Drop Dead Diva S:3~ Honor Thy Mother….Until

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Episode 1: Amended Circumstances

Episode 2: False Alarm

Episode 3: Dream Big

Episode 4: The Wedding

Episode 5: No H8

Episode 6: Closure

Episode 7: Honor Thy Mother…Until

I was planning on watching this online tomorrow and just relaxing tonight but my curiosity and overall love for the show wouldn’t let me watch it a day late….so, you get it on time…lol

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #DropDeadDiva

WOWZERS!!!! So Stacy makes Fred lunch and include notes like Jane’s mom use to do, but then yells that she is NOT his mom? I’m confused.

Okay, so the LA Weekly is showing pics of Deb, and back then Grayson told her not to sign the contract. And is this the same actress who played Deb because she looks different and her hair is longer. And then Deb’s mom shows up in the office to see Grayson. And then Jane’s mom is on TV sliding own the emergency shoot on a plane circa the airline dude who got arrested for doing the same….lol. I LOVE it already! 

WOW! Wait, did they create East West airlines? lol. And her mom’s bond was set at 10 thousand dollars for jumping out of the plane? hahahahahaha

Deb’s mom, Bobbi Dobkins, is there to sue on Deb’s behalf and hopefully the casino will lose. And does Parker have a crush on Bobbi?

I am so confused, I feel as if Deb’s mom should be Jane’s mom and vice versa. They are so mix matched with their daughters.

So, Grayson rewrote the contract that the photographer gave Deb to sign. Stacy convinced Deb to white out all of Grayson’s changes and that is why the Sierra Casino has rights to use Deb’s image.

And thanks to Kim, Fred misinterpreted her advice and had a fight with Stacy and it ended in Fred saying that he will get his own place.

Nancy Grace is interviewing Jane’s mom. This is HILARIOUS!!! And her mom listed ALL of her offenses (shoplifting, indecent exposure, and something else that should have had her locked up for). And then she mentions that Jane is representing her and she is single!!!!!! I would disown my mother after that. I am sure there is a secret clause in the Bible that says “honor thy mother and thy father as long as your mother takes all of her meds and doesnt commit a felony.”

What does Stacy do that she can pay her half of the rent and stay with Jane? And did Fred really sleep half-dressed on  Kim’s couch in her office? WHOA!!! And he was sleeping naked and Kim got a glimpse…lol.


I love Elaine’s court outfit. I would have had a shorter skirt and rocked higher heels. SEXY! But Elaine just fussed at Jane for not showing up until it is an emergency. Well, if you would stop being so loopy, medical conditions aside, maybe Jane would show up like a daughter…even though she really isn’t your daughter.

I dont like the way that jane is going behind Grayson’s back…again. If she would have listened to him the first time around she wouldn’t be in this predicament. And now she is going behind his back again. This could come back to bite her in the butt and mess up Jane’s chances with Grayson. Shame.

Again… I LOVE TERRI! The missing flight attendant that the prosecution took off the list so she lied about being out-of-town. So the rules state that you will get passengers off the plane in 2 hours, but that doesnt start until they pull away from the gate. This means that you can sit at the gate for hours. The flight attendant thought that her mother did well.

Ewwww with Jane’s secret assistance, It doesn’t look like Grayson will win this case.

And karma seems to be coming back as jane tried to put blame on the airlines and not her mother. The judge says to do otherwise.

And Fred didn’t get the house-sitting job that Kim set up for him, and Stacy found out that he didn’t get the job because he told Calvin ( the owner) that he couldn’t be away from Stacy for 30 days. I would have LOVEd to house sit for this guy.

This flashback of Deb lying is painful. And Bobbi says that Deb would have loved it……the ad. I find it touching how Jane is trying to guard her mother…well Deb’s mom when it comes to her dating Parker. It is one of those weird situations where you wonder if stuff like this happens in real life.

Fred is still sleeping naked on Kim’s sofa…..when Stacy comes in and apologizes to him. Cute!And she made him a lunch. CUTE!!!  They crack me up.

Jane trying to tell Grayson why Deb may have ignored his changes to the contract doesn’t seem to be going so well. But it does seem to have its impact on Grayson as he looks at the photo. TOUCHING!

Is this the apology show?! Everyone is apologizing. Now Elaine is apologizing to Jane. bwhahahahah Elaine said she can’t go to “jail……or Canada”…lmbo!!!!!!!!!!!! I love her!

So Elaine give Jane the impression that you can’t know what it was like unless you were actually on the plane. So she rearranges the jury box like plane seats. She even adds sound effects via a radio full of crying babies, a vomiting passenger, and even had space heaters in the jury box. When asked how many of the jurors would pull the emergency lever….ALL of them raised their hands. And judging by the bar atmosphere in the scene following the court scene….I think Elaine is free. lol.

Cute to have Bobbi, Elaine and Jane sing Lean On Me during karaoke. Funny how Bobbi said that Deb had a horrible voice…lol. But obviously Jane (Brooke Elliott) has an AMAZING VOICE!!! Grayson dropped the lawsuit and calls Jane off stage in the middle of the song and calls her outside of the bar. WOW!!! There is a huge billboard of Deb’s ad.


Next week with Ms. D List herself is going to be hilarious! I just know it!


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

  1. Love the show 🙂 Amazing. Stacy is….. SOOOO CUTE! great show 🙂

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