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Episode 1: Cause and Effect

Episode 2: Unpredictable Prediction

Episode 3: Rage!!!!

Episode 4: Rosetta

Episode 5: Love You to Death

Episode 6: Belonging

Episode 7: Skylar

Episode 8: Pair ‘a Dice

Episode 9: Blind Side

Episode 10: Imposter

Okay, last week I attempted to watch, but then I got sick ( food poisoning) and damn near died. Well, my DVR didn’t record is and I have no clue why. I just hope that I can catch the missed episode somewhere. Why cant they just post them on the website like every other network? Just saying

 Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2,  #Alphas

The way these two are meeting on the pier is enough to make me giggle. Okay, so why did the young, funny walking dude kill the older, Mr. Magoo-looking, bushy eyebrow having older guy?

Hahahah Gary took a day off from work? Wait, and then they get hi-jacked by masked men pointing tranquilizer guns in front of Gary’s house. And then poor Bill gets hi-jacked and hit by enough tranquilizer darts to kill a heard of buffalo in the plains of Africa.  So Rachel and Nina get attacked in the office with the darts and even though Cameron tried to get away…he was hit as well.

They all wake up in this Alpha-proofed facility in individual cells where they cannot exhibit their powers. Oh Snap! Clay put them there because he thinks that one of them is working for Red Flag. WTH?

P.S. This is where I say I HATE that I missed last week’s episode! It better be On Demand! P.P.S. I just spoke that into existence!!!! Thank you FIOS!!! Lol. Okay, I will catch you all up in a little while. Lol.

Okay, so some scientists were killed by an ability that none of these Alphas have. So someone under Dr. Rosen has been implicated to be that someone who assisted Red Flag. Wow! I don’t think that it is anyone under Dr. Rosen that could have helped Red Flag. Wait, so who is this guy speaking in Clay’s ear? Is he an Alpha controlling him?

Gary’s interrogation with Clay is comical. “Its none of your business.” If this man doesn’t get an award for this role I will blow up the Academy myself!

Eric, the guy speaking in Clay’s ear, is an Alpha that they brought in a few years ago. I wonder what his original power was.

Gary still talks with Anna, the Alpha who was autistic who communicates by tapping and running her fingers through a brush. You remember her from an earlier episode, right? Gary  said that they don’t talk about work, just normal stuff. So Gary very well could be the leak, unbeknown to him.

Whoa! They’re in Binghampton! Ewwww.

Bwhahahah! The way that Gary comes to the conclusion of who was innocent based on who wasn’t calm. Lol. He has a bad attitude, Rachel is always nervous, and it is genetically impossible for bill to be calm so Gary told them to take him home. Lol.

Dr. Rosen fakes a back injury and then blank writes on the table “door code” and Rachel picks up on it using her sight ability.  She then pays attention to the guard’s glasses to get the code to her prison door. Bill uses his strength to create a distraction. Cameron gets all of the Alphas out and they run and get Dr. Rosen.  Damn!!!! Cameron shot a wall and it ricocheted off and hit a guard….lol. CLASSIC!!! Best action writing ever! Like the ninja kick that Bill just did to break through the door!

NOOOOOO!!!! There is a sniper aimed to take one of them out on the word go. NO!!!!!!

Phew! Clay tells the sniper to stand down. I was shaking. I was afraid that he would give the go.

The Alphas get away and wind up in this old warehouse trying to figure out who the traitor is. What is wrong with Dr. Rosen, because he is hurting for real. Wait, did Dr. Rosen just say that he knows who the traitor is? Bwhahahah!Gary said he was practicing lying because it is a social skill that he needs. Lmao!

Clay was able to locate them via satellite (but how do you use a satellite on people without placing a locator on them?)

Cameron was called out.Gary told Rosen about the cash deposits into his account for different amounts at different times during the month. And as a result, Cameron clocked Dr. Rosen cold. Lol. Cameron mentioned that it was for his kid. Maybe he was gambling and the deposit was to raise money for child support for his kid. But I cannot believe that he would be working for Red Flag….you cant make me believe that.

Oh spit! Bill goes into Super Beast mode and slams Cameron, all the while Cameron is yelling that he didn’t do it. Dr. Rosen is coughing up blood. WOW!!! Cameron is holding his own in this fight with Bill… but then Clay runs in with the tact squad through the wall. They are all being held at gunpoint. Dr. Rosen drives off with Gary in the car. Rachel figures out that the person pretending to be Dr. Rosen is an imposter because the blood he spit on the floor was the wrong blood type! HOT DAMN!!!

Dr. Rosen wakes up in a strange room. In walks the young, funny-walking dude on the pier and he received a text to kill Dr. Rosen. But Dr. Rosen picked up a syringe and stabbed the guy in the arm, therefore saving himself.

Dr. Rosen has taken Gary back to the office. And obviously, whoever is pretending to be Dr. Rosen is slowly morphing back into who he really is. He has instructed Gary to delete all files from the drive. Gary is the only person who can do it. In walks the real Dr. Rosen instructing Gary to walk away from the imposter.  Freaky!

Gary picked up that the imposter has the ability to morph. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! The guy morphed into Gary ( and I love Gary in his real accent…sexy!). Rachel was able to pick up on the imposter’s shoes.Gary is so picky and so on routine that he would never wear those shoes! Talk about team work making the dream work.

Clay informs Dr. Rosen that Eric is getting out of Binghampton soon. Nice! So people can get released from Binghampton. Lol. Oh yeh, those funny deposits into Cameron’s bank accounts….from public appearance since he held records during his time as a minor leaguer. Nice to know what side he is on.

WTF!!!! Bill is in the break room and they are all talking and he just passes out? NOOOOOOOOOO!

Next Week: So Dr. Rosen’s daughter is an Alpha? I’m confused. In short, it is Alphas versus Red Flag. CANT WAIT!!!



~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

  1. You need to write an action comic book, the way you play-by-play this episode. Ha!

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