Drop Dead Diva S:3~ New Beginnings

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Episode 1: Amended Circumstances

Episode 2: False Alarm

Episode 3: Dream Big

Episode 4: The Wedding

Episode 5: No H8

Episode 6: Closure

Episode 7: Honor Thy Mother…Until

Episode 8: He said, She said

Episode 9: For the Love of Love

Episode 10: Foundation of Truth

Episode 11:  Keeping Secrets

Episode 12: Damsel in Distress

Episode 13: New Beginnings

I apologize!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a performance and audition to attend so I was unable to see it, but I did record it. I am catching up now!

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #DropDeadDiva

 I love it!!! We haven’t seen Jane pop out in song so much this season. And these guys look lip-licking delicious! Why cant I have dreams like this?

Sooky, sooky… Jane woke up to the Judge. He brings her coffee and he is so romantic.

Stacy is still in jail for punching Brian in the face, and it is all over Youtube. Grayson comes to her defense

Aaron Howard, a death row inmate is going to be executed in 72 hours and Jane has been court ordered to do a pro-bono representation.  Pardon me if this is an eerie resemblance to the Troy Davis case just days after his execution. Any who….

Elisa (Brandy) still works at the firm. Parker takes the time to apologize for the kiss they shared.  Elisa takes on the fact that she kissed him first. Strangely, Kim immediately apologizes for the way that she reacted and fronts Parker with a partnership agreement or she leaves. Nasty! I hate how females bring personal into business.

Stacy was able to get a deal if she was a first time offender, but she had a trespassing charge from years ago and so the deal was off the table.  Wow!

Jane goes into the room with Aaron, and he doesn’t seem the least bit changed. Aaron doesn’t even want to use Jane for an appeal but to give his heart to her after his execution. WOW! Are inmates allowed to be organ donors? Well, I guess they will find out since Parker just forced Kim to be Jane’s second chair.

Grayson discovers that Stacy was innocent after all, from her trespassing charge. She was covering for Deb. Deb has an audition for a soap opera and she thought that it would best suite her method acting skills if she rehearsed inside of Diedre Hall’s house. When Deb left, she tripped an alarm, and since she was borrowing Stacy’s car…the cops came and got Stacy. Stacy stuck to the hood code of not snitching and that is where we are today. Bwhhahahaa. Stacy said that she cant go back to jail because she isn’t as tough as Paris or Lindsey. Lol. COMEDY.

Aaron’s sister refuses to take her brother’s heart that could save her life; she suffers from a faulty heart valve. She said she went to the funeral of the boy her brother killed and she say what he took from them.  Kim tells the sister that she is selfish.  If she doesn’t take a heart that means that others on the list get pushed back further because of the heart she does chose to take. Even though the tactic that Kim is using seems fake, it works. And yup, it was made up! Lol.

Grayson thinks that he is able to retry the old trespassing case which makes the new trial able to offer a deal. Fred wants to help Stacy but Teri convinces him that he shouldn’t.

Tina, Aaron’s sister, agrees to come see him. WOW! How powerful the way he is saving his sister and used the story about surfing to get her to see his side.  She agrees to take her brothers heart.

Warden Richard Steckler, who is working with the District Attorney, was called as a witness to prove Jane’s case of cruel and unusual punishment. Botched executions were the reason why Washington and Ohio switched to single injections.

Stacy gets to withdraw her trespassing plea, but not before the prosecuting attorney amends the charges to include felony burglary. Wow! Stacy just can’t win, can she? If she wasn’t cheating on Fred or acting like a diva she wouldn’t be having this problem. But that is just my opinion.

So now Jane’s boyfriend, the judge, gets to sail in the American Cup….but the boat that he is going to train with is based in Auckland, New Zealand. He is going to go for a year. Jane cant go with him. Dang, what is it with all of Jane’s boyfriends leaving?

Jane comes back to her office and Stacy is waiting for her. Stacy confronts her about stealing the ostrich boots Deb stole from Diedre Hall. And Deb/Jane admits to actually stealing those boots.

Fred catches Parker bringing Elisa a coffee and informs him that she had to go to the emergency room. Parker leaves and heads to the hospital in concern, only to find her son ( unbeknown to him that she had a son, or that the son is his) laying in the hospital bed with a cast on his arm. Eric looks so cute! Parker does the math in his head, and figures it out before Elisa pulls him out in the hallway. Parker gets hood in the hallway, and storms out at the revelation.  Wow!

The judge ruled against Tina’s case to take her brother’s heart. Why do I sense Aaron will do something drastic to get her brother’s heart. Or that Tina is going to get sick and pass out and need her brother’s heart sooner? It just looks like a setup for either of those scenarios to occur.  And I CALLED IT!!!! Tina passes out on the floor in the law office.  She is rushed to the hospital, just as Teri announces that Aaron’s last rights are at 9pm and he wants Jane there.

Elisa tracks Parker down back in his office. He insults her, through his hurt, but offering to pay her off, since he thinks that is the reason that she came back. But, less we forget, she came back because she wanted her father’s insurance, and she doesn’t need the money…technically. But I understand he is just acting out in hurt, as the universe pays him back for all of his womanizing ways.

Grayson and Stacy go to the storage where all of Deb’s items are being held to locate the boots.  They find them.

Kim walks in on Parker drinking scotch in the middle of the day to get an answer to her ultimatum. He tells her that she cant get an answer from him today.  He informed Kim of his “that ought to cover it” check writing moment. Kim tells him that he needs to fix this situation with Elisa.

Teri remains the gatekeeper to Fred’s heart as Stacy comes to apologize. Lol. She admits that she loves Fred and she even comes to real tears.

I TOLD YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaron hung himself in his cell and is currently brain dead but as long as his heart beats on life support, he belongs to the warden. SNEAKY!!! They go to the judge who, after much clever thinking, releases Aaron’s body to save his sister’s life, based on the fact that during his trial prosecutors never turned over the death certificate of the boy he killed. SMART!

Diedra HALL!!!! I almost told something very personal about myself….lol. But in short, I love her, and I too would sneak into her house too. Lol. So in walks Diedre to identify her shoes. Stacy wears an 8.5 size shoe. Therefore proving that she cannot fit into the small size 7 shoes.

Tina survived the surgery.

Jane’s boyfriend ( I don’t think I ever learned his name) came to the hospital one last time before he heads to the airport. Awww eh admits that he loves Jane. She turns him down again, and she wishes him well. I don’t see why they cant have a long distance relationship for a year.

Stacy’s case gets pulled back to the original deal and she is now a free woman. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Did Stacy and Grayson just kiss? And JANE saw them kiss. WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!!!!!!! Why in the world did that happen? He said that he kissed her because she reminds him so much of Deb. Stacy lets it slip out of her mouth that Jane is Deb. WHOA!!!! This may be the reason that jane runs and hops on a plane to New Zealand.

Parker gives Kim the partnership that she asked for.  Elisa took Eric and has possibly gone to Chicago to her family. Parker is going to go follow them, leaving Kim in charge while he is away.

I TOLD YOU JANE WAS GOING TO GO TO THE AIRPORT!!! Grayson calls her as she is about to walk up to Owen ( the judge), and she sends it to voicemail. Oh snap! Jane isn’t going to New Zealand, she is going to Italy. This is so sad!

Fred meets Jane at the airport and announces that he wants to propose to Stacy. Jane then lets him know that she saw Stacy kissing Grayson. Why wont people confront each other. Is it cultural?  A sister would have stopped them right then.

Is there anyone who is going to stay in the city besides Kim? Wait, Grayson runs to the same plane to Italy that Jane is on and just barely convinces the stewardess to open the door. Wait…. Did Owen wind up on the plane with Jane? Noooo Grayson didn’t make the plane. This is sooooooooooo wrong! Season 4 hurry up and come back so that Jane and Grayson can get together!!!!!

Did Jane stop being a lawyer, or did she just take a leave of absence? Poor Grayson looks so sad watching the plane take off. I find it funny how he believed that Jane was Deb so swiftly, no questions asked.  I am speechless. You weren’t supposed to leave me in this much suspense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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