Drop Dead Diva S:3~ Foundation of Truth

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Episode 1: Amended Circumstances

Episode 2: False Alarm

Episode 3: Dream Big

Episode 4: The Wedding

Episode 5: No H8

Episode 6: Closure

Episode 7: Honor Thy Mother…Until

Episode 8: He said, She said

Episode 9: For the Love of Love

Episode 10: Foundation of Truth

I know that I am late… AGAIN….shoot me later!

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #DropDeadDiva

Amazing!!! Stacy actually got an acting job on a TV show!!!!! It took 3 seasons… but I love it! The cop on the show with her looks familiar. Wait.. is that what’s his name…umm… Robert Hoffman… from Step Up 2 & MTV’s Wildn’ Out? Yeh… he can get it.

Grayson is still dating the chick with the tramp stamp. What is her name? I think it starts with a D or a C….yeh. Cassie. Cute outfit though. And then Grayson kisses her in the office?

Teri’s mom, Mrs. Lee, shows up in the office. We haven’t seen her since the time that Teri’s cousin was about to be deported last season. That was last season, right? Don’t worry, Jane… she freaks me out too. Lol. Hahahahah Mrs. Lee gave Jane two $500 tickets to a dating seminar by some chick named Marci Larrieux! Only her! Hahahahaha. And then she made Jane feel guilty enough to be forced into taking Teri. I cant stop laughing…hahahahaha.

And Teri went to high school with Marci, and she turned out to be a mean girl? Oh yeh, I forgot that  Patty the Millionaire Matchmaker was on this episode. Lol.  She has slimmed down! Hot! Whoa! Did Teri say that Marcie’s name was Hoover! Hahahahaah Teri cracks me up!

And yes, I usually walk down the street, look up and see a guy ready to jump off of a building. My first instinct is to find the stairs to said random building and know my way to the roof to keep said guy from jumping to his death. So this guy on the roof, Donnie, left his job, and his wife took the kids because he is mentally unstable.  He is afraid that the school his kids attend was built on contaminated soil and he wants to prevent them from getting sick. So she bargained to be his lawyer if he got down…and he did.

Dang, how good in bed must Grayson be for Cassie to bake the entire office cookies in the morning? And Parker knows the guy, Donnie, who almost jumped off the ledge because the company who built the high school is a client of their firm.

And then Teri was served a lawsuit from Marcie because of slander. But the way she tried to dodge the guy who tried to serve her almost made me wet myself. Jane cant head her case because she is a material witness. But why does Teri eye Kim like that? Suspicious.

Stacy got asked back to the TV show she acted on for 4 more episodes.  The head cop on the show specifically asked her back. I feel a jealousy plot coming up between Fred and this guy.

Donnie mentioned that there is lead in the soil and he couldn’t go back to get soil samples because the company changed the design to include asphalt instead of grass. His wife runs into Jane in the hallway but wont go in to see him. Sad.

Hahahaha. Teri said that Kim is a bigger bitch than Merci and she : says that with admiration”. And then Teri blackmails Kim with the knowledge that she is sleeping with Parker again. She said she may want to close her blinds before she plays “ride ‘em cowboy”. Lol.

Wow! The paparazzi meets Fred and Stacy outside of the restaurant where she runs into Bryan Pullman, the cop from the show. And she introduced Fred as a mere “friend”.  OUCH!!!! I don’t like the look of this plot. Poor Fred.

Jane violated privilege and speaks to the client about their redesign as Parker walks in on the meeting with the company and fires her. I really hate Parker. I have never liked, nor trusted his judgement. Have we not figured out in 3 seasons that he has NEVER been right? Grayson asks if he can help her has she packs to leave the office. She needs him to file an injunction so that the company will be forced to do another soil sample.

WOW! Marcie attacks Teri with verbal comments the moment that she walks into the courtroom. But Teri and Marcie are behaving childishly. And the case will go to trial and will keep a lien on Teri’s mothers house. Should Teri lose the case, her mother loses her house.

Jane walks in to “bribe” the new judge who will possibly take over her injunction case. But then he asks her out to dinner…. But she declines. He then tells her to meet him the next morning to prove that she deserves this injunction. Shocker.

Kim says that the only way that she can make this trial go away for Teri is to prove that Marcie was a “hoover”. They will plead the Slut Defense. Lol. How does that work? Isnt it hearsay as to who they pull in the trial to prove she was a slut.

Grayson figures out that the president of the company had his kids enrolled in the poisonous school and put them in a school 20 minutes away from his house. But the guy disproved it by saying that the kids merely moved to stay with his wife who he is currently separated from.  But then the judge, who asked Jane out, interrupts and exercises the judge’s right to question a witness & litigants. He asks the president why did he change the design of the school, too which he received the answer that it was a drought and the lack of grass cut down on water supplies and irrigation. He then asks the litigant ( Donnie) asked if he saw the lead report on his bosses laptop. He then asked for Jane and Donnie to approach the bench, asked his prescription, and then Donnie handed over his glasses. Now, I have this on pause, but something tells me that he may get his glasses tested for lead. Just a hunch. My Alpha Power is to be a psychic.

Now, the judge snakingly asked how long he looked at the soil samples and Donnie said a few seconds. In the same breath he mentioned that the smears on his glasses were huge and his glasses hasn’t been cleaned in ages, dismissed the complaint and said the school will open on schedule. Of course, Jane missed it and went home to sulk. Like DUH, Jane!!! TEST HIS GLASSES!!!!!! I told you I rock as a psychic!!!! (Okay, so they didn’t test the glasses….I think the writer missed this obvious clue. But I’m still a psychic.)

Grayson comes over to see Jane at her home. He asks why Jane is against his relationship with Cassie, and she says she hates that Cassie is giving “it” away. Grayson reveals that his wife and he picked out a diamond necklace TOGETHER!!! This means that they are not really separated and he pulled the charade for the use of the different school excuse in court. GOTCHA, SUCKA!

WOW!!! Mrs. Lee finds out about the lien in her house just as they are walking into the courtroom. Teri’s mom threatens to sit in on the trial, and she does; so much for comical outburst. Teri is then put on the stand and asked why Marcie got the name “hoover” in school. Apparently a student party needed more parental supervision. Come on… it takes a village, people…lol. The opposing counsel busted Teri in a lie by giving a time stamp of that night’s events, provided by Marcie, and it looks like Teri made it all up. OR, she is hiding something because her mother is in the courtroom. I go for the latter… just because it helps to thicken the plot and because I am a psychic.

Aww, Jane told Fred to remind Stacy of his “Fredness”. So he brings her a candied apple that they had on their first date. But Stacy is going to the Entertainment Weekly party with Bryan. I do not like this.  Fred pretending to be the paparazzi and Stacy waving was cracking me up. But I do not like how she attacked him for not being supportive.

I love how Jane asked Parker if he was going to spend his life “ selling his integrity by the hour”!! SLAM DUNK & SCORE!!!! I need to put that into a poem!  But then he invites her to the 8th hole. I have a feeling that they can test the soil at the golf course which probably was filled with soil donated from the same company who built the school. Niiiiiice. I still hate Parker.

Kim puts Marcie on the witness stand. Marcie makes the comment that no one walked out of the seminar and profits of future seminars were not damaged. Marcie also makes the comment that no one ever has or will ever listen to Teri Lee. Kim moves to dismiss the case because slander requires that there be damage of some kind. The judge agreed and the case was dismissed. Teri’s mother can keep her house.  And CLASSIC how Teri’s mother stepped in and called Marcie a bitch! Lol. HILARIOUS!

Jane mentions that the tons of dirt were donated to the country club while mr. Turner is on the stand. I LOVE how Parker is pretending to object actions that Jane is taking to prove her point. COMEDY!!! I still don’t like him, just because he had a moment of conscience. So Parker tells his client to possibly settle the case.  And then just as I called it… he only did this to cover his own ass. SUCKY!!! And the way Parker apologizes was to offer jane her job back. Makes me sick.

No, No, No, No…. Stacy did not kiss Bryan in front of the house. Fred can see it!!!! I HATE YOU STACY!!!! How do you hurt a guardian angel? YOU FAME GROUPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fred was setting up posters around the house that said “ I Support You.”.  I’m hurt.

Wow! Did Cassie walk in and attack Jane’s intentions with Grayson. She even said that Jane should tell Grayson how she really feels. OUCH!!! Cassie said “ You may not be sleeping with him, Jane, but you’re still giving it away.” THAT IS CLASSIC!!!!! I need to write a blog about this!!! I am in awe of just amazing script writing.

He judge is still hitting on Jane. Cute. And Jane originally exits and then turns around as she reconsiders his offer. WTH? So does that mean she is going to give up her dreams on Grayson….or is she in denial again? I’m confused. But I love it.


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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