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Real Housewives of ATL S4~ Below the Belt

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 7 November 2011 at 11:46 am

I honestly have fallen behind on this. Meaning, I didn’t even know that it was coming back on. But now that I know… I feel obligated to follow the foolishness. You better enjoy it. Lol

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I find it hilarious how all of these shows that have “wives” in the title are full of unmarried women. Lol.

I love how the movers were worried Kim was going to drop this baby in their presence. Lol. So Kim is walking around with Kroy at the storage place to move it into their new house.  As a defensive end for the Atlanta Falcons…..WHY WOULD HE DATE HER? I findi t so hard to believe she loves him for him and not just for his body and the fact that he makes money and wants to be with her.  But I do, however, like Kroy’s personality. His honesty is hilariously charming. Lol. I love it when he said “ My ring will mean something.”

Why in the hell is Bryson looking like a thugged out pimp. Lol. So she is coming to get a car for him. I mean, he has yet to step up and be a man…. So why would you buy a car for him? I wouldn’t do it. My son would be walking. Wait, NeNe dated the car dealer in high school and now she is thinking that he may knock a few dollars off the price tag. Did she say that she doesn’t want him to get an Impala because it looks ghetto and only people who have their pants hanging down would drive them. Read the rest of this entry »

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