Real Housewives of ATL S4~ Below the Belt

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I honestly have fallen behind on this. Meaning, I didn’t even know that it was coming back on. But now that I know… I feel obligated to follow the foolishness. You better enjoy it. Lol

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #FakeWivesofATL

I find it hilarious how all of these shows that have “wives” in the title are full of unmarried women. Lol.

I love how the movers were worried Kim was going to drop this baby in their presence. Lol. So Kim is walking around with Kroy at the storage place to move it into their new house.  As a defensive end for the Atlanta Falcons…..WHY WOULD HE DATE HER? I findi t so hard to believe she loves him for him and not just for his body and the fact that he makes money and wants to be with her.  But I do, however, like Kroy’s personality. His honesty is hilariously charming. Lol. I love it when he said “ My ring will mean something.”

Why in the hell is Bryson looking like a thugged out pimp. Lol. So she is coming to get a car for him. I mean, he has yet to step up and be a man…. So why would you buy a car for him? I wouldn’t do it. My son would be walking. Wait, NeNe dated the car dealer in high school and now she is thinking that he may knock a few dollars off the price tag. Did she say that she doesn’t want him to get an Impala because it looks ghetto and only people who have their pants hanging down would drive them.

NeNe would pay for the car in cash and want him to drive it off the lot. NeNe says that Donald trump told her that everything is negotiable.  So she bought her son a used car for 13 thousand dollars and she says “Hi, haters.” Um, I bought my truck off the lot, with cash, and so I know how it feels, but my truck cost a lot more than his Impala. Say “Hi, Haters” when you push a Maybach or at least an Audi A8 off the lot. Just saying. That’s like me saying “Hi, Haters” cause I bought a pair of Payless shoes while everyone else is whipping red bottoms.  But I digress.

Laurence is in the studio and in walks Sheree. Okay, the sound of the music is different. But I already know that he has a voice on him.  So I am trying to figure out if I like the sound of this song. Laurence is tooooooo got damn gorgeous to be a man. Every time I see him I get jealous. He is right up there with B. Scott. It is so unfair to have men be prettier than females. What line were they standing in that I miss to get the goods? Lol. LOVE IT!!! Lol.

So, Sheree is saying that she tried to help NeNe with some events, but allegedly, NeNe went behind her back and tried to make side deals with the promoter. Will the drama ever end? She says that Trump recruited NeNe for Apprentice because that they needed an irate black woman, and that is what they got.

Cynthia meets up with Ms. J ( America’s Next Top Model) for lunch. I miss him so much.  Cynthia is still making money as a model, but she wants to start her own agency.  She tells Ms. J that she met a guy in Atlanta and J says “ So, dick brought a girl back”. LOVE IT!!!! So her agency is Bailey Agency.

Ms. J said that Cynthia needs to make sure that she gets quality over quantity. And Cynthia wants him to come and speak to these girls at her open call audition to show them how it is done. But not before he is distracted by the half hanging out booty of the girl walking across the street. He cracked jokes on her so hard I thought I couldn’t breathe from laughing with him. Lol. And the girl walked right up into the Bailey Agency. Ms. J said “now I have to walk up in there and bail these bitches out.” hahahahahahaha

Phaedra meets her family for what looks like a funeral for her great-aunt. Her outfit is looking nice. I am listening to this ceremony and I feel like I am listening to a wedding preparation and not a funeral. I mean, they sound so excited to pick a hearse than they are being sad about burying her aunt.

Watching Ms. J give his tutorial is comedic to say the least. His “White Girl Shopping Mall” walk brought me to tears! The “Black Girl Who Knows Everything” walk looked like something straight out of a Go-Go talent show in D.C. He said, none of that… just keep it clean. And sure enough… that little white girl walked down that runway after him and did the VERY things he said do NOT do. Lol. Cynthia wants to teach them that less is more. She wants them to be a model and not a person auditioning for a rap video.

Sheree, and Phaedra are in a sex show and this is hilarious. They are waiting for Kandi who is on CP Time ( Colored People’s Time). BWHAHAHAAHHA!!!!! Wait, why did Phaedra put the vibrator up to her throat and start singing like Kim?!!!! *DEAD* I’m through….lol. I LOVE Kandi with longer hair.

Oh Boi! Kandi wants to start a sex toy line called “bedroom Kandi”. Funny! There is a doggy style pillow? Phaedra is coming out of her shell this season. Remember when she was oh so classy. Lol. But now I see how she got that baby. Lol. Did she just say “she’ll see if she can talk Apollo in to” buying that doggy style wedge? Ummm, since when did we have to talk a man into purchasing a sex toy that benefits him?

How many seasons have we had to listen to Kim scream Sweeeeeeeetie?  And really…. Who has real gold on dishes and silverware? This is when you say “you’re doing too much!” This dog is hilarious! Wait… is the dog’s name Chanel? Too much.

This side scene about Phaedra liking the creative aspect of decorating the details for the dead….. umm…. Yeh!

I cant believe that she actually got the car that plays the music outside of the hearse. And they chose the horse drawn carriage to bring her aunt to the cemetery. Wait… in the middle of her thank you speech.. did she say “ and to the sinners, may God save you.”? Ummm… I’m so confused.  And the sad part is that she is glad that people will be talking about the details, rather than talking about her aunt as a person.

NeNe is meeting up with Sheree to talk about the supposed backstabbing. NeNe says that she knows for a fact that Sheree is jealous of her.  Oh Lordy, this is already not looking good.  I love how NeNe called Sheree Star Jones. I do take NeNe’s side on this only for the point of who Sheree was supposed to talk to once she heard that she that was speaking trash. Then Sheree did one of my moves and put Tyrone on the phone. NeNe then puts Diana (I guess her agent) on the phone as well. And it went all dow hill from there.  All I heard was cashing Trump checks, I’m rich, bitch, & you’re the one losing houses and cars from NeNe and rich should have gotten your motherfucking teeth fixed from Sheree.

Sheree follows her out of the restaurant and taunts NeNe about her first car being repossessed. Sheree says that she is too classy to fight in a restaurant but she can meet NeNe around the corner in an alley and get it cracking. Oh lord, these hood bitches are still hood bitches in designer labels. I would never hang with these females. It is so sad.

Cynthia comes over to NeNe’s house. NeNe explains what went down with Sheree.  Cynthia is telling SOME truth about NeNe blowing up. But I don’t think that Cynthia had to say that people are lower than NeNe just to make her feel better.

And the rest of the season only gets more hood rich from here…..smmfh.


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

  1. The girl in the booty shorts who Miss J was critiquing is actually a former America’s Next Top Model contestant from cycle 14, which makes it even funnier.

    • So then she shoud have known better than to shop up wearing that and walking the way that she was. That means that she didnt learn a damn thing while she was there. And I am only going off the clip that I saw on the show. You know how they edit to make us hate…lol

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