2011 MTV Video Music Awards

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As we wait with bated breath….. Lady Gaga comes out as her alter-ego, Joe Caldarone ( looking and behaving more like Andrew Dice Clay, minus the pleather. Or Bruno Mars…either way…lol). I think that this is the most NORMAL that we have ever seen her. Even as she comes out cussing….she keeps us entertained. At least she is keeping the censor guy employed. Lol. I must admit, this is pretty anti-climactic. She goes and sits at the piano. And who is she now? Jerry Lee Lewis? I love that he can entertain, but we have grown accustomed to see her performing immediately.  The stage is phenomenal. Sucks for the people who are practically behind the stage; looks like they will be able to tweet about everyone’s ass. What an interesting rendition of “Something about You and I”. Ummm…did she just spew beer on audience members? I’d whoop her ass if she hit me!!! BWhahahahah Did she fall off the stage when she hopped off the back of the piano? I’m speechless after that performance.

Kevin Hart is funny. WOW!! Did he say that the cast of the Jersey Shore gave everyone an STD? hahahah and he told Lil Wayne to stop skate boarding because he’s black. Smh. And he is not the host, he is just opening? I’m confused.  And Jessie J broke her foot by falling off the stage,.

WTF at Nicki Hoenaj’s outfit. She looks like she got hit by glass, did a tuck and roll into a cotton candy machine, and wore clothes that are too small. And what is in her arm? A rag doll.. And Jonah looks so slim. WOW!!! He looks handsome.

Best Pop Video

Katie Perry ~TGIF

Adele~ Rollin in the Deep

Bruno Mar~s Grenade

BrittanySpears~ ‘Til The World Ends WINNER

Pitbull~ Give Me Everything

Did I miss something? Hell.. I didn’t even know that Brittany had a damn song out…lol. About time. Its been a while.

LORD!!!! WATCH THE THRONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost dropped my laptop to stand up and start singing Otis!!! I have finally come to the realization that Kanye has so much swag that he doesn’t need rhythm! Hahahahah.  *Throws my Diamond up!*Wait…did someone just “Kanye” Kanye? Some fan got up on stage and ran up… security swooped in and scooped whoever it was off the stage. Lol. What is it about The ROC fam getting scooped off the stage?

Who keeps putting Miley Cyrus in these fugly ass dresses? Can she please get a dress that fits her properly and works for her age? Oops, was too busy commenting on her dress to see the category. Will have to rewind. *Rewind*

Best Rock Video

The Black Keys~ Howling For You

Foo Fighters~  Walk- WINNERS

Foster The People ~Pumped Up Kicks

Mumford & Sons~ The Cave

Cage The Elephant~ Shake Me Down

Usually Kevin Hart is funny, but these skits aren’t that funny to me.

Best New Artist- Text the letter to 66333

A.Big Sean

B.Foster the People


D.Tyler the Creator

E. Wiz Khalifa

Best Hip Hop Video

Lil Wayne ft Corey Gunz~ 6 foot 7 foot

Kanye West~ All of the Lights

Lupe Fiasco Show Must Go On

Nicki Minaj~ Super Bass- WINNER

Chris Brown~~ Look At Me Now


I LOVE Jessie J. Just last night I was talking to a friend about added her to my Nook so I could jam to her on my way to work, and then to have her be the voice tonight…..the universe has heard my cries…lol.

Best Collaboration

Pitbull ft Ne-Yo & Nayer~ Give Me Everything

Chris Brown ft Lil Wayne & Busta Rhyme~ Look At Me Now

Kanye ft Rihanna & Kid Cudie~ All of the Lights

Katy Perry ft Kanye ~E.T -WINNER

Nicki Minaj ft Drake~ Moment for Life

Hahahaha. Katie said “ Now this is the moment when you want to interrupt me, Kanye”. Lol. Clever! And Russell Brand is giving his wife a standing ovation. I just finished watching Arthur before I watched this. Lol.

Did Rick Ross lose weight or did he just swallow a vegetarian? Did Paul Rudd just say “he’s not an enormous black man?” bwhahahahaha comedy!

Pitbull featuring Ne-Yo!!!!!!! Why is he wearing these red pants? Ne-Yo is looking dapper, as usual! Give Me Everything. Nayer’s outfit made me so afraid to look back at the television. That is something that you see in a bedroom and not on the VMA stage…or in public in general. I did not know Pitbull was that short! Anyway… he can still get it. Dale! The Lighting effects and the angle of the camera during the green lights was hoooooot! Who is Nayer supposed to be? Eve in the garden of Eden? She couldn’t find anything else to wear? And it was NOT flattering on her body. I have the ugh face.

Adele!!!!! I simply love her voice. If you don’t, then you are stupid! She makes you listen and her songs are filled with messages that everyone can relate too.

Can someone please tell me what Kim has to do with the VMAs? Just wondering… I swear I am not hating. And She would get to do nominees for best MALE Video. She got punked and didn’t even know it…lol

Best Male Video

Cee-Lo Green~ Fuck You

Kanye West ft Rihanna & Kid Cudi~ All Of the Lights

Bruno Mars~ Grenade

Eminem ft Rihanna~ Love the Way You Lie

Justin Beiber~ You Smile – WINNER


I wonder how if feels for those grown men to sit there and get beaten by a teenager? lol. Must hurt like hell. hahahahahah. Step your game up gentlemen. Justin B said that he wants to thank not just God but Jesus! YOU BETTER GO AHEAD BOY!!!

Chris Brown!!!!!! I need two pelvis pumps and a floor humping. Umm…. Out of all of the songs he has, this is the one he picked? Oh wait… this is the VMAs. He didn’t get arrested before this one. Lol. I love the Avant-Garde look of his dancers….different.  And Only Chris would be a B-boy in a white suit. Lol. NIRVANA!!!!! That is my joint. Classic Rock & Roll!!! But can someone please tell me why he is pulling and Ashley Simpson with this lip syncing? Wait… was he attached the entire time he was dancing? Because I never saw the cables until he went flying in the air and over the crowd.  A TON of air acrobatics. He must be insured out the ass for this…lol. His crotch must be screaming…lol. Niiiiice. Not the song I would have picked but cool.

Wait.. is Jessie J covering TLC’s Scrubs? NIIIIIICE!

So Lady Gaga is going to be on that recession attire look and be Joe the entire show. And she came out to give Brittany Spears the Michael Jackson’s Video Vanguard Award.  Did she just say she use to hang pictures of Brittany on the wall and touch herself? O_0. TMI if there ever was such a moment. Okay, I am not hating… but did they not have anyone else to give the award to? Don’t get me wrong, she has a slew of great creative works that deserve to be recognized….but yeh. Has she been back that long? But I did love the performance of the little girls…..as Lady Gaga comes out and tells everyone to “stand the Fuck up”.  WOW!!! Lady Gage is so much shorter than Brittany, or maybe its because Brittany has heels on that have several inches. Lol.  The fake out kiss was hilarious.

BEYONCE!!!!  You never know what you will get when you see Bey hit the stage. I mean she is looking like a lost member of the Five Heartbeats. But her hair is looking flawless. At least she is rocking the wedding ring tonight. They caught Adele singing the chorus… hot! This hot pink, sparkling jacket is adding volume to Bey and I am not liking it at all. Wait… was I the only one who caught the backup dancers all the way up the sides of the audience? And was Lady Gaga drinking in the audience next to Kanye? Bwhahahah She cracks me up! I don’t hthink that she is really there tonight….WTF is Katy Perry wearing? Did she raid Nicki’s closet? But Bey is rocking this song. Only Beyoncé can rock her head forward and when she lifts her head back up, her curls fall right back in place. Lol. YOU BETTER WERK IT DIVA!!!! WAIT!!!! Did BEYONCE just rub her stomach and announced her pregnancy!!! How did I miss that? It has been a rumor for so long….but now!! OH SNAP!! I salute the Roc Fam. Congrats to Beyoncé and Jay-Z on Baby Carter coming!!!! They are gonna be so perfect. I thought that I would never see the day! Lol. I love how she announced it though. Gonna have to post it! I’m so cised and excited for them!!!!!! You would think that I was a part of the family…lol. Lol. Congrats again. And Jay-Z looked so happy in the audience at the announcement… you did well Papa Bear.


Best New Artist

Foster the People ~ Pumped Up Kicks

Wiz Khalifa~ Black & Yellow

Tyler the Creator ~Yonkers-WINNER

Kreaysean~ Gucci Gucci

Big Sean~ Time of My Life

Why is he cussing?! And Tyler is about to cry?  Is there not a more articulate way to say thank you? I mean he is keeping the censor dude employed….and did he just say “ to all of the kids watching you can do this shit…bleep bleep bleep”? Come on, son!

I love Zoe’s dress! HOT!!!

Young the Giant is performing for the first time tonight on the VMAs. Congrats!!! And 250 of their Irving,California fans? Niiiice.  I hope I didn’t miss anything because I went back to record Beyonce….lol.

And then the girls of Jersey Shore came up on stage with Cloris Leachman. I love her in Raising Hope. She did not say that she is a DTF…..lol. HILARIOUS! And people cant confuse her for Betty White. Smdh!Pure Comedy!

Best Female Video

Adele~ Rolling in the Deep

Katy Perry~ Firework

Beyonce~ Run the World

Nicki Minaj~ Super Bass

Lady Gaga~ Born This Way – WINNER


I know that I should have paid more attention during Lady Gaga’s speech, but it was too much cussing for no damn reason. I agree with the whole “message” part and the “you were both this way” part but the rest….doing too much. I mean, they do know that kids watch this show, and majority of the votes are from kids….why all of this damn cussing. I’m so over it.

I LOVE Russell Brand. And they let her do the Amy Winehouse tribute? Oh, they were friends…. Understandable. I can barely understand what he is talking about. If they want us to pay attention and take him seriously… I’m gonna need him to not compare Amy’s voice to Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. She was soulful, yes…but the pain came from different places. So there is no comparison. She was just great in her own right.  I’m really trying to take him seriously… but I cant.

Tony Bennett is coming out to tribute Amy? AWESOME!!!! He still looks the same as he did when I was 5!!! What is he on? Has he been drinking from the fountain of Bob Barker? And Bruno Mars is doing an amazing rendition of this Amy song. Yeh… Amy had a talent. A gift that will be missed. Sad…..*sigh*

I swear I just lost 5 minutes of my life. What happened?

Video of the Year

Adele~ Rolling in the Deep

Tyler the Creator ~Yonkers

Katy Perry~ Firework –WINNER

Beasty Boys~ Make some Noise

Bruno Mars ~Grenade

Why does Drake look like he is walking around his thighs? Lol. THE CARTER 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT’S MY PLAY COUSIN!!!!! It’s the Carter Baby!!! And then they are doing How To Love!!! That is my ringtone! This is by far my FAVORITE song of Lil Wayne’s. Not a single bitch, hoe, trick, or even a cuss word and it is still thumping. Hood fabulous but still has a message. This song speaks to me on so many levels. And no, I am not a stripper but I have had a “lot of crooks try to steal my heart”. My hats off to Lil Wayne for this one. This should be a message that you can still create good music with a message and still get paid!!!. And then he strips….I spoke too fucking soon! Lol. In 30 more minutes you can get the digital copy of The Carter IV!!!! Y’all aint ready!!! I’m just waiting to hit purchase….lol But can someone tell me , please where Lil Wayne got leopard jeggings from? Trust me… these are not skinny jeans, but jeggings…lol. Did he just pull a “Sexual Chocolate” when he said : Young Mula, baby” and pushed the mic on the phone? Hahahahahahaah.

WTF? Was that it? And then out of no where this whack ass show comes on and it is about nothing else than sexual references and bold sex acts? Ummm… MTV… you need to do better. I am sure that kids are still up and there was no warning. *Sigh* Okay….. Well, that was the show. Hope you liked it. Tell a friend.

~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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