Reed Between the Lines ~ Cheaters Never Win

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The Cast

106 & Park (11Oct11)

Episode 1: Good Enough For Me

Episode 2: Big Girl TIme

Episode 3: Anger Management

Episode 4: To Thine Own Self

Episode 5: Competitive Spirit

Episode 6: Cheaters Never Win

Second episode of the night….coming up!

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Okay, so Kaci is ready for the Social Studies test tomorrow but Keenan forgot. Alexis passed the home school test and is allowed to move on to the second grade. That little girl is a genius because I seriously thought she was leaving kindergarten. Lol.

Keenan lied to his parents and left with them to go get ice cream instead of studying for this test like he should have.

Wow… that is one tall Asian man. He is cute. So this brother and sister team come in to Carla to have their mother mentally accessed so that hey can have control over her estate. I have a feeling that they just want to get their mother’s money.

So, it is in…. Keenan didn’t prepare, so I have a feeling he is going to cheat and get caught. But I love how Kaci calls Alex dad. I love that well blended family closeness.

This role-playing in the kitchen between Carla and Alex in the kitchen with the mashed potatoes is HILARIOUS!!! Wait, did they say they play dirty south rapper? Bwhahahahah. I love how they interact with one another. It seems plausible that anyone could have this relationship if they took the time. And to break up all of this fun…. The twins’ teacher calls and tells Alex that Keenan cheated on a test. TOLD YOU!

They plan a sting operation to catch Keenan in his deception. Niiiiice.  

Carla meets with the mother of the two that came in to request an assessment. The mother seems fine from where I am sitting. She even calls out that her children just wanted to put her away to get her money.

So, Alex meets with the teacher to discuss Keenan’s grades. Come to find out, the teacher passed out different tests. So, when he copied off the text off the girl next to him, his answers didn’t line match. Therefore, he failed his test and is still lying to Alex about cheating. He even keeps lying when they offer to put him in a remedial course.

Oh no. This mother really does need to have her children be power of attorney over her. With more information Carla finds out that the mother has a condition that causes her to be lucid during the day but she loses her mental abilities as the day goes on. So Carla will only sign a limited power of attorney contract to where the mother has control during the day and her children have it in the evening.

WOW!!!!! Yes, a black parent snapped on her kid and all but spanked that tail on national TV!!!!! I’m glad they didn’t Child Protective Service this message.  And then Alex made Keenan take the test again for him to prove a point.  This father-son moment is priceless; even the fact that two males were able to say “I Love You” and show affection towards one another. I wonder how many parents are making their children watch this. Everyone isn’t fortunate enough to have a father in the house… but the lesson of actively paying attention to their children is still relevant.


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