SYTYCD S:8~ It Aint Over

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 7 August 2011 at 11:48 pm

Episode 1: Auditions (UT & NY)

Episode 2: Auditions 2nd Day (Los Angeles, CA )

Episode 3: HELL WEEK

Episode 4: Top 20 or Bust!

Episode 5: Starter Up!

Episode 6: America Has Spoken 1

Episode 7: Dance for Your Life

Episode 8: America Has Spoken 2

Episode 9: The Guys vs The Beasts

Episode 10: America Has Spoken 3

Episode 11: Show Must Go On

Episode 12:  America Has Spoken 4

Episode 13: All Aboard! (Top 12)

Episode 14: America Has Spoken 5

Episode 15:  On Their Own

Episode 16: America Has Spoken 6 (Top 8 )

Episode 17: You Wanna Be On Top?

Episode 18: America Has Spoken 7 (Top 6 )

Episode 19: It Aint Over

I fell asleep last night and didnt hear the alarm to wake me up in time. So… writing this at 5am is just what’s gonna have to happen. lol.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #SYTYCD ?

Marko, Sasha, Tadd, Melanie, Ricky, & Caitlynn are your top 6.

Wow! Is Sasha’s hair growing? I LOVE IT!!! If it is extensions, it still looks hot! lol. I also love this dress that Cat has on, but I dont like the bottom of the sleeves or her hair… but she still is beauty

Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, Christina Applegate (Married w/ Children ) & Lil C are the judges for the night.

 Melanie & tWitch: NAPPYTABS!!!!! And twitch is back in the mix.Okay so There is a Lil Red Riding hood theme to this….lol. And I am gonna need for tWitch not to make a face like that EVER again. Wait.. did he just say “Little Red Swaggin Hood.” ? bwhahahahaha.  Okay, set to Nicki Minaj ft Lil Wayne’s Roman’s Revenge  the dance opened up looking more like a lyrical routine. It took a minute for me to even believe it. Maybe it was the off-beatness of it all. The moves were so staccato and it took them a minute to get into the pocket. And how NOT PG13 was the move where he lifts her up in the air with her crotch in his face? Ummmm…. okay. lol. The concept was there, You knwo I LOVE NAPPYTABS. The setting was there, the costume was there. But this was NOT my favorite. They still did a good job, but something was missing. Lil C said that he wants to congratulate Mel for even getting through that difficult music. Buckness. Christina said that watching her every week gives her hope because she takes us on a journey. Its as if dancing will med her broken heart. She said that in this she was breaking hearts because she was so evil. Mary said that her brother called her right before the show and mentioend that Melanie had charisma like Shirley Temple. Mary feels like she is committed in everything that she does ( I agree). I’m disturbed by this wide opening in Mary’s dress though. Nigel says that there has been allegations that they have not pushed her in this area. And he said, ” Grandma, what great teeth you’ve got.”

Sasha & Kent: Tyce Diorio is the creator of this scenario where this couple has hit a wall in their relationship. Sasha is even crying in the video before the dance. DEEP! Moving to the beat of Me’Shell Ndegeocello’s Fool Me  I am amazed by hwe beautiful Sasha looks…I mean she always looks beautiful, but there is something different tonight.I LOVE the simplicity of this set and costume. I love the Lift and split on the wall above Kent’s head that Sasha did. I mean, Tyce is usually a hit or miss for me. But I LOVE this routine. Sasha’s body is SICK!!! Glad I’m going to the gym in a few minutes…lol. And the ending is amazing!!!! TYCE YOU DID THE DAMN THING!!!! STANDING OVATION IN MY BEDROOM!!! Sasha is safe and on to next week. Christina said that there have been girls in this competition who can do all of the technical stuff and she doesnt care, Sasha puts a finger against a wall and she breaks her heart and THAT’S dance. She doesn’t know what has hurt you [Sasha] in your life, and we dont know what has hurt you but we thank you for being so courageous for sharing that hurt through expression. Mary said it was intoxicating. It is what you do when you get back up and we have always been there. Sasha is “still a superstar” for her. Nigel said that sharing her emotion with us was amazing. It is Sasha’s brilliance when you can bring us into the routine, and she communicates this beautifully and is back to being his favorite dancer. Lil C said that he was trying not to cry….and he is failing miserably. He understands the emotional portal that Sasha danced from the entire time. It is all about not being ashamed of your struggle but being able to share it and she is Phenomenal.

Marko & Jeanette: They will be doing a Pase Double choreographed by Dmitry Chaplin who based it all in musicality and not about counts.And he said that the power comes from the male’s crotch…lol. As soon as Antonia Gomez, Ely “La Gamsita” Guillermo Basilisco & Paco Pena’s Zorongo (Traditional) came on, the first visual of Marko is SEXY!!!! The outfitting is on point and I already love it. Marko looks amazing, and I am not saying this because he is one of my favorites… I am saying it because this man is AMAZING!!! To my untrained Pase Double eyes, he looks as if he has done this before. The double twirl over his shoulders was beautiful. They are an amazing visual to watch. Mary said that she was ready to dance with Marko. The style, arrogance was absolutely spot on. Yes, the lift that represented the cape movement is amazing!!!! Told ya. Nigel said that it left him a little cold, but the routine going into the finale of the show was missing that little extra that he needed. Lil C said it was a pleasure to watch and every moment he took and he sat in it. He loved every minute of it. Christina is a huge fan of his and thinks he is such a beautiful dancer. And she thought that he danced a few inches “above the crotch” and could have dropped it down a little…ahahahahaha

Ricky’s mom said that he has worked so hard and he is an achiever and he can do this.  Then he hits the floor to Justin Nozuka’s After Tonight for his solo routine. The intro to the piece was powerful and catches your attention. There is a ton of repetitive movement and he almost fell out of his pirouette… but it was an okay routine. If you wish to vote for them you can call 1-888-TEMP-01 (1-888-836-7601) or TEXT 1 to 83676 . Or vote online at www.fox.com/dance

Tadd & Elenor: Sonya Tayeh is the mastermind behind this routine. This is a period piece in a time where people were very conservative. This couple meets and they have never touched and they get reckless and lustful. AMAZING CONCEPT! Dancing to Beirut’s The Gulag Orkestar the intro is very simple and they look elegant. It just looks weird to have Tadd doing some of these lyrical moves since he is a B-boy. But him swinging from the chandelier is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love Sonya Tayeh’s mind. I am not getting this piece, theme wise, but choreo wise I love it. I dont know if they went to the tempo of the music… but it was an okay piece. Eleanor looks beautiful. Nigel said “It Was” as he becomes speechless. He said that he would have liked ot see a little more dancing and it needed to develop more. Lil C loved the way that Sonya is able to utilize a dancer’s fundamental abilities. He thought that it was a good piece but you have to make each move last a lifetime, and Tadd should have lived in that moment more. Christina said ” get a room”, but in all honesty she thought that the choreo was remarkable. She loves Tadd so much, the fact that a B-boy starts in a promenade in the beginning is just….just. Mary thinks that Tadd’s ability is extraordinary and she thinks that he is still growing.

Caitlynn’s mom & dad said: That they are both lucky that she ended up being her daughter and they are very proud of her. Katie Hudson’s What’s Love Got To Do With It was her song of choice, but I feel like her smiling just messed this up for me. I feel like her outfit was a little slinky and she could have gone a little harder in her movement. Just…uuuuuuuh. Yeh.  If you wish to vote for them you can call 1-888-TEMP-02 (1-888-836-7602) or TEXT 2 to 83676 . Or vote online at www.fox.com/dance

Ricky & Jaimie: Dee Caspery choreographed this piece about a couple who feels like they are slipping apart and Ricky is trying to control her. It looks like puppetry. lol. Trent Dabbs’ Inside These Lines  comes through the television and I am already wondering how this will come across. Dee seemed very serious in rehearsals while Jaime and Ricky were playing around. Ummmm.. the sticks seem to be a hinderance. And when they separate the stick seem irrelevant. And I am not getting Ricky’s technique in this dance. It is as if I can count the movement with him. Jaime is doing a wonderful job. But they don’t seem to have this connection for the meaning of this piece. I also didn’t see the theme in the routine. But it was beautiful choreo. Lil C gave props for Ricky’s dancing with a prop. He also said “What a magically, magnificent, puppeteer of physically rhythmic artistry you are. Buckness.” Christina thinks that he is really a beautiful dancer. She noticed that he doesnt dance with the clearest of intentions. Mary said that it was free-flowing. Nigel loved the concept of the routine and thought that he danced very well and he needs to feel the movement more.

Tadd’s parents said: Their family from the Philipines are enjoying watching him and this is a dream come true and they back him all of the way. Tadd hits the stage dancing to Yolanda & Cool &Dcup’s We Speak No Americano.  he starts out like an old man, which I dont get …but okay. I think that this has his character and flare that we all know and love.  If you wish to vote for them you can call 1-888-TEMP-03 (1-888-836-7603) or TEXT 3 to 83676 . Or vote online at www.fox.com/dance

 Sasha’s parents said: Sasha is Peter Pan and just a beautiful person. Her father said that he started crying when he first saw her on stage. Her mother said that she will do great. Dancing to Lady Gaga’s Teeth she opens with such power! Just the position of her hands on her upper torso scream, in the words of Lady Gaga, “look at me, I’m a star”! The break in the walk into the crontrast on the intense movement is what these solos are suppose to be about!!!! YOU BETTER WORK IT!!  If you wish to vote for them you can call 1-888-TEMP-04 (1-888-836-7604) or TEXT 4 to 83676 . Or vote online at www.fox.com/dance

Caitlynn & Paasha: Dmitry Chapin is behind this Samba and wants them to be SEXY! He even said forget the family show…lol Dancing to Kat DaLuna’s Drop It Low (District 78 Remix) Caitlynn looks HOT in the opening sequence.WOW!!! That pop and crawl she did up his leg was hot and sexy… rewind. LITERALLY REWIND!!! This routine is HOT!!!!! I dont want to be the judges having to decide who goes home after this steamy routine. Paasha brings out the sexy!Christina thought that Caitlynn did so well, but he foot work was very beautiful. Mary said that when a second chance we expect it to be better…..and by god that was better. Their bodies were melting together. Lock steps, fabulous and girl, your body was dancing. Nigel said that the Samba rolls were just that good but be careful about making sexy routines and let the body and routine do the talking. Lil C said that she danced it amazingly. When channeling the specific emotion, you want to swan dive in it and not cannon ball into it, less effort is more sexy to him.

Marko’s mom is so very proud of him. She is so adorable. She told him to stay as you are and God will do the rest. I love his mom!!! If there ever was a wonderful and powerful opening to a solo routine, this was it. As James Morrison’s Wonderful World (Acoustic) began to play, Marko takes a run, leap and tuck/roll into the intro of his piece. He truly is dancing for his life here. And he will earn a spot in the top four if it kills me!I love the modern feel that this routine has. It is semi lyrical too. And I love it! But then again I LOVE Marko.  If you wish to vote for them you can call 1-888-TEMP-05 (1-888-836-7605) or TEXT 5 to 83676 . Or vote online at www.fox.com/dance

 Melanie’s mom said that she has always been a performer. Watching her is surreal and she feels this is just the first step to accomplishing a dream. Dancing to Freestylers ft Belle Humble’s Cracks (Remix) she looks stunnin. I love her outfit.He has a Sonya Tayeh feel to this routine and the pirouette glide into a split made my hip hurt and I wish this wasnt so short because I was pulled in and was rudely interrupted by the music cutting off. Yeh, she is gonna make it too.  If you wish to vote for them you can call 1-888-TEMP-06 (1-888-836-7606) or TEXT 6 to 83676 . Or vote online at www.fox.com/dance

Sasha & Ricky: They will be whacking? Well choreographer Kimaru Suraj says that it comes from the 1970s Los Angeles. It is about the individual and who yu are right now in your life. It does look very physically intense. So with this being my first introduction to Whacking/Wacking they are doing it to Beyoncé’s Schoolin’ Life. I dont even think I know this song….lol. How fitting.Okay, Sasha’s outfit is cute, the skirt is unique and she looks MARVELOUS as usual. I am still trying to figure out what the theme or storyline of this performance is and how is this style to go with this song and costume…hmmm.Okay, so it appears that Whacking is all about the arms. It seems a little slow with this song. I mean it is entertaining, but I am watching Sasha more than I am watching Ricky. But she is just a  commander of attention. I think this tempo took away from the accent of the whacking arms.  I love how they ended in the drop…and I know it has a name but I cant remember what it is called. it is popular in the LGBT communities and I saw it a lot on ABDC. Other than that the dance was missing something. Mary never really loved this style but during auditions she saw Princess Lockeroo, but they did well. Was the whacking slackin? Just a little bit and she thought that Sasha whacked better than Ricky. Nigel didnt think that the whacking was lacking and he enjoyed the fun of it. And he thought that Sasha was fabulous in it. She is sexy just by relaxing and enjoying the dance. Lil C thinks that this is such a funky style that he would have liked to see them enjoy it just a little more. Thy didnt take the time to be intimate with the music and the routine.Over all he thought they did a great job. Christina loved to see them with this personality.The only thing that she would add is for them to ” whack it harder”.

Melanie & Tadd: Spencer lift’s theme is about a mirror of reality, they are in a rehearsal of a rehearsal. Tadd is a choreographer and Melanie’s character confuses the passion they have during their rehearsal for actual love. Tadd uses this to get a powerful performance out of her. WOW!!! I hope this comes across as powerful as the idea! Shirley Bassey’s  (Where Do I Begin) Love Story doesnt seem like the perfect song from the intro into the piece… but I will see where it leads us. OKAY!!! I stand corrected. I am loving this piece. Especially with Tad getting into character! Melanie looks HOT!!! This is an AMAZING routine. OUCH!!! The ending was soo… just… WOW! Yeh, the way she was all into it and thought he was coming in for a kiss but he was just correcting her arms!!! WOW! Hats off to Spencer Lift. Nigel mentioned that Melanie’s solo is the best solo is the best solo in any season. Not only is she the original beast in this series, and not only is she an incredible dancer but an incredible actor.  She has gone back up to being his favorite dancer. Tadd’s being in this dance with Melanie is to say that he is outstanding in what he does as well. Lil C loves that Melanie speaks for itself, and she has this quiet fire that entices people. And he thought that her solo was so “beefy” with double fists pounding on the desk before him. lol. To Tadd he is growing leaps and bounds and continue to do so. Christina concurs on Melanie’s solo. Christina thinks that Melanie reminds her of Donna Mckechnie in Chorus Line but so much better. WOW!!! Talk about a Broadway referenced compliment! SCORE! Mary thinks that everyone has said it all and that America has fallen in love with them and they are extraordinary in both of their own styles.

Caitlynn & Marko:  Sonya Tayeh is the genius behind this routine which is about an overbearing and controlling man as Caitlynn tries to get away and find her own voice. HILARIOUS! Only because they have to play their EXACT opposites. Dancing to one of my FAVORITE lead singers in the world, and of course the band is amazing too…. Florence + The Machine’s Heavy In Your Arms they start out with a propless set.WOW!!! They start out in this chokehold position. And the way that he is dragging her is making me want to scream at the TV. It looks so vicious and yet it has this voyager’s sea sway to it.  BRILLIANT! Their execution of such strong choreo is just …..I’m speechless. I wasnt a fan of the ending…it wasnt as strong as the rest of the dance, but yeh… this deserves an award of some sort. The judges give it a standing ovation. Lil C says that this routine was , via Twitter lingo, double hash tag buck ( ##BUCK). Christina…. WOW. Marko they keep referring to the women as the beast but Marko is a beast. His aggression was remarkable. Caitlynn, FINALLY…that was your moment, that was your time. Mary facetiously said she didn’t care for it and then said that Caitlynn finally had another breakthrough. Marko has always been her favorite dancer on this show! Nigel said that this routine makes up for his being upset/disappointed with the chandelier routine. It was absolutely stunning. And he said that Caitlynn came of age tonight and she needs to hold on to it. And Marko is sensational.

Now, I’ve been voting for the same three people for the past 4 weeks, I hope you dont think that I will change my mind now. lol. Sasha, Melanie & Marko. I hope that America doesnt let me down.

Here are your TOP 20 Dancers of SYTYCD Season 8!!!!!!!!!

Top 10 Males:

  1. Ricky Jamie
  2. Chris Cole~Eliminated Week 4
  3. Wadi Jones~Eliminated Week 2
  4. Tadd Gadduang
  5. Robert Taylor Jr.~Eliminated Week 3
  6. Marko Germar
  7. Jess Leprotto
  8. Nick Young~Eliminated Week 2
  9. Mitchell Kelly~Eliminated Week 6
  10. Alexander Fost~Eliminated Week 5


Top 10 Female Dancers:

  1. Miranda Maleski~Eliminated Week 3
  2. Melanie Moore
  3. Sasha Mallory
  4. Iveta Lukosiute~Eliminated Week 2
  5. Clarice Ordaz~Eliminated Week 6
  6. Jordan Casanova
  7. Missy Morelli~Eliminated Week 2
  8. Caitlynn Lawson
  9. Ashley Rich~Eliminated Week 4
  10. Ryan Ramirez

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