ALPHAS: Rosen vs Rosen

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Episode 1: Cause and Effect

Episode 2: Unpredictable Prediction

Episode 3: Rage!!!!

Episode 4: Rosetta

Episode 5: Love You to Death

Episode 6: Belonging

Episode 7: Skylar

Episode 8: Pair ‘a Dice

Episode 9: Blind Side

Episode 10: Imposter

Episode 11: Rosen vs Rosen

I’m amped!!! Are you?

 Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2,  #Alphas

Okay, who is this finger-ninja chick? She is vicious! Okay, it looks like they are hunting someone. Okay, this junky looking dude and his junky female friend seem to be their targets. Wait…. Who is this Grim Reaper dude? What did those flowers ever do to you? DAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG! He just killed old dude! SNAP!!! Danielle, the female junky just evaded Nina’s ability somehow. Nina touched her and automatically started crying.  Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Danielle is Danielle Rosen, Dr. Rosen’s daughter. Did Dr. Rosen know she was an Alpha?

Bwhahahahah. Gary, “Yeh, Bill. I am in charge when no one else is here.”. lol. Fart….hahahah I cant stop laughing. Gary and his multi-tasking is vicious. Gary tracked Danielle down at the Baltimore Hotel.

Damn! So Dr. Rosen finds Danielle and reveals that he knows she has an ability. Also, she hurts after she uses her ability. I wonder why that is.  And they get trapped in the hallway corner with Grim Reaper dude, that is until Cameron opens the exit door and shoots the Reaper, saving Danielle and Dr. Rosen. How did Cameron know that they were in that hallway?

Isaac Hail, the Grim Reaper dude, was apart of Red Flag and killed people for a living. Well, I guess its true what the say, what goes around comes around.

Stanton Parish, wrote that manifesto…and he happens to be dead? I’m confused as to why Bill is obsessed into figuring out who he is. I agree with Gary, I don’t like hard work. Lol.

SO Danielle reveals this ruby looking necklace that she took from a guy at a drug rehab meeting. I have a feeling that there is more to this.

Wait,Gary goes to meet Ana. Awww Ana holdsGary’s hand. I hope that they end up together.Garyquotes Stanton Parish to Ana and she says that Stanton Parish IS a dangerous man. Like Gary said,Stanton has been dead for years, so why did she say IS? Well, at least she has come into the current century by using an iPad to translate her finger movement instead of a brush. Lol.

Okay, so now Danielle is revealing how she feels about her father telling her about Chamomile tea. Oooooh! Danielle was upset that Dr. Rosen used her and her ability to touch her mother and make her feel better. So her ability was to manipulate emotions. WOW!.

So Bill and Gary do a face recognition search on Stanton Parish. They found a Civil War picture of Parish which was taken 100 years before he wrote the manifesto.

The necklace that Danielle handed over is amazing! Not only do the ruby looking glasses connect, but inside of one of the pendants was a jump drive, and Gary is trying to decipher the coding. It is a map to Highland Mills, and an invitation for a meeting.  They just decoded a calling from Stanton Parish, he has called the meeting. I love how Gary is set on protecting Ana.

They all set up to head to the warehouse to find Stanton and his people. But something about this makes me uneasy about Danielle. I feel like she is behind this somehow. Like either she is working for Red Flag or they are using her. I find it so convenient for her to show up just before all of this is to take pace. But at least she got to hear an apology from Dr. Rosen.

Gary is on the phone trying to explain to his mother how he isn’t coming home because he is headed to the swat location. Who is this Thor looking dude protecting Ana? Bwhahah atGary“wearing people down”.

Can someone please punch Cathy in her throat? She doesn’t listen to anyone. Is she a Republican ( these are just jokes, people)? Dr. Rosen just tried to warn her that they are walking into a set-up where they are the ambush that Parish wanted them to walk into. Red Flag wants to use this to go public and televised the truth about the Alphas. Oh I wish people would listen. (I used my ability to predict that someone was going to use the Alphas to get the Red flag message across).

Against Dr. Rosen’s advice, the gas the compound.Garysees the gas and runs down towards them without a gas mask in efforts to help Ana.  This Thor dude is whooping everyone’s ass. And who is this Tomb Raider chick knocking bullets to the side with knives? She just knocked Cameron out!  And thank goodness Nina pushed the Thor dude so that Gary could be set free. DAMN!!!!! Who threw a knife through the gas and almost got Gary!!!!! Someone just shot Bill. WTH!!!! This is too much to take in. Too much is going on. Someone please get GARY!!!!!!

NOOOOOOO! Someone shot Ana in the head and Gary found her.  And one of the swat team members found Gary and mistook him for one of the Red Flag members.Garyattacked him and the guy turned to shoot him right as Dr. Rosen ran in and saved him. Damn!!! Ana wasn’t supposed to go out like that.Garywasn’t supposed to see that. My heart hurts for him.  (Again, this actor should get an award!!!). I cant separate them from reality when I watch this show because they pull you in.

Everyone made it out safely, well everyone on Dr. Rosen’s team.

Did Cathy just say that the attack on Red Flag was a success? Again, can I have permission to choke this woman? OOOOh,OOOh, Pick me, pick me!!

So Danielle is having dinner with her father and he wants her to use her ability on him so he can see what it feels like to be her. I think they said everything they needed to say to one another. What if she is using her ability against her father?

Dr. Rosen is swimming in his pool when he gets out and all of a sudden Stanton Parish is standing on the side and introduces himself. THE WRITERS SHOULD WHEN AN EMMY, OSCAR, HELL A BLIMP! I love this show!!! But why did Stanton immediately say ” your daughter is alright”? How’d he even know that she was there? This seems fishy to me.

Stanton has perfect brain to body connection. So is that why he doesn’t age? Can you call that an ability? If so, every yogi I know should be an Alpha. Lol. Of course Stanton offered to help Dr. Rosen answer all of the questions he ever had.

Dr. Rosen has been invited to D.C to give a closed-door speech to some higher-ups. He seems so scared to leave. Is he speaking to Congress? Awesome,Gary gave Dr. Rosen a pen so that they can tap into the feed of his closed-door meeting. WAIT!!!! Dr. Rosen used the pen to broadcast nationally to tell everyone to prevent an attack on Alphas.

SNAP!!! I TOLD YOU I DIDN’T TRUST DANIELLE!!!!!!!! She is in on it with Stanton Parish!!!! That sneaky daughter of a doctor!!!!! I have an ability! I predicted this 30 minutes ago! ( P.S. These are just jokes people.)

Wait, what! This was the finale? I wasn’t ready!!! I’m not done watching. I have more yelling at the television to do. I have to exercise my ability in the company of like-minded people. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


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