Twitter Poetry : Holocaust

In Writer's Block on 14 November 2011 at 9:26 am

So today I got the bright idea that I would begin something called Twitter Poetry. Yes, you read that correctly, Twitter Poetry. I havent heard of anyone doing it…… so if they have, oh well… I thought of it today. How does twitter Poetry work, you ask?

Well, I decided to start with 140 characters allowed by Twitter to start a poem off. Then I ask for my followers to reply with the next 140 characters. We would go back and forth until they either quit or I think that the poem is completed. I figured that the least I could do would be to come here and showcase the poems created. So…. here goes.

Sidebar: I went to the Holocaust museum in Washington, DC yesterday so the experience is still fresh on my mind. I know that this topic is VERY SENSITIVE and in no way am I making a mockery of it or trying to make light of the painful memory that is the Holocaust. This is merely my expression of my current thoughts. Also, in no way am I implying, with my Warsaw reference, that Poland was responsible for any of the horror that occurred; they were NOT.  If my statements in my poem are incorrect, I ask that you RESPECTFULLY assist me as you correct my ignorance. This is a piece of history that everyone should know the real version of. I thank you for your time and i hope that this explains where I am coming from when I began the poem. I feel as if I still have MUCH more to learn.

I guess only one of my poet followers caught on, so this poem was composed by @notebooKKTatted and myself. @notebooKKTatted is in the italics. And it went a little something like this:

Holocaust by: 2Deep & @notebooKKTatted


paid the cost

in flesh that still breathed in hope.

Frankly written

as Frank as she could

from the mouth of a babe……


run inside,

to escape the do or die,

journals in attics written with the hand of a Jesuit child

Star of David glistening in attic windows.

Freedom’s prisoners

too afraid to make the sound of liberated tears.

I hear the faint beat of hope

that hope you hear

is nothing but the scribble,

black lightning across pages,

across time,

hoping to be found in the rubble

Flint stones crack in the far distant

of a near future

that we have yet to believe to be more than propaganda.

Miranda writes of ghettos

where shoes are thrown up faster than prayers

and response time is slower than that rose in this concrete.

 she writes about love…

Where war saw most of Warsaw

in the breast of destined lovers.

Romeo & Juliet borders hovered

defiantly in the face of a peace sign turned Nazi.

where the loveless loved less

and Aryan brotherhood’s complexion was bloodless

“wherefore art thou?” was said by mothers and homeless…

To the rhythm & sound of salutes

blocking prayers from ever reaching heaven.

Heil Hitler swatted dreams into a swastika shaped dream catcher.

(@OneCann) The world sat silent

as blood-tinted tears streamed from seams cut in flesh

while the rest of us waited for wars waters to crest…

So, this poem ended when @notebooKKTatted didnt respond….lol. I will try to add more if people continue to respond.  But I think that it made for a dope effort for my first show at Twitter Poetry. I think that it is a hot idea, and if you see it…. tell the copy cats I said to get off deez!

If you want to become a part of this Twitter Poetry idea and become a part of my blog post… just click on the Twitter follow tab at the top and look out for #TwitterPoetry tag in my feed and join; simple as that! Also, leave poem ideas in the comment section below. I think we are on to something magnificent!

UPDATE!!!!! Damn it! There is a twitter account called @TwitterPoetry and they have WAAAAAAAY more followers than I do, hence, they came up with the idea first. Oh well. I dont mind giving credit where credit is due. I still like that I was as much of a genius as they are. There is enough poetry to go around. I will still post my poem here. So, if my topics are your taste…. keep coming back and follow me on Twitter. God bless!

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