ALPHAS: Blind Side

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Episode 1: Cause and Effect

Episode 2: Unpredictable Prediction

Episode 3: Rage!!!!

Episode 4: Rosetta

Episode 5: Love You to Death

Episode 6: Belonging

Episode 7: Skylar

Episode 8: Pair ‘a Dice

Episode 9: Blind Side

I’m a week late because I caught food poisoning the night this originally aired. Sorry. But I feel better now. lol. 

 Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2,  #Alphas

Okay, so some dude has an ability that no one knows what it is.

Bwhahahahaha.Garysaid that he doesn’t like this special room that is designed to house this guy. He also said that he misses when Bill’s veins used to pop out of his neck.

WTF?!!!! Is this dude invisible and able to walk outside of his body? Because they carried him in a wheelchair and then the elevator opened back up and no visible person walked out. This sneaky son of an Alpha!

Oh lord, Nina and Cameron are having an argument about their relationship.  But they seemed to have come to the consensus that they have messed up their previous relationships.

CREEPY!!! This invisible Alpha just scrolled info on Nina’s computer the moment that she walked away. She just failed DoD standards of logging out of your computer when you step away from your desk. Does she not have a (Insert proper name here. Y’all aren’t gonna get me fired from my DoD Job for listing real stuff….lmao!)

This dude just woke up. Is anyone babysitting this dude? Lol.

If I haven’t told you by now….. I LOVE GARY!!! Rachel senses that someone is in her office, the invisible guy, and she walks out.Garycomes out and says “Do not disturb, that is my IM chat status.” Bwhahahahahahaha I love him! Also, I did research; the brilliant actor who portrays Gary is NOT autistic himself.

They go in and interrogate the Dr. Kern & Dr. Rosen throws a glass at the back of his head and the guy ducks. He has sonar location, like a dolphin. This automatically makes him an Alpha because the tests that they ran on him shows that he doesn’t even have optical nerves. This man (Dr. Kern) is basically blind, well… in the traditional sense of the word.

Cameron asks Dr. Rosen to give him and Nina just a little space. HE wants them to be able to make their one mistakes, rather than him being their psychiatrist and employer.

Rachel discovered a certain pill in Dr. Kern’s gatherings. She found the prenatal pill and once she broke it open she noticed that there is active DNA inside of the pill. This could cause multiple mutations and birth defects if taken by a mother. Are they trying to work out the Alpha abilities in newborns?

Nina has a nosebleed, out of the blue, and she doesn’t know why. I think the invisible Alpha popped her in the nose. lol

Wow. Dr. Kern just did a sonogram of Dr. Rosen’s chest and found out a disease he has. Whoa!

Fringe elements. I will have to remember that term. Niiiice the way the Dr. Kern tried to use it but the way Dr. Rosen broke it down.

WTH?!!!! Rachel was left alone in the office by herself. She hears something again so she goes to research. She steps inside of the elevator once it opens by itself and out of no where she gets snatched! But not before noticing something, a button maybe, was cracked inside of the elevator. Hello, where is everyone and why was no one around to see/hear her get snatched. Well, at least Nina was the first to notice.Garypulled up glitchy surveillance camera footage and they were able to find where she was last.

They found blood splatter on floor. Dr. Rosen goes in and asks Dr. Kern if he has something to do with Rachel’s abduction. Dr. Kern says that he senses 8 heartbeats on the floor since the moment he walked into that building. Well, including Dr. Kern, Dr. Rosen and his staff, there should only be 7 people in the building. Dr. Kern tells him that he should be let loose and allowed to help him save the entire office.

Okay, so, this invisible Alpha has the ability to hide within someone’s blind spot. WHAT!!!Garypulls up the camera across the street and some chick shows up in the frame. Cameron turns to swing on her and this chick gets Bronx-hood on him and slices him with a switch blade knife. Damn! But it was a superficial wound.

Someone please tell me why Cameron used this as an opportunity to try to show their love for one another? The invisible “ witch” ( as Gary called her) tookGary’s phone and Bill’s gun. She used the gun to shoot at Dr. Kern, but thankfully he is in bulletproof glass. Her name is Griffin and rumor has it that Red Flag is just a rogue Alpha.

So Rachel is in an air vent, with her hands in a plastic tie and tape over her hands and mouth. Okay, thankfully her hands are in front of her. I am paranoid enough to know that I would take the tape off my eyes and mouth first. And she needs to use her ability to figure out that she is scooting TOWARDS the air shaft blades which could kill her.

Bill is still unable to use his ability to lift the security doors. Dr. Rosen decides that they are going to destroy the office by putting abstract figures on the wall to make it hard for Griffin to blend in. It works but she traps everyone EXCEPT Gary in one room.Garylifts his badge and tells her to stop hiding, right before she pulls out the switch blade. I SWEAR!!! If this woman cuts Gary!!!!!!!!!!!! But why was Gary able to see her at times? Is it because of his autism? Well… Rachel saw her too and beat the crap out of her and they were able to tie her up. So I guess she used the blades to untie her hands.

So the cracks in the building were created by Kern’s sonar ability as he tries to use that ability to escape the facility. Cameron is still bleeding from the cut. It could be from the sonar pressure Kern is using. Damn! The container they built to hold him, Kern was able to break out of it. They just don’t make Magneto-like prison rooms like they used to any more. Lol.

Bill tried to go and stop Kern and, POW like magic, he gets his ability back. But not before Griffin uses her power to kill Kern. Stanton Perish were the words that Griffin told Bill before she walked away.

Awww. Cameron kissed Nina. They might as well keep the relationship going. They are cute together.

Well, in the end, Kern is dead, Bill got his power back,Gary hates that Bill has his ability back. Dr. Rosen hopes that there will be no more detained Alphas in the office and Rachel saved the day.Griffingot away and she took the data on Kern’s pills with her. Shame.


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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