ALPHAS: Rosetta

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Episode 1: Cause and Effect

Episode 2: Unpredictable Prediction

Episode 3: Rage!!!!

Episode 4: Rosetta

 I was busying winning semi-finals at the B. Talented competition to blog about this on MOnday, so I had to wait for it to come on again today in order for me to remark on it. Now, if this paid my bills then I would be on time….lol.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2,  #Alphas

WOW! The way that Gary’s mom has to perfectly get his water is amazing. What is this signal that catches his attention while he is brushing his teeth? It was as if he got a secret message of some sort.

Okay, so these two guys are the new rogue Alphas? And him over cooking the eggs was enough for them to call the Alpha SWAT? Lmao! OOOOH, this is the guy that sent the ghost after the team. Rachel could hear three heartbeats inside of this house a mile up the road! CLASSIC! And Dr. Rosen gave the go for SWAT to move in on the house… and the dude inside of the house could feel them coming just by the hair standing up on his arm. Cameron was able to shot the door off the hinges 10 feet away & bill knocked off the front door bolt with the palm of his hand…. JUST SEXY!!!!! And whoever this Alpha is, he was able to turn the power off in the house and the entire street and something about the computer/tablet on the counter was of importance. And who is this lady in the back room of the house?!!

Whoever this woman is she is rather catatonic. Dr. Rosen thinks she is autistic. And supposedly this case has something to do with Red Flag. Nina is even left to babysit Gary. As Gary watches this autistic woman, I wonder if he seems himself.

Northwell Petroleum and a bunch of detonation information was able to be recovered from the house. And I love how Nina is punking this DoD guy. The girl’s name is Anna…andGarywas smart enough to create a signal with his cell phone so that he can understand Anna. She tells Gary that she can help him find them. Did I mention that Gary is my FAVORITE character/actor? I’m going to have to research him….because he is into this roll!

Okay, so Anna can understand ANY language and she transcribes it into her tap and scratch language she created. She is a living Rosetta Stone! CLASSIC! No one but Red Flag and Gary understood that she is an Alpha….and not autistic. Lol.Gary’s mom called him home and since he missed his 9:30pm bedtime he threatens to stay up all night. Dr. Rosen hints toGary’s mother that he may have met a girl his age and he may be taken by her. The relationship between Gary and Anna is sooooo sweet! How she talks through the computer is amazing! Nina is straight cock blocking. Lol

Okay, so the Alpha who overcooked the eggs is supposedly going to blow up a fuel truck. He blacked out the lights in the rest stop bathroom and took the driver’s clothing. The fault in the Alpha’s ability is that, much like Bill, his power needs time to recharge before he can use it again. So that down time renders him defenseless. And they went through all of this to pull this truck over and it turned out to be the wrong truck. Sad. Okay, so there was something about the number on the truck….but I will have to see how the numbers matched up once I run the DVR back.

And there is something up with the date on the memo that Anna was helping Gary translate. And the retaliation that Gary is showing is intense and he is justified, but not so rudely. Wrong time to…..express yourself. I think that Anna planned it. I wonder why Anna didn’t want to count to 10. The date said May 5, 1011. Interesting. And then Gary figured out that Anna was lying to him and that was why he received the wrong code. Which meant that why he was given the wrong code to the truck that supposedly designed to be strapped with bombs. And then Anna said that she wasn’t working for Red Flag, Red Flag was working for her. WTH?!!!! Renestrin is a drug that will stop women from having Alphas. So that must be where the truck is headed….to the Renestrin factory. AND I LOVE HOW GARY IS!!! I think he faked being upset with Nina to figure out what Anna was up to.

Wait… who was in the car!!!!Garytexted her info to Dr. Rosen. Bill and Cameron are going after Kozar and Dr. Rosen is coming to get Gary. Dear Lord… please do not let anything happen to Gary!!!! OH SNAP!!! She sent a virus of information and signals to come and attack Gary through this brain signals. THAT WITCH!!!! Someone get her quite behind!!!!!!!!!!!

Kozar breaks through the gate of the factory….and how can this guy sense when they are coming?! Can I have that sense? No, I want to stick with Nina’s ability to push. DAMN!!! Cameron shot the guy’s finger off and the detonator out of his hand through a loop in the fence. And Bill push a truck across the parking lot, smashing the detonator…. WOWZERS!!! Wait, did Kozar die in the bomb when he went under the truck to set the explosives with his bare hands? And how much damage did he create to the building?

Garywas found on the floor of Anna’s house and now he is being hostile to Dr. Rosen.Garysaid that he sent Dr. Rosen an email…. I think it is to say that he is leaving the Alphas.Garyhas changed and just told his mother that he can take care of himself. And Anna messaged him hoping that he is still her friend.

So, via Anna’s flooding Gary with messages, they discovered that the Red Flag is a huge movement across the country. Yikes!  Can’t wait for next week.


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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