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         Daily, women are taking painful trips to the airport only to wind up with landing strips, while others make the complete journey to Brazil. For what? All in the name of some twisted fantasy for men to relive their high school virgin days where girls’ “barely there” hair excited them to pleasures beyond belief. But really… wasnt the whole point of getting hair “down there” was proving that you are now an adult? Now what i do and/or don’t do to my nether regions is between me and my thighs…..but you have to admit that it is not the easiest thing to do to have razor bumps, hot wax scars, and tiny hairs ripped from their humble abode….all to please a man.

        So what do the men do? I mean, the LEAST they could do is push the forest back a little. Maintain their tool shed. Put some order to the sausage display. And the list goes on. It shouldnt be THAT hard for a guy to maintain his family jewels if he expects his woman to maintain the jewel case.  So I got to asking around and seeking answers from my close friends, and the responses were hilarious.

        I don’t think you quite understand. So, this question has been on a hike across the social media and has found its way here to my blog.  Upon doing so I spoke to one dude who told me that it was the first time that he has even heard of guys grooming their private areas. He went on to say, “any man who shaves his private hair is gay and less than a man.” Of course you know that I had to attack the whole GAY portion of his statement first, and then I pointed out his ignorance in other areas of his argument.  But I have to agree…. when doing my 200 Men Said….Let a Man be a Man blog, I don’t remember “male grooming” being apart of the requirements. And so the quest began. It started out as a tweet, then turned into a twitter question, and then a status & of course I had to take it to my 200 men.

I asked my 200 Men:

Do you groom your private area? Meaning, do you keep the hedges trimmed/family jewels polished?lol. DO you think it makes you less of a man if you do? Message me longer answers. by

AND LET THE FUN BEGIN!!!!! SO my 200 Men came back and said…….

  • zeberg:  Yes I DO!! No not at all!! I could care less what people think!!
  •  Jamarcus V: Yes, I do. And no, it doesn’t make you less of a man. Who likes all that hair? 
  • ”DUKE” BANNER:  Yes, I do because you want to look your best.
  •  MICHAEL-“HE WHO IS LIKE GOD”: Hell yeah…. I gotta keep it clean!!
  • Marese D:I don’t groom it at all, It’s beautiful, lol
  • Eltrain -: Yes, I groom, sweetheart. And No, I don’t think it makes me less off a man (I’m all man) it makes me a lot less irritated & a step ahead of the un- groomed man:)
  • Christopher P: Yes. Its personal hygiene..any man who feels or thinks less of himself because of it isn’t a man
  • Lateef25:  I don’t, but lately, a lot of women ask for it to be groomed. I just don’t do it. Maybe I’m lazy. I’m scared it will bump up. [2Deep: Okay…. so you need someone to show you how to do it properly. lol. You don’t have to shave it off completely… take a pair of scissors and trim it down.]
  • James M: Yes, i groom my private area. LOL. I don’t think it makes me less than a man. Men should groom themselves down there.
  • Keith: no
  •  On the Rocks….: If I asked you this question you’d throw a fit, talking/commenting about being disrespected.lol [2Deep:  See, my 200 men know me SO WELL!!! Now answer the damn question!]
  • Antonio B:  I do groom. I think that it is not that important that men do as it is that woman does!
  • Prestige “The One And Only”:  Yes, I most certainly do, faithfully 3x’s a week…lol. And personally whether or not I’m less or more of a man or not…. it feels great…freakin awesome….lls.
  • Jeff C:  I do and it makes me feel good and clean… nutting like it [2Deep: he wrote nutting and not nothing….I find the typo purposeful and rather comical. ]
  • Mr. Mayor**DARKSTARZ INC PREZ**:  I do groom and trim my private areas… And you’re a nasty man if you don’t! In fact if you don’t, you are less than a man. You’re a little boy who can’t take care of himself.
  • Ed M:  I do, sometimes, but that doesn’t man me less than a man. Some of my kicks or exes like it and some don’t, but it doesn’t matter.
  • just here for fun:  Of course I do! I think its sexy and its less hair in the mouth for her 😉 [2Deep:  Such the gentleman, isn’t he…lol. You know they say it is the thought that counts.]
  • rroyallty: No, i do not. I don’t think it will make me less of a man. But since that isn’t my thing, i think it would be unattractive if i just got finished shaving and those hairs start itching and im scratching my stuff and smiling in her face. [2Deep: Again, I’m going to hold a grooming session… you are invited. You don’t have to shave. There are creams and good old scissors ]
  •  Allen Ozark:  I am 100% manly man – I use hair removal cream down there. My b@lls are smooth as eggshells, as Dave Chappelle might say LOL. Not trying to turn this into a sex thing, but we’re grown, so the whole “fishing hair off ur tongue” thing – not sexy! not sexy! [2Deep; This is by FAR my favorite answer… it almost got me fired…lmao]
  •  ……. : Yeah, I shave it all off. it gives you a few extra ”hidden” inches lol [2Deep: *side eye* Sure it does….lol. So are you admitting that you “need” those hidden inches? LLS! Sorry I had to go there. I am sure you are fine.]
  •  Ladies Luv Cool Jay: I definitely groom my private area. Nah it doesn’t make you less of a man. Guys always want women to do down on them. What descent female wants to go down on someone who has a jungle down there.
  •  Eric J:  Yes, i do. Its part of my body,yes. hell no [doesn’t make you less of a man]
  •  6’5 & NICE WIT IT:  If you are an athlete, or anything else that got to do with sweating, I think you should groom. No, it doesn’t make you less, actually women like it groomed (Trey Songz: Let me here you say ahhhh)
  •  Jeremy S:  Ye,s I do. And no, I don’t think it makes someone less of a man; it’s mine and my partners business
  • King of the Hill: Yes, I do. I was relatively hairless until near my 30’s so I decided to keep it that way as I was used to it. Don’t care what people think.
  •  Joshua D:  No, I don’t keep my hedges trimmed..and if I did it wouldn’t make me feel less of man at all…
  • PIECE OF WORK!! $$PET$ PET$ PET$$$: Yes….. NOPE
  • Terrance L: I dont, personally. I dont think it makes you less of a man, i believe in everyone doing what makes them happy. What about you, are you natural or do you shave? [2Deep: I am not apart of my own questionnaires, sir…lol]
  • Candido RIGBY:  Yes, I do groom my private area . And no, it does not make me less than a man.

        Sooooooo as you see, more and more men are keeping the forest cleared to be well-kept for both their own hygienic purposes as well as to appease the ladies. Hell… even Chris Brown waxed it all off; Mr. Miyagi (sp). Fellas, take it from me… it does look more appealing to have the area groomed. Notice I said groomed and not shaved off. Some guys like it shaved off… but others just trim the hair and keep it nice and neat.

       Hell.. you guys have more hair than women and trust me when I tell you that you will get more action if it is well-kept. That is unless you date barbaric women who don’t shave themselves. It is just personal hygiene and upkeep. That is all. it doesn’t make you less of a man and it damn sure doesn’t make you gay. It makes you intelligent enough to know about taking care of EVERY aspect of your body. NExt, I have to see who gets pedicures so I can break that myth as well. But I guess it is going to have to be one myth at a time. lol.


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