T.O Show~ Pee Jar, No Antibacterial

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Episode 1: ACL + Hope

Episode 2: Pee Jar, No Antibacterial

This is my 5th out of 5 ( possible 6) blog tonight. I’m balling! Check out Alphas, Basketball Wives of L.A., Tia & Tamera, and Lala’s Full Court Life. Oh yeh, I laughed so hard during this episode. Yeh… enjoy.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2 #T.OShow

Beautiful, but random, that Kita is sitting on the beach to make this phone call toMo.

Victor,Mo’s husband, makes me itch. How is he going to come at her like that? Because of  T.O they can have what they have [ I assume]. So I dont get where his anger is coming from when it comes to T.O and her job. Why is he acting like he is a fine man? I hate it when ugly people do cute people stuff.  

EW!!!!!!! Does T.O really have to pee in the jug while he is lying down and then Kita has to take it and empty it. Wait… did T.O fart? Hahahahaha. I cant watch T.O’s face while he pees…. That is just nasty. EWWWWW!!!! He damn near filed up the entire jug. YUCK!!!! Better her than me. Wait… did he say that his piss use to be brown?  Smdh!

And even I am skeptical about Kita cooking…lol.

I cant watch T.O’s rehab. You ever look at someone in pain and you feel pain in the same area? Yeh… I’m that kind of hypochondriac. EW!!! I saw the stitches. I think I threw up in my mouth. I had flashbacks of the doctor drilling threw the bone. *shivers*

Um, is Kita trying to kill him with salminila? And then she dropped the chicken straight into the sink and not onto a plate? If T.O doesn’t make it back to the field it is because she killed him. And when she threw the noodles and they didn’t stick.. I almost peed on myself a little bit. Lol. And did he pull hair out of his plate of food? Hahaha he said it was someone else’s hair…lol. But he did eat it and say that she was 2.5 stars with her cooking.

I have sympathy for T.O as he is going through all of this. He cant be as much of a smartass as he use to be. Hahahahaha he just farted in Kita’s face when she tried to help lift his leg to put a pillow under it. Hahahaha. They should just get married and call it a day. Lol. Umm….T.O left a car inAlabama? I am FROMAlabama… I don’t live there now, but I can tell you nothing he owns should be left unattended inAlabama. Lol.

Hahahaha. Kita said that she would rather wash his balls than touch his toes. Lol.  But she is flying from Floridato go get is car in Alabama. Again, why is his expensive car in Birmingham, Alabama? I would have spotted that car a mile away. Lol. And no they didn’t have “Black & Yellow” on the radio as she is driving down the I-95 in a black and yellow car. It does look like Bumble Bee from Transformers. Wait, did she make a u-turn and drive his car into the sand and get stuck? SMDH. But at least the two truck was able to get her out of the sand.

Why was he calling for his pee cup while he was reaching for his balls? Was I the only one who saw that? Eww!

And can someone please tell me who T.O is eating and passing around cups with the same hands he uses to pee in the pee jar with but cant get out of bed to sanitize? I haven’t seen any anti-bacterial NOTHING in the background of his room. I know I wasn’t the only one thinking this! I cant be! Please tell me I am not. Lol.

Did Kita just say Hell No to being in a relationship with T.O? o_0

And Kita said that he is a man whore and that one day his dick is going to fall off.. lol.  I love the way that they go back and forth. Stop faking the funk. Watch Season 7 they are gonna get married. Lmao!

Next Week:  Does Mo ever lose the attitude? Just saying. There has GOT to be a turn off switch. And Jeff Johnson…lawd have mercy on me! *closes my legs* That is one intelligent and FIONE piece of man candy right there. SMDH.


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