Drop Dead Diva S:3~ Damsel in Distress

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Episode 1: Amended Circumstances

Episode 2: False Alarm

Episode 3: Dream Big

Episode 4: The Wedding

Episode 5: No H8

Episode 6: Closure

Episode 7: Honor Thy Mother…Until

Episode 8: He said, She said

Episode 9: For the Love of Love

Episode 10: Foundation of Truth

Episode 11:  Keeping Secrets

Episode 12: Damsel in Distress

I am excited just at the fact that I was able to watch an episode this evening. I wasnt the only one who noticed that they went two weeks without an episode, right……or was I misisng something?

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #DropDeadDiva

So, in walks Jacob Campbell (the dude from Blind Side) to explain how his fiancée was in the hospital after she was pushed and trampled on the floor at the Bridal-palooza. Conrad Bridal is even taking their slanderous way to the news. Sick! But Jane takes on the case.

So a PR rep shows up on behalf of Conrad Bridal. They present the video of evidence of how Jacob’s fiancée got shoved to the ground. Wait, did Conrad’s rep just offer them five thousand dollars and a free wedding dress? Oh I almost cussed.

I think that Kim is gonna flip about Parker’s ex ( Brandy) being a temp at the agency. *Sigh* Honey, if you cant trust him… leave him.

Awww… Jane’s judge boyfriend shows up to preside over her case and then removes himself as not to seem biased, based on his relationship with her. She makes him answer, under oath, that the relationship is going well. Lol. Jacob tells Jane to “ go on with your bad self”. lol COMEDY!

Kim walks in on (Brandy….I have got to remember her character’s name) and gives her a crap load of work to do. Shame. Petty woman tactics, I can spot those a mile away.

Stacy’s assistant got chewed out just for interrupting her vocal warm-ups. Stacy runs and tells Brian but Brain tells her not to take the chip commercial. Her relationship with Brian makes me itch!

Jane’s boyfriend is now the judge in Grayson’s case. So, it appears to be a simple family dispute where the father dies, the medieval business gets left to the children. The brother wants to sell it and split the money immediately, but the sister wants to keep the business open and then buy her brother out as she can afford it. But, in the father’s will…. He left that they must handle any disputes by following 12th century law.

The judge declines to show the evidential video in court showing how Jacob’s fiancée was trampled because it is by an anonymous videographer. SUUUUUUUUUUUCKS! Note to self: always know who recorded a video before taking it into court as evidence. I still don’t get it. If it shows something that could assist in the case, does it matter who was holding the camera?

Hilarious! Jane brought a dummy in to show how the fiancée was trampled. Yeh, I will never look at a pair of Manolo Blahniks ever again.

And then Jane’s boyfriend takes her out for a bite to eat at a street vender and begins to bash Grayson, although he doesn’t know that they work at the same firm. Talk about AWKWARD!

Wait, what contract does Teri have to bring to Stacy. Yuck! I really HATE Stacy right now.

Elisa!!!!!! Brandy’s name is Elisa. Got it! Jane is still trying to get Elisa to reveal that her son is in fact Parker’s. But Elisa said no….sad.

WOW! Jane just let the patent comment that her boyfriend mentioned while talking to Grayson. Big mistake! Honey, you need to learn how to zip it. I mean, really….why couldn’t she just tell Grayson that she is dating his judge? Is that so bad?

While back in court, the judge dismisses the case based on the fact that Jane was unable to show negligence on the part of Conrad Bridal. Even Jane’s attempt to show that they didn’t provide enough security failed.

Grayson walked into the judge’s office requesting that he remove himself from his case. But there seemed to be a small threat there, well… the judge took it as a threat.

Jane was able to review the footage of the trampling with her client and they discovered a woman in a gym shirt that waved to the camera. Therefore, they will find her at the gym to see who was filming and it could possibly help their case.

Grayson winds up having to compete in a jousting match to represent for his client, since opposing counsel is a woman and women were barred from fighting. Wow!!!! Amazing! I didn’t know that judges could do such a thing.

So, Kim outs Parker because he failed her test. Supposedly, Kim gave (Brandy) extra work and Parker has fallen for the damsel in distress. *Sigh* I am so sick of watching them go back and forth. Kim was wrong for testing him. But….that is just my personal opinion.

Parker heads back to the office and brings (Brandy) food. He also tells her that she shouldn’t report to Kim and then THEY KISS!!!!!!! BRANDY KISSED PARKER!!! How hot! Is it okay for me to tweet Brandy and ask her if Parker is a good kisser? Lol. I really want to know! But wow… Parker does have a history of kissing women in the office. I wouldnt touch jack in that office without worry of bodily fluid having dawned its surface. lol. But they make such a HOT couple! Two gorgeous people always make hot couples! Just saying.

Why does Teri have all of these weapons? And why of all people is she the one teaching Grayson how to joust?

Okay, they are performing a Diva Intervention. Fred has been living at a hostel? Shame. Doesnt he haveconnections still up in heaven? Cant he call in a favor to the big man upstairs so he can live in a nicer place? What? Just asking. Lol. Grayson lets it slip that Deb once said that “she would become a pill if she ever were to become famous”. And then Stacy and Jane have a Stacy vs Deb conversation that only the two of them and Fred are in on. Wow! I really am not a fan of Stacy’s at this moment in time.

Jane and her client go to the gym to find the girl that waved at the camera. The girl informed Jane that this other company had paid her and other actresses were paid to show up at the Bridal-palooza. This means that this company knew that so many women were going to show up and over crowd the store, causing a riot.

Stacy shows up on set and finds this girl coming out of Brian’s trailer in his bathrobe. Oh snap… he is smashing her assistant? Yikes.

Jane got her client over six figures. CAN JANE BE MY ATTORNEY,TOO?!

And then the judge comes out and confronts Jane and then kisses her. And he is still going along with this duel?  And Grayson is buff…but this dude is ripped! Can someone say extras? Lol. But Grayson was NOT behind the mask….it was the female; she beat her brother. She is eligible to fight. Niiiiiice.

So Stacy calls Jane and Fred to which they both hit ignore. Unbeknown to them she is in jail for assaulting Brian on the set. Since they didn’t answer, she is going to have to spend the night in prison. See what letting stardom go to your head can do. There is someone I know who needs to see this episode.

Next Week: I just came from church but hearing what Stacy tells Grayson about Jane almost made me cuss!!!!! Oh I cant wait!


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