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The Cast

Episode 1

        So, I know we have all been sitting on the edge of our seat for the BET fall line up to finally come. Well, TONIGHT, it will finally be here. 

        To me, and this is just my opinion, it looks like a modern Cosby Show. Now don’t get me wrong, that is NOT a bad thing. I actually wish it the same success and longevity that wrapped its arms around the Cosby Show.  It is just refreshing to see successful African Americans, married to each other, with wonderful kids, and a good plot surface back on television. And TRUST ME, I know better than to EVER IN MY LIFE call Malcolm-Jamal Warner….. Theo… no matter HOW TEMPTING it is. But I am wise enough to see the growth in his body of work & mature enough to see that he is more than just our favorite teenage heart-throb. It’s about high time we 80’s babies allow him to grow up and to grow up with him. Also, it is about time Tracee makes her way back on to the small screen on a regular basis. I dont know about you, but I missed her like a promiscuous teen mother misses her monthly. What? That last sentence was a bit much, wasn’t it? lol. but you catch my drift.

        The commercials didn’t really tell us much about the family…but we know that there is one. Dr. Alex is an English professor, who works for NYU but works from home. Soooooo are they located in NYU, or are they in DC? I’m confused. (Keep Reading to figure out why I would assume that they are in Washington, DC.)  But not to be outdone or confused as a hoodrat wife, Dr. Carla is a psychologist.  To round out this too-good-to-be-true parental match are the beautiful children Kaci, Keenan, and Alexis who have the BEST NATURAL LOCKS ON TELEVISION TODAY! I think we may chalk this up to be the FIRST all-natural hair, African American family to ever hit TV!!!!!!! One for the EVO crew. (Watch all creamy crackheads try to figure out what EVO means….lol.)

       So back to my point.  The show is about the Reed family and the many trials that come and go for their family; the good, the bad, and the funny.  So who will be on the show throughout the season? Well from the IMDb website, which managed to leave off Malcolm-Jamal Warner, they say that this season will be star-studded.  From my research, the main cast will be comprised of:

Tracee Ellis Ross    ~>                            Dr. Carla Reed

Seen in: Girlfriends, FIVE, Daddy's Little Girls, The Lyricist Lounge Show, & The Dish. 



Malcolm-Jamal Warner  ~>               Dr. Alex Reed 

Seen in:  Hawthorne, The List, Dexter, Lyric Cafe, Malcolm & Eddie, & The Cosby Show.




Zoe Hendrix   ~>                                    Alexis


Zoe Soul  ~>                                             Kaci





Nadji Jeter    ~>                                      Keenan

Seen In: Grown Ups, & Grey’s Anatomy. Also a back-up dancer.



Anna Maria Horsford ~>                     Helen

Seen in:  Let’s Stay Together, Everybody Hates Chris, Friday After Next, The Wayans Brothers & Amen



Melissa De Sousa  ~>                           Gabriella Jimenez (Gabby)

Seen in: One on One, Biker Boys, 30 Years to Life, Miss Congeniality, & The Best Man


        I am so sure that a ton of people are missing, but come back for my blog tonight and I promise you that I will have more information for you. Hell, even the BET page is missing information about the cast. *sigh* No comment.

        But, what I have discovered, per my internet snooping around is that both Dr. Carla and Dr. Reed are proud alum of the prestigious HBCU, Howard University. H-U, YOU KNOW! Bison stand up. (No, I did not go to Howard, but I know that the Bison will be in full effect tonight with this new information.)

       In other snooping news, the Reeds are a blended family. Kaci and Keenan are fraternal twins, Carla is their mother but their biological father lives in L.A.; therefore, making Alex their step-father. So, using my SAT process of elimination and context clues skills, I think that Alexis is the younger sister and is the product of Dr. Carla and Dr. Alex getting married. I am just assuming here.

In the meantime follow the entire Reed Between the Lines family:

Facebook:  Reed Between the Lines



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