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The Cast

106 & Park (11Oct11)

Episode 1: Good Enough For Me

Episode 2: Big Girl TIme

Episode 3: Anger Management

Episode 4: To Thine Own Self

Episode 5: Competitive Spirit

Episode 6: Cheaters Never Win

Episode 7: Naked Truth

Episode 8: Art of Listening

Episode 9: Boys in Tights

Episode 10: Forgiveness

2 more shows to catch up on…lol

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Is this a dress that Karla has on? It looks cute. I just love Tracee’s style anyway…. So I shouldn’t be surprised. Wait, Alex is preparing to go back to his high school reunion? And Karla says she wants to lose 10 pounds so she can be his trophy wife. Alex replies with, “ Don’t go landscaping my playground.” HOT!!!!! Can my husband be as awesome as Alex? Just asking……

Side Note: Does Dr. Karla spell her name Carla or Karla…. I think it is Carla, so pardon the switch.

Why in the world is Ms. Helen talking about how Carla cannot cook? Lol. And who is Yasmine Black? Oh…a new girl in the neighborhood that Keenan is crushing on. And he behaves as all awkward teens boys behave when a girl comes around. Did the fitness conscious Keenan just eat directly from the peach cobbler tray. But his sisters say that they will help him if he does their chores for 2 weeks. At this rate he will have to promise to do chores for the rest of his life. Lol.

Carla switched into another dress when she went to his High School reunion. Now, I wouldnt have chosen this dress. So I am guessing that black dress was in fact a robe. Either way I would have worn that to the reunion. And Carla has been secretly naming all of Alex’s ex-girlfriends the “Reedettes”.hahahhahaha.

And who is this J.J. Forest guy? And he is a masseuse? Wait… and then Corey comes in and fakes on Alex for a minute. Alex’s ex, Vanessa, just gave him the hugest cold shoulder. And Carla just found out that Alex cheated on Vanessa with her sister.

This conversation with Yasmine is like watching molasses drip. And Yasmine’s people are from Mobile, Alabama. Mob Town….stand up!!!! I’m Montgomery and Auburn myself….but Mob town is awesome. And Ms. Helen is taking over this conversation so Alexis comes in to distract her so Keenan can have face time with Yasmine. Wait, did Alexis say her parents send her to a prep school….I thought she was homeschooled?

Are you serious? Carla is getting upset that Alex cheated on Vanessa in high school. Wait, Carla knows Corey because of Spring Break in Cancun ’93. And she just found out that Corey is who she slept with on Spring Break and now Carla is trying to keep Corey from telling Alex. And now she is being a hypocrite. Shame!!!

Damn that drunk monkey. And Carla was the “whipped crème” girl. Carla smashed the homies?!!!!! I agree, Alex needs to walk away.

And the way that Kaci is messing up Keenan’s game is just wrong. But I am glad that he spoke up and was honest about what was going on. That is the test of a true gentleman.  THEY KISSED!!!!!!!! Poor teenagers! Ms. Helen walked in on the kiss.

It takes a real man to accept the fact that his wife smashed a homie. Only Alex can do that. You’ve got to love TV timing. Lol. And when they come back home the kitchen is cleaned spotless. Ms. Helen turned the kids into slave. They are cleaning the entire house from top to bottom. Lol.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #ReedBtwnLines


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