Drop Dead Diva S:3~ Keeping Secrets

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Episode 1: Amended Circumstances

Episode 2: False Alarm

Episode 3: Dream Big

Episode 4: The Wedding

Episode 5: No H8

Episode 6: Closure

Episode 7: Honor Thy Mother…Until

Episode 8: He said, She said

Episode 9: For the Love of Love

Episode 10: Foundation of Truth

Episode 11: Keeping Secrets

Earlier today I read a tweet from Brandy Norwood informing the world that she would be on tonight’s episode.  To say that I am cised is merely an understatement. I CANNOT WAIT!

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #DropDeadDiva

So, Stacy decides to tell Jane how Brian kissed her and then she kissed him back. And she didn’t have the nerve to tell Fred. Do I need to mention that I am #teamFred on this one?

Parker is having an old “friend” come in town and he needs Jane to buffer for him. And so h is hiding all sharp and heavy objects. Classic connection Jane used between this situation and The View…lol. Yeh, he and his old friend didn’t end things well.

Can someone please tell me why Kim is staring at this church? Oh, so the pastor, Ben Logan, is in trouble and one of the other ministers needs Kim to help. Wait, Leviticus 23:22 is the verse that Pastor Logan gave his parishioners permission to steal from this local One Stop grocery store? He told them that under the right circumstances it is alright to shop lift. Ummm… I’m confused.

BRANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is playing Elisa. Is Elisa the old friend…..yup…lol. She dated Parker. So Parker has jungle fever…. NIIIICE! SO Elisa’s dad passed and now she has to fight for money that she feels is rightfully hers. Hahahah Elisa noticed that Parker “ex proofed” his desk. Brandy looks gorgeous!!! I miss Brandy on the small screen…hell, on any screen…in an acting capacity. Anywho, Jane has chosen to take Elisa’s case despite how Parker dismissed her and said that his firm doesn’t handle that kinds of case.

Fred goes to Grayson about what he saw last night. Grayson says that he should talk to Stacy about seeing her kiss her co-star. Grayson said that talking to Stacy is better than being stood up at the altar. Ouch!

WHOA!!! Parker went into Kim’s office to tell her about Elisa being his ex. Basically, because the last time he represented an ex he and Kim broke up. Kim so politely informed him that they are not together, though Parker thought otherwise, and therefore he is free to do whatever he likes.

So, Pastor Logan counter sued with the offer that he will continue to speak his mind unless One Stop reopens the soup kitchen that was shut down once their chain bankrupted the local businesses that use to contribute.

Jane got invited to the chamber of Judge Owens and she thought it was going to be private when it turned out to be a huge party. Interesting.

Jane, Elisa, & Parker meet with the insurance company that points out that her father had a sprained ankle that he didn’t list. Elisa leaves unannounced. Her action seems sketchy. Oh, I take that back, she left to go pick up her son. WHAT!!!!! Her son, Eric, is Parker’s son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!! I just had to Tweet my shock to Brandy (@4everBrandy). I cant keep my jaw in place. I am in shock! Is there going to be a paternity test? Will we get a guest appearance by Maury? PARKER YOU ARE THE FATHER!!!

So Jane decides to tell Stacy about Parker’s son, Eric? And Stacy still hasn’t told Fred. Ugh! I love how Teri walked up on Fred practicing his “ Stacy We Need To Talk” face. Bwhahahah I LOVE TERI!

Jane found out that the photo that Practical Insurance held on to a photo of Elisa’s father for a year. This made them at fault because they held on to the photo and received premiums for a year, just to void his payout upon his death. The judge gave them a day to come back with information to counter Jane’s claim to dismiss the case in her favor.

Kim meets with the Pastor in the office, over dinner. She wants him to be less preachy and holier than thou. NO KIM, DON’T KISS THE PASTOR!!!!!!!!! Too late.

Judge Owen takes Jane out to eat, and he sees someone he knows eating alone and invites her over. Jane must feel horrible that she cant spend private time with him. I wonder why he doesn’t see it. He fought so hard to get her to go out with him. Jane looks like the odd wheel out at this dinner with the two people that Judge Owen voted to the table. Awk-ward!

Jane discovers that Fred knows everything. But why would she advise him to go to the set and confront Stacy?

Pastor Logan’s daughter was arrested for shoplifting. She ended up stealing more than one thousand dollars worth of merchandise and she will be processed on grand larceny. She decided to steal some electronics because her friends have those things but she doesn’t. WOW!!! You know what they say about Preacher’s Kids.

WHOA!!! The insurance company discovered that Elisa’s father had a drug in his system that is illegal in the United States. Elisa acquired that prescription under false pretense which could get her RN license revoked. Practical Insurance says that they will not tell the Nurses Board if she will drop the case.

Fred gains a pair of balls and practically goes off on Stacy on the set of her show. Wow! I dont think it should have gone that way…. But Gooooooo FRED!

Stacy came into Jane’s office and goes off on her because she figures that Jane spilled the beans. She thinks that Jane betrayed her. But Stacy, this bitch, just told Jane to go and tell Grayson that she is really Deb. Oooooooooh, I hate Stacy so much right now! Like…literally. Like, I use to love her but she is so last season’s Prada. I can taste my despising her in my mouth. Why cant she woman up and just admit that she was wrong? I hate people who cant admit that they are wrong. And she was with Brian because of who some celeb site ranked his popularity? In the famous words of Teri, HO!!!!

WOW! Jane and Grayson discovered that someone else has taken out an insurance policy on Elisa’s father. I hope it wasn’t Elisa.

Pastor Logan didn’t show up to his trail because he was in front of his congregation to recant his message of shoplifting. The marshals came in and handcuffed him immediately following his message to his congregation.

So, Jane discovered that the company that Elisa’s father worked for took out an insurance claim on him and they were paid. Well, it is against the law for a company to pay out one policy and not the other when they are identical. Unfortunately, Elisa refuses to take the deal of only paying her as long as she doesn’t tell any other claimant. She wants everyone to know about the deal and be paid, even if it risks her losing her nursing license.

She did lose her license, but she got to keep the insurance money after she helped everyone else out as well.

Parker her that Elisa lost her job and offered her a job at the firm, mostly clerical work…but still a job. Neither of them have chosen to tell Parker about Eric, though. I smell drama coming.

Fred moved out of the apartment. Wait, did Stacy say that she use to share a toothbrush with Fred? And she also said that she is not ready to give up Brian yet. Selfish, Selfish, Selfish.

Awwwww, Judge Owen invited Jane to the restaurant and she thought that he wouldn’t notice if she were there or not. To her surprise, he knows the owner and rented out the entire restaurant to have a private dinner with her. How sweet, because he was really getting on my nerves with his neglectful social habits.

The end segments to catch you up on everyone’s situation was touching. And Elisa and Parker look good together. I hope we get to see Brandy on future episodes. Yeh…. LOVED IT!!!



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