They showed up in the last 20 minutes of a 5 hour event without a present. WOW! Sheree says that NeNe must have let her  puppy off the leash; her puppy being Cynthia.

Peter doesn’t make it over to the table good before he asks if Lawrence is wearing heels.Lawrencelooked like he was about to say something awful. Phaedra brought up the magazine as well. Peter says that he is a reactionary, and he responded to what she said. Sheree said that she thinks it is rather bitchass for a man to borrow money from his wife. Peter turns his anger to Apollo, and Apollo tried to ignore him but Peter told him to stop getting arrested. I agree with Kandi, you do NOT bring up a guy who has BEEN TO JAIL about him being pulled over by the cops. Boo, you are either bold or stupid. I will go with stupidly bold. Lol.

Really? The husbands are fighting in public. This is some of the most niggerish shit that I have ever seen. It is worse than the females fighting. This is Kim’s baby shower. Cynthia is sitting down not saying much until the last moment. Why are the black folks acting up. Police there and every thing. The look on Kroy’s face is like “ these black folks”. I sincerely HATE Peter. Sit his short ass down.

Next: Wait…someone had sex with NeNe? There is a stripper, Cynthia has some drama with her sister, and Peter does as well. Kandi has a disagreement with her mother. And there is a stripper. I swear none of this goes with a discussion of whether Kim is going to have her son circumcised. Lol.



~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

  1. Why did rich ass Nene son have Louis Vuitton luggage and a cheap ass USPA Polo shirt not Ralph Lauren. …..What’s up with bitch ass Peter ,Apollo should have whipped his ugly black ass. …..Kandi start a diet soon…
    KIM & Phaedra congrat on beautiful families … Château Sheree pleeez. ..Wear your damn heels Ms Lawrence you’re gorgeous da hell with Papa Smurf….

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