T.O Show~ Cutz & Curlz

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Episode 1: ACL + Hope

Episode 2: Pee Jar, No Antibacterial

Episode 3: Circle of Friends

Episode 4: Bad Influences, Good Ideas

Episode 5: Cutz & Curlz

I’m slowly but surely catching up.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2 #T.OShow

Oh lord. I couldn’t get over that fight so soon. Who is Derrick? Ok, so Derrick works at a huge Miami radio station and may offer Mo a job.  I’ve heard it all now.

WHO WAS THE BLACK DUDE WITH ORANGE HAIR? Please tell me that no one approved that to be walking the streets. BWhahahahahaha. I love how T.O got on the phone to speak with the customers. I know the customer on the phone was thinking “ This aint no Terrell!”

Derrick, of 99 JAMZ, looks more like he was trying to hook up with Mo rather than offer her a job. Lol.

Okay, so what is the setup that T.O has with Kita and Mo? Because I wonder why he would be upset that she got a chance at a side job. How much does he pay them? Not that it is any of my business. But I am just saying.  BWhahahaha T.O said that Mo has a face for radio. Lol.

T.O is killing me how he is turning down Kita’s idea for T.O Cutz & Curlz. But it looks like he may at least give it a try.

Did he just say that Mo has a 3Liter body shape? *Crawls in coffin and closes it*

Lol. T.O. went with Mo to 99 JAMZ to see if her radio interview went well.  I wish that he had just a little more faith in Mo, though.  BWHAAHHA!! “Wipe me down!” hahahahah. And T.O just used plethora. I have seen it all. I hope that Mo can find her spot in the world.

Bwhahahaha. The salon owners called Kita T.O’s wife. Bwhahahahaha. I almost died in my office. The owners rolled a rack of hair towards T.O and told him that he was holding weave worth $1000. So Kita proved her point.  Yeh, I remember the days when I use to drop a stack on my hair down on Peach Tree Street.  Now I thank GOD that I am natural, and so does my bank account. Lol.

SMDH!!!! T.O said  that it was too many black people in one spot for him. I agree with Kita, he is afraid of black women. But he did give them permission to go and talk to Peter about the unisex idea.

Ummm… why did Kita and Mo bring 12 females down to the salon? Kookie is supposed to be a celebrity stylist and she walks in with all of these changes that need to occur to the Cutz business. I think that Kita and Mo are going about it the wrong way.  They should have listened to his side and found a way to probably expand the space to have guys on one side and girls on the other , that way you can place a divider wall and still have it all belong to T.O. Or T.O could build another salon and still put his money in the same venture. People kill me when they only see one side of it. T.O could make a GRIP from all of the females and jump-offs who would show up at his salon just for a chance to see him come in.

Basically, Peter shut them DOWN! T.O has retracted his green light for the unisex salon.

Next Salon: Whoa, it is a family affair next week.  Cant wait.



~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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