ALPHAS: Skylar

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Episode 1: Cause and Effect

Episode 2: Unpredictable Prediction

Episode 3: Rage!!!!

Episode 4: Rosetta

Episode 5: Love You to Death

Episode 6: Belonging

Episode 7: Skylar

I’m on time!! I’m on time! Go me! go me!  

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WHOA!!!! Bill and his wife are having the “kids” conversation. Touchy, touchy! Okay….If Bill would be honest with his wife about his ability then she would understand.

Gary’s mom just lied to Dr. Rosen about him being sick with the flu. I know that she is upset about his late hours and whatnot…but to lie?

Dr. Rosen confronts Nina about her situation with Cameron. He wants it to stay neutral.

Skylar, an Alpha with the ability to create things that people have never seen before, has escaped the compound. Hmmm. She is a “catch & release” Alpha; they caught her, interviewed her and then released her back into the population. Rachel sees a link to sold Skylar specially manufactured parts and they go to him. Of course Nina steps in and “pushes” the guy to find out when was the last time he say Skylar.

Skylar looks like a drug pusher in this alley selling inventions. But I don’t get who these guys are that are chasing her, though. And then she releases these mechanical bees that attack the three guys chasing her. AWESOME! Cameron and Bill step in and save the day. They put her in the back of Rosen’s van and speed off to safety. I FEEL LIKE I AM WATCHING AN ACTION MOVIE!!! AWESOME!!! I think I was holding my breath, literally….lol

Okay, so Dr. Rosen left her alone for 5 years. Why would they make a promise to leave her alone?  And Skylar is holding something back.

Garyconfronted his mother about her lying. And he is taking a stand. Wrong way to take it…but proud that he did. Wow! I see both sides of that argument.

NO!!!!! Sullivan decided to bring Clay in to take her back to the Compound. WTH? I really Hate Sullivan and Clay. Wait… what did I miss? Did Rosen take Sullivan out for Morrocan food?

So somehow the guys found out where Skylar was and the three guys hit up the office where the Alphas operate and come in with guns. Clay shows up later. NSA? What does NSA stand for? They are another government agency, but why do they want Skylar? And no matter why they want her, she hooked up this machine that flashes light and sends out this ear piercing sound that brings everyone, but her, in the office to their knees. Niiiiice.

So whileGary’s mom is setting up a new job opportunity forGaryto work with his uncle,Garysneaks out. His mother should know that her son is smarter than anything she can come up with…lol.

PoorGary. He is taking a cab toQueensto get to the office. I’m proud but worried for him at the same time. I mean, I LITERALLY feel forGary’s character. This show has me emotionally invested in his well-being.

Clay’s dumb behind thinks that Skylar could even be communicating with Red Flag. WTH? Just because she doesn’t want to be kidnapped and sent to Binghampton doesn’t mean that she is helping the bad guys. And……Skylar winds up in Nina’s apartment taking apart any and all kinds of electronics to help put together her new invention. And ask smart as she is…she shouldn’t have hotwired a car and parked it outside of Nina’s apartment and now Dr. Rosen and the crew are on their trail. Well, that was until Nina threw her phone out of the window, and before Skylar announced that she wanted to make a quick stop to go kill some dude name Bob.

So Nina is assisting Skylar at the NSA headquarters, where Skylar helped to design the security system. That was until a security guard stopped them and Nina pushed him. Okay, so Bob is a computer/machine. Skylar switched out the hard drive and replaced it with a virus.

Garyfinally made it to the office, late as hell, but no one is there. He is there by himself.  He finds Skylar’s invention that almost made everyone go deaf and he picked up the signal. Funny thing was, he had to hop back in the cab to follow the signal…lol. This is gonna cost someone a ton of money.Gary’s mom calls Dr. Rosen and I think Dr. Rosen figured out thatGarywasn’t sick after all.

So Skylar did meltdown Bob. Nina tried to push Skylar but it didn’t work because of an invention.Garyshows up and Skylar notices that she can be found so she throws some creation at them that looks like mini tazors and she gets ready to bolt. On the other hand….Gary owes the cab driver $800 bucks…lol.

So Skylar stole a Volvo from the gas station and is on the run. Rachel says that she can strack it.  Skylar meets up with some dude in a cabin and asks where is “Z”. Who is this Z dude? Skylar releases the bees with the cameras again. Garyis calling the shots until some guy walks up toGarywith a gun. Thankfully, Bill sees it, and Nina pushes him. Unfortunately, Cameron is inside of the house and managed to pull a gun on a little girl named Zoe who asks if he was looking for her mother. Wait…. Skylar is a mother?

The little girl, Zoe, is just as smart as her mother, Skylar. SWEET!!!!So Zoe is a second generation Alpha, which hits home with Bill and his wife’s situation.

Dr. Rosen stepped in and assisted Skylar in her escape as Clay and his fools show up. Great decision.

I love howGaryhandled the situation once he got back home safely. Touching. I’m proud of him. There I go speaking ofGaryas if he is a real person. Lol.

Skylar heads toToronto. She gives back the processor to Bob and gives a cool phone toGaryas an apology for zapping him. Dr. Rosen breaks the processor and throws it in the trash. And then Skylar provides them with a voice activated latte machine. Lol.

Bill gives his wife a little more hope when it comes to having babies. Sweet.

Next Week: It looks like a scene out ofConstantine!!! Lol. Cant wait!



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