ALPHAS: Love You to Death

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Episode 1: Cause and Effect

Episode 2: Unpredictable Prediction

Episode 3: Rage!!!!

Episode 4: Rosetta

Episode 5: Love You to Death

 I missed last night’s episode because I was out at B. Smith’s seeing who my competition would be in the finals. So I DVR-ed the 1am episode and here we go!

 Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2,  #Alphas

I have a confession to make. I realize why I love this show. I love intellectual and realistic Sci-Fi. I dont like the aliens and time-warping stuff, no offense to my Star Trek fans, but this is more believable to me. It is cool Sci-Fi, the kind of Sci-Fi that wont get you beat up in the school parking lot. The kind of Sci-Fi that you feel you can obtain….like there is a piece of you that has the “ability” that you just havent tapped into yet. This kind of Sci-Fi stretches my mind for the possibility of what could be and makes me think, therefore asking me to keep one foot in reality and one foot in the unknown. It asks me to not fall for the fantasy yet challenges my ideals on reality. Okay, I’ll stop being cyclical in my revelation…. but all of this to say, I LOVE THIS SHOW!

Okay, the show starts out with two teens running on a high school football field and kissing in the bleachers. OH SNAP!!! A ZOMBIE DUDE COMES OUT OF THE WOODWORKS!!!! Mr. Howard…apparently someone they know is the zombie dude.

Rachel is coming back from a date and she brings this guy back to Nina’s house. I want Nina’s house!!!!!! *Covers my eyes* I feel like I am watching my younger sister kiss when Rachel kisses this guy. And I think that her senses got “over heated” when she got aroused by her date.

bwahahahahah Gary still cracks me up. They all got badges for Defense Criminal Investigative Services to help them with their investigations in case people ask. And why wont Rachel discuss her date with this guy? But it doesnt matter because she is set on a road trip with Dr. Rosen to Fenton, PA to check out the zombie case, I suppose. DANG!!! Rachel can smell fear, too?

Wait, the sheriff said that there were four deaths and they all looked melted inside. Chris, one of the dead persons, had a car accident and the sheriff didnt think that his accident was related, but Dr Rosen thinks that it does so they want to exhume his body. Why is Rachel crying during this interview with Chris’ mother? Ooooh, her mother wont return her calls since she moved out of her parents’ house.

Ummm… the empty Sheriff’s office is a set up for a horror movie gone obvious!!!! Why would this episode come right after I write how believable this show is and why I love it? lol. The universe is hilarious!

Ewwwwwwwww! Sheriff jumps out of nowhere and his insides are melting and blood is oozing out of his mouth. Before dying the sheriff says “I should have listened. I should have stopped it.” Stopped what?

Now the whole team is in Fenton. Cortisol levels were high…. a hormone that is present when the body is under stress. BWAHAHAHA!!!! When Gary flashed his badge at the waitress ” Respect the badge!” hahahahahah*Rewind*I had to film it with my phone and hopefully it will post right….lol. To check out the vid CLICK HERE.

If I had to take a hunch on who was causing all of this, I would say that it is the football coach. Just a hunch. And he was connected to 4 of the now 5 victims.

And yet again Gary has brought humor for me. And I dont want anyone to think that I am laughing at him because he is ( I think) autistic…but because he is a genius with witty timing. He is such a pain in the butt yet loveable at the same time. I just think that our intelligence is far behind his and therefore we feel he is slow because we cant comprehend his level of speed when it comes to the amount of information he processes in a moment. For another hilarious Gary moment, CLICK HERE.

Gary reveals that the coach sent mean emails to Rich Wallace and David Burton, with David’s father being on of the dead guys. So Nina and Bill question Coach about it.  And the Coach doesnt seem to be taking well to it…..so Nina pushes him.

And then Gary finds David in the hallways and then he reveals what he saw in the emails. One girl said that she would rather kiss a toilet than to kiss him because he has bad breath….lol. Someone, ANYONE, please get in there before Gary gets his butt kicked by this dead looking David. And then Cameron comes to his rescue, but why do two of the coaches jump in. Cam trips up David and they find that he is another victim. They put him in the car and Dr. Rosen and Gary drive him to the hospital.

hahahahah Gary stole David’s jacket while he was in the hospital and wore it because “He’s a Baller”. lol. Dr. Rosen finds that the cortisol in their system was a sign that he is in an addictive withdrawal, but not from a drug but from a person. My guess is the coach.  And this person just held his hand and the cure is Oxytocin or the Love Hormone.

Rachel heads back to Chris’ mother’s house and wow… this is an unhealthy situation. I wonder if she can become prone to the same illness because she seems addicted to a motherly touch as well.

Bill and Cameron head to the site of Chris’s  accident site and believe that he ran into the crash site on purpose.  She had motive to hurt all of the victims because they did nothing to help save Chris. SHE IS THE ALPHA!!! And she stopped Rachel from picking up the phone to get Bill’s call. And she rubs her and Rachel starts to glow….. I TOLD YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am an ALPHA!!!! I can predict -ish! GIVE ME MY MONEY!

Bill and Cameron show up to Chris’ mother’s house to check on Rachel and the home is empty. Rachel left without her purse and her cell phone. Reason being, she is glowing with a Jersey Shore orange tan in the car driving away with Chris’ Mother. Bill taps into his Alpha strength and uses his adrenaline to run and catch up with Rachel after he breaks his axle listening to Gary’s driving directions. Rachel snitches on Bill’s arrival so Chris’ mother kicks her out the car, tells her she doesnt love her and wants her to die and drives off with Bill arriving shortly thereafter.

Dr. Rosen runs up with a shot of Oxytocin and it doesnt seem to be working for Rachel like it did for everyone else. In the meantime, Chris’s mother is about to kill Coach Kent.  Rachel focuses on the touch of Dr. Rosen, Bill and Cameron feeling her and it brings her out of the spell.  The Alphas show up in just enough time to save Coach Kent and arrest Jessica ( Chris’ mother).  And she is being sent to Binghampton.  And scene!

WOW!!! Next week gets steamy!!!! I cant wait!



~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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  2. I Dont care what anyone says…. ALPHAS is an AWESOME show!

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