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The Cast

106 & Park (11Oct11)

Episode 1: Good Enough For Me

I think that we have waited long enough. Without further adieu……

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #ReedBtwnLines

I am LOVING the set. Bwhahahaha Not Chauncey, the personal chef…lol. It is Role Play night.  I am already laughing. I thank this.

So Dr. Alex teaches online? Interesting. So Kaci likes some boy named Dylan and wants to move. Dr. Carla tried to use reverse psychology on Kaci but it almost worked.  And I already like Alexis. She made her mom pay to get the keys she left in the front door.

The intro into the show is generic and doesn’t jump out at me. There is no catchy theme song that will make me sing it when I am in my car. Disappointed.

Helen (Anna Marie Horsford) is going out on a blind date with a real blind man…lol. Gabby ( Melissa de Sousa) works in the same office as Dr. Carla. So is she a doctor too? Helen is the receptionist for both of them? Oh, Gabby is an acupuncturist. Wow! I would have fired Helen for her commentary…lol.

Dominique Edmonds (Robin Givens) makes her appearance as one of Dr. Carla’s patients. Dominique has some issues….lol. WHOA! She is a sexaholic. I think that Dominique is being played over the top. The trick to playing and over the top person is to underplay them. But this is just my opinion.

This scene I saw online… quite comical. Alex texts a sexual comment to Carla because she was preoccupied with her iPad. She comes back with “ Mr. English professor, I don’t think that is how you spell that. “ He says “ I’m texting. I don’t have to spell it right, just as long as you do it right.” PRICELESS!!! That is the best line in television history.

This scene when Dylan comes in is how I found out all of the information about this family. So is Dylan a recurring character? Is he going to be the “Bud” of this show?

Damn! Dominique shows up at Dr. Carla’s house right before the commercial. I have a sneaking suspicion that Dominique is Dylan’s mother. Who wants to put money on it. I swear I didn’t research this. Lol. I CALLED IT!!!!!

What is it with Dr Carla leaving her keys in the door. But I m cracking up as Dominique hits on Dr. Alex. Lol. COMEDY! I THINK, and this is just a hunch, that they are in New York. This house is huge as hell, but with them being Howard University Alum, you would think they were in DC.

I am loving Carla’s outfit. I swear I almost called her Joan. Lol. It does look like a Joan Clayton ensemble….. but it has flare. And she is so paranoid…lol.

Can someone fire Ms. Helen already? I mean, I like her, but she is over the top, just a tad. I am waiting and PRAYING for a little more substance to drop into this series. Please, oh please don’t make me Let’s Stay Together this series.

This role playing they are doing is HILARIOUS! Okay, the comedy will keep me interested. Awwwww…. Alex said that Carla is already sexy for him. Okay, here comes the substance….. that is brilliant. Alex said he looks at women all of the time. It’s like ordering food, just because he looks at the menu one more time doesn’t mean he doesn’t want what he already has. I LOVE them as a couple. Okay…. The show can stay!

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