T.O Show~ Circle of Friends

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Episode 1: ACL + Hope

Episode 2: Pee Jar, No Antibacterial

Episode 3: Circle of Friends

I was loving that they decided to run a new episode tonight, even though it is Labor Day. Great fun!

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2 #T.OShow

Poor T.O is still in rehabilitation from his ACL surgery. I still cringe just watching him be in pain during his therapy sessions. I wouldn’t wish that kind of pain on my worst enemy. I am getting light-headed watching him walk…. Please don’t show the bandages. But I am glad that he can walk now. Congrats, T.O.! And is this hardheaded fool walking without his crutches when the doctor told him to use them.

Is her name BUKITA WILLIAMS!!!!! Bwhahahahahahahahahahaha I cant stop laughing. I just tinkled on myself. True shit… I think I peed on myself.. BUKITA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahah! I cant stop, I have a weak bladder! Bwhahahahahahahahah.

Mo shows up in Miami at T.O’s house. Mo looks niiiiice. She is slimmer now. And her hair is looking fresh too.

Wait, why is Mo complaining about being at T.O’s? I cant get it. Why are you in a business where you have to hop up and help a client? I don’t get it. It is like this conversation just came out of no where from the commercial. Wait, did Bukita just tell her that she needs to fix whatever is wrong at home.

How they attacked T.O while he was laying in bed cracked me up.

Who is T.O screaming at on the phone? Whoa!!! He is having financial issues with one of his financial agents for the past 3 months. And no one at the agency will put the guy on the phone to answer his questions. Wow. I’m just touched that T.O let us see him cry. And his credit has dropped tremendously!!! He said his credit is in the 500s. WOW!!!! Yeh, I agree with Bukita ( I’m probably never going to call her Kita ever again)….how do you have a black card with a credit score in the 500s? I’m just shocked that he let them catch that on camera.

Cousin Jeff (Johnson) !!!! He is sooo handsome to me. Now, what I didn’t know was that he was a Financial Advisor. Nice to know. I am loving this advice that Jeff is giving T.O; you have got to surround yourself with people you can trust.

I LOOOOOVE how Jeff walked up on Bukita all sexy asking if she would treat him to dinner. Lol. Damn, she got dressed quick. Lol. Bwhahahahaha. This conversation that they are having over dinner is cracking me up. He flat-out asked her if she was looking for sex. Lol. Bwhahaha Kita said that she can find herself with a pack of batteries and a toy. He said she is a “slave to the Double A”. Why did Kita name her sex toy Ted?  Ans then Kita turned around and called Jeff…. Ted…lol Yeh, Kita definitely is rusty on the dating scene. And the kiss outside of the restaurant looked a little awkward. I feel weird even seeing Jeff in this light. This is how I felt the time I was stuck listening to Lammon Rucker Talking with Jackie Reed on Peppa’s show about possibly borrowing his sperm. Lol. Reality TV crushes all images I have of certain people. Lol.

Hahaha. T.O asked why Kita was walking sideways. Lol. He asked if she needed a V8. lol. Mo said that Kita is a closet freak. Lol. Bwhahahahaha!

Next Week:  I have no clue what is going on next week. All I saw was Kita in a bathing suit and Mo & Kita arguing, yet again. So tune in if you are just as clueless as I am.



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