T.O Show~ Break a Leg!

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Episode 1: ACL + Hope

Episode 2: Pee Jar, No Antibacterial

Episode 3: Circle of Friends

Episode 4: Bad Influences, Good Ideas

Episode 5: Cutz & Curlz

Episode 6: Price of Family

Episode 7:

Episode 8: Break a Leg!

All I know is….. there are some shirtless men on this episode!!! 

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2 #T.OShow

BwhahahahahMoon this segway has me in tears laughing. I swear if she falls… I’m laughing.

Okay, so did Mo get the job at the radio station? But she got T.O an audition for the play, Loving Him is Killing Me.All I know is, the preview had a stage full of topless fine ass men.

I am sooo confused about the re-launch of the barber shop. It seems so low on the totem pole. But that is just my opinion.

ANGIE STONE!!!! I haven’t seen her in ages! And Theo London is a beast! Wait, did Theo ask if  T.O was against going shirtless on stage? Have you seen this man’s BODY?!!!! Oh my goodness…someone please , oh please, oh please stop this improve scene. Lol. But at least he got a part in the play.

Nicki, the designer….. I am trying to figure out what she re-did. It still looks the same for me.  But it is funny how everyone stopped by to support T.O. That was hilarious.

BuKita shows up inL.A.to meet up with Joe to see what is going on with them. Bwhahahaha. He takes her to the batting cage for their date. I feel some kind of way about that. But I almost peed myself when he said “ swing this bat like someone broke in your house and stole all of your hair supplies”. That is comedy! And then she got hit by the bat ball machine because she was in the box. Lol.

The two of them are confusing me. I don’t know if I could date a man who lied about still being married. But that is just me.

Tyson “THANK THE LORD FOR CREATING HIM” Beckford. Wait, is that T.T., Fantasia’s baby brother? What is he doing in this dressing room? Is he singing back up. Wait, did Tyson ask about Kita and T.O? He said that he has one of the hottest black women next to him and Tyson doesn’t believe that T.O hasn’t tried Kita. I have thought the same thing, but TO aint into that dark meat. Lol. Wait… did they give T.O the nickname “Milk Dud” for the play? Bwhahahaha. Comedy!

DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYUM!!!!! All of these fine ass men!!!!! Hotness! Okay, can someone explain to me what is the purpose of working out moments before going on the stage? What does that do? Damn…. If they never, ever put a shirt on… I will NOT be mad! Lol.

Oh Lord, did Mo just say that Danny Glover taught at her performance arts high school for 6 weeks. lol. But I know damn well that T.O didnt say she is not ready for the Egral Sinep. That is Large Penis spelled backwards. lol.

Next Week:  So T.O in some small ass swim trunks ( I will be zooming in), and Joe attempting a marriage proposal.


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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