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Episode 1: Cause and Effect

Episode 2: Unpredictable Prediction

Episode 3: Rage!!!!

Episode 4: Rosetta

Episode 5: Love You to Death

Episode 6: Belonging

I know I am late in posting this…. but don’t kill me. I was too busy losing the B. Smith’s competition last Monday to find the time to write this. But I am back on track with this moving forward.  

 Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2,  #Alphas

Okay, who are these two girls speaking of organic chemistry when they are randomly abducted my masked men? Creepy! Note to self: don’t talk about organic chemistry, late at night, while walking to my car with a friend, down an alley in New York. Lol.

Ummmm… so I am guessing, and this is just a hunch, that this video that Bill keeps playing over, and over, again  is the reason why he is on suspension from the FBI. The video shows where he walks into a room, and with one slight push (with the force of his Alpha power), slams this guy and his head into a wall. OUCH! The first thing that comes to mind is, is the dude he pushed still alive?

Okay….and I notice I have a habit of saying okay. But….edit me senseless! When Bill’s wife cam downstairs, didn’t he close the laptop? And then you close a laptop doesn’t it put it into sleep mode and/or hibernation? Sooooo how did he stretch while she gave him a kiss, and in the next shot the laptop is back up with him glancing at it and he never lifted the laptop back up or even pressed play to replay the video? AND THEN SHE WALKS BACK TO THE TABLE ANS THE LAPTOP IS CLOSED AS IF IT WAS NEVER OPENED WHILE SHE WAS IN THE KITCHEN!!!!! Ummm… Syfy, you have intelligent viewers….don’t challenge my intelligence with a continuum person who fell asleep in the editing bay. Just saying! And I am trying my hardest not to mention that he picked up the glass his wife placed beside him that she was drinking as she came out of the kitchen. Please….put me on the staff so I can keep the details consistent. You could even save in budget because I wouldn’t charge you as much…lol.

Who is this dude. That Bill is chasing down the street? I’m just glad that Gary is in the car…lol. BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!!Garynot wanting to run because it is a medical fact almost made me pee myself! Lol.  Poor Gary is going to get arrested because he wont answer the cop who told him to move the car.  And his telling Bill he needs to work on his listening skills is comical! I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!

So the girl who got kidnapped at the beginning was the girl who Gary saw on 4th & Broadway via a video stream on a phone while he was sitting at the precinct. This is what he was trying to get Bill to listen to.

Okay, who is this cop who is asking Nina about some dude named Timothy? And the cop thinks that she killed someone…..Cameron witnessed her push the cop into leaving her alone. Shame.

But Gary and his Data Analyst cover is HILARIOUS!!! The father of Lisa, the kidnapped girl, put Bill  and Gary in position to find his daughter. The FBI agent tried to block Bill from his opportunity. HATER!

WHOA!!! They, the two guys who kidnapped Lisa, have her attached to an IV drip. WTH?!!! But wait, didn’t they kidnap two girls? Where is the other one? I’m confused. Bill and the FBI think that this is a drug cartel kidnapping kind of thing. So I am wondering if this is a real world or an Alpha thing. Hmmmmm….. cant wait to find out.

Dr. Rosen tries to apologies for keeping Gary up late, yet again….lol. Apparently,Gary is with Bill trying to find leads on this investigation. BWHAHAHAH!!Garyyelling “Bill, don’t break his clavicle” when he lifted the suspect up into the air made me laugh so hard I hurt my throat…lol

Now Cameron stops by Nina’s house unannounced to apologize? Whatever… I know a booty call when I see one.

I know I am not supposed to laugh at Gary because of the medical condition that he portrays, but it really isn’t laughing at the condition as it is laughing at the display of his genius in connection with other people. It tickles me to see how smart he is. And Bill should have known that Gary was going to locate the signal for the kidnapper’s phone once he promised Gary that he could drive….lol.

So, Nina pushed Bill Murray and got his hat from Caddy Shack…lol. I think that was the movie. Tim Barron was the guy that Nina dated before she knew her ability. They got into a fight and she told him to do her a “favor and kill yourself”. So she blames herself for his death because she didn’t know at the time that she could push people. Wow! And the booty call begins!

BWHAHAHAHA!!!!Garycalled the guy out when they walked into the bar. He yelled “That’s the guy with the phone”. WAIT!!! WHAT?!!!! Did Gary get shot?! WTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh.. okay. SoGarydidn’t get shot, but he to slammed into the wall by Bill to dodge the bullet. And because the kidnappers were located they raised the ransom from 10 million dollars to 15 million dollars. And the FBI arrested Bill and Gary for obstruction of justice. Lol.Garymentioned to the arresting officer that he was already arrested once today.

WOW! Rachel walks in while Cameron and Nina are about to get it on in the living room. Yeh…. The powers of having a roommate. Nina needs to learn how to use her bedroom…lol.

Bill and Gary are in jail. I love how Gary is helping Bill get a better perspective on the situation. Wait, Bill’s wife doesn’t know that he has an ability, but instead thinks that he got kicked off the force because of anger issues. WOW!!!! Dr. Rosen comes and gets them out of jail after making a call to Sullivan for a favor.

I don’t think that these kidnappers are Alphas, they are just regular people.  WOW!!! One of the kidnappers killed the other kidnapper point-blank. WHOA!!!!

Oh, okay….so the other girl is the blonde chick who is with Lisa’s father. She looks like either an agent or a bodyguard. Just by the way she is behaving…. my self-proclaimed Alpha ability of being an intuitive/psychic is telling me that she is in on the kidnapping. Meaning, she chose the guys, told them where she was going to be and hence the reason why she wasn’t kidnapped as well. She wants in on the money. Who wants to put money on it?!

Did this kidnapper tell Lisa that he will kill her slowly but only if she promises to come back and give him a sign that there is something better on the other side. Hmm….the world just keeps making me sick!

Bill, Rachel, and Cameron find the dead body of the killed kidnapper. The old location was rigged with a trip wire to blow up but Cameron disarmed it.

So the blonde chick’s name is Nelson. She tazored the FBI agent that was in the car with her, the same one who hated on Bill and had them arrested. I FRIGGIN’ TOLD YOU!!!! GIVE ME MY MONEY!!!! I really do think I am an Alpha, all fruity; lock me up in a white jack at St. Mary’s foolishness aside…lol. But if I had to pick an ability, being able to predict comes naturally. Lol.

The team found Nelson, Nina pushed her and she led them directly to where the kidnapper had Lisa.  GREAT TEAM WORK!!!! Lisa’s father thanks Bill and Gary and mentions that he could easily make a call to get Bill back into the FBI.OH!!!! The hater, the FBI agent, was the one who Bill slammed into the wall and broke his clavicle.  Looks like Bill has chosen to stay with DCIS.

Bill tells his wife that FBI let him go. I LOVE HIS WIFE! Lol. But he didn’t tell her about his ability. Sucks!

Nina finds out that the cop was looking into a financial scam that her ex, Tim, pulled and not his suicide. NIIIIICE! So She is off the hook. Now she and Cameron are in this whole weird area of what went down but didn’t go down. Hmmm.

Hahahahahah Bill is going to letGarydrive…hahahahah I AM IN LOVE WITH GARY!!! “You’re stalling, Bill. You’re stalling.” Hahahahah And the show goes off with Bill yelling, :”BRAKE! BRAKE!” hahahahahahaha

Next week:  Some mega Alpha is wreaking havoc!!! Sweeeeeeet!




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