ALPHAS: Pair ‘a Dice

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Episode 1: Cause and Effect

Episode 2: Unpredictable Prediction

Episode 3: Rage!!!!

Episode 4: Rosetta

Episode 5: Love You to Death

Episode 6: Belonging

Episode 7: Skylar

Episode 8: Pair ‘a Dice

Third blog of five for tonight. Yup! I’m on a roll. check out Basketball Wives of L.A. and Tia & Tamera 

 Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2,  #Alphas

Ummm… I just turned the channel…and if this doesn’t look like some Jonestown type –ish… I don’t know what is. So some preacher set fire to the church where they all were but a little boy named Jonas got out before it burned down. That’s right, Jonas, don’t drink the kool-aid.

 Rosen made Nina donate some stuff. Hmm? What kind of therapy is that? Is she a hoarder? Lol. Couldn’t she just push Dr. Rosen into thinking that she gave it away? Lol. Funny.

Cameron’s son is moving away with his ex-wife. He lost the custody battle because he had a few DUIs and he hasn’t attended any meetings.

I am smiling just watching Gary sit with this foot massager that Nina gave him.Garymakes me smile by just being in the room. Wait, Rachel needs someone to attend her sister’s engagement party with and she asks Nina to push someone. And yeh,Gary was the only person left…lol.

Jonas (Garret Dillahunt), isn’t that Burt Chance, the father from the TV show Raising Hope? I LOVE HIM!!!! And he just put a spell on everyone in this AA meeting? I think his power is better than Nina’s.lol

Wow! Nina hasn’t been in the room for 5 minutes and everyone is already talking about her being with a boy. And Gary could pick up on the fact that her father was sick and then Rachel honed in on it and her father walked away after causing a scene. Her mother ignored her too. Parents just don’t understand.

Cameron shows up at Nina’s house at 7am unannounced. Is this apart of the religious Alpha’s ability. What is it with the name Jonas that puts people under spells…lol?  And Cameron takes Nina to see Jonas, and she picks up on the fact that these people have been pushed. She tries to push Jonas and was unable. But how was he able to push her? Shouldn’t pushers be unable to push each other? Lol.

I love how Gary is making Rachel stand up to her family. He is so brilliant and this is why I love him. He just made me tear up. He is so simple yet so complex. I did mention that he was my favorite character, right?

Okay, this freaky-deaky scene with Nina and Cameron…really? Does this help push the plot? And who was the guy who snapped out of the trance while working in the garden. Oh snap… he is dying. Does someone die every time a couple makes love? Man that sex scene was graphic even for SyFy.

So Dr. Rosen is called to come and check out the sick man at the compound. This little boy is freaking me out! Ummm… why is there a room full of people who have enter catatonic states and are on the verge of dying. Oh snap! One one actually died while laying there. Whooooooa! Dr. Rosen looks so freaked out. At least he was able to not be placed under the spell at the moment.  Bwhahaha and then Cameron stands up butt naked when Dr. Rosen walks into the bedroom to speak with them. Damn, he cant even get a cell phone signal at this compound.  And now they wont let Dr. Rosen leave the compound. Shame.

Rachel’s dad refuses to see a doctor but he sounds terrible! Wow! She diagnosed cancer in her dad’s throat. But I love how she was firm with him.

Poor Dr. Rosen tried to leave the compound but his car was hacked and his engine was killed. And did they just cremate someone?  WOW!

Bill, Gary, and Rachel finally figure out that the other three are missing and they go on a search.

Dr. Rosen was able to save the one guy who recently fell out. He is up and moving about and eating as if he hadn’t eaten in days. And then Jonas took the medicine that Dr. Rosen took to heal the guy because he feels it took away the effects of his “gift”. WOW! He refuses to give it back. Now Dr. Rosen must figure out how to save the other people.

Bill shows up at the house and Nina pushes him to follow her. DAMN! I mean I am screaming at the television as if they can hear me! Hahahahaha. Now THAT is great writing/acting.

So why does Gary’s phone work from the compound but not anyone else’s? And why do they keep leaving Rachel and Gary in the car? That is a disaster waiting to happen. lol. I laugh at the thought alone. And what in the world is going on with Nina and Cameron staring at the fire.  And then Jonas threatens to burn the compound down with everyone inside? Well I be damned.

And Bill even tried to amp up to use his ability but was unable to do so. I wonder why he couldn’t. What about his ability can be effected by happiness. Damn, and then Cameron went down just like the guy in the garden while pouring gasoline. Nooooo! Dr. Rosen breaks into Jonas’ desk and retrieves the medicine that could save people but also finds a gun. Yup… Bill told him at the beginning of the show about shooting a gun. Looks like you may have to use it whether you want to or not, Dr. Rosen. Just saying.

Dr. Rosen gets to Cameron and injects him with the medicine and then he injects Nina who then injects Bill. HOLY RIGHTEOUS!!! Dr. Rosen shot Jonas in the face as he tried to put everyone in the room under the spell again. But in doing so, he knocked the torch out of his hand as he fell and it set the entire compound on fire. But Nina , Bill, and Cameron came to their senses in time and got everyone out of there before anyone else was hurt. Dr. Rosen seems shook for having to shoot Jonas. I mean, you needed to shoot him, but in the face? We have GOT to work on your aim.

Rachel’s dad finally went to the doctor and found out that he had stage 1 throat cancer. No one ever catches it that early… but then again they don’t have a daughter like Rachel. He was proud of her….for once.

Next Week: Some dude has an ability that could help or harm the Alphas? Oh snap… dude for Star Trek!.


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

  1. First time I’ve read any of your “reviews”.
    What kind of therapy is that? For a hoarder? LOL
    -giving away one’s “ill-gotten goods” is a standard component of a treatment plan for people trying to move on from a unhealthy yet profitable lifestyle (example prostitution or crack dealing).
    Couldn’t she just push Rosen…? Lol.
    -possibly (doesn’t work on everyone), but regardless there’s no motivation for that unless she really gave a shit about a bluray

    • Hahahaha, thanks for your response. I was being facetious. I just refuse to give things away, though I am not a hoarder, and no this is not denial. lol. She just doesnt seem to be a hoarder based on her house. Also, Rosen can be pushed. Keep coming back and commenting, I would love to see your feedback on my other :reviews”. Thanks again.

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