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Days 1&2: So You Think You Can Spit

Day 3: Dodging a Bullet

Day 4: Mic Check Group 1 

Day 5: The Midst of the Storm

Day 6: Mic Check Group 2 aka I WON!

Day 7: I’m Headed to FINALS!

Tuesday, 2 Aug 11

Last night ROCKED!!!!! TJ and I got there early. We rehearsed and I didn’t mess up in rehearsal, I did mess up in the middle of my poem… I just hope my face didn’t show it..lol. I found the line that I dropped and went back to get it. It was amazing!

Like I mentioned yesterday, the topic was ” DC: Taxation without Representation”. I originally didn’t know where in the world I would begin with this topic. So, it hit me that many people may not know where the term originated or what it truly means. SO I thought that I would give them a history lesson. But then also let them know what it means in today’s world, specifically DC. And how did those two tie together? Well… it tied together because history was, in a way, repeating itself. So…. the thought was spun!

TJ opened with a Jimmy Hendrix-ish Star Spangled Banner intro and I opened with a remixed song version of the Pledge of Allegiance. The poem went something like this: 

I pledge allegiance to the flag
Of the United States of America
And to the republic
For which it demands
One district
Have taxation
And no representation at all
I heard the cause sailed the 7 seas
To seize the Rights of Englishmen
Purse strings robbed by Parliament
The foundation of American tradition
The jingle-jangle of citizens’ civil rights
Wrapped in the hands of tax collectors
Packed on ships and sailed far away
Like slaves
Etiquette & common courtesy lost in greed
Come sit in retaliation
And have a cup of Boston Tea
Though you may have to scoop a cup from the harbor
This party is to stand up for our distant right
History writes that Englishmen
In 13 American colonies
Had no rights in the House of Commons
And Common Sense tells us that history repeats itself
Until someone takes a stand
Takes the needle off
Instead uses a pen to put it on record
James Otis yelled
Taxation without representation is tyranny
Irony dwelled here
As history repeats itself
No march on Washington
Could change the circumstance
Through the running around the bush
Of the Senate
Since it
Refuses to put a representative
In a seat
To represent D.C.
How ancient the law
Where there is a call for action
In print it is written
But is there really justice for all?
In hindsight,
Upset you should not be.
Don’t tell me you were fooled into thinking America was a democracy
And to the Republic for which it stands
We have inherited
A mixing bowl of the world
Cultures from every corner walk our streets
Screams for equality denied
Because we are not a state
So there it sits
It’s just a bill
Yes, it’s only a bill
Don’t we house Capitol Hill?
And we hold the laws
Create the laws
Is this not the
Land of the freeeeeee
And the home of the paid
Each April 15th on time
But hear not the requests of the feet pounding in protest
Marching through D.C. Streets
I suggest you throw a tea party
Invite the Anacostia River this time
Just your luck
The success of history may
In fact, repeat itself


Yeh! We rocked it! As soon as we finished, ALL THREE JUDGES gave us a standing ovation and even Kevin Powell and a few other people sprinkled throughout the room gave a standing o. It felt amazing. We didn’t get a single negative remark. Every judge began with ” Wow, ummm…wow. ” lol.  They loved the British accent I used to sprinkle the text, they loved the musicality expressed by TJ, the way he and I are able to play in unison, and the over all message. Davie, one of the judges, said that TJ and I should record this and send it to DC Votes. I may have to take her up on that. It just felt great to stand up there with TJ and know that the work we put in over the past week was not in vain. We switched up the style and presentation and it was just amazing!

I feel that this competition has made me step outside fo my comfort zone. It has forced me into a situation where I have a partner, to deal with music with my thoughts and to trust the input of a person who has more knowledge in the area of music than I do. I became TJ’s partner do to an accident, but you know what they say ” God doesn’t make mistakes.” So, I guess that was my lesson. Take what you are given, a new partner, a seemingly difficult topic, and a stressful day and use that energy for good. I stretched myself and thought outside of the box and I feel so much better today because of it. I am still on cloud 81…lol. 

Shout out to my amazing partner TJ Turqman, the best man on bass! lol. He gives me ideas and we vibe well off of one another and I wouldn’t have it any other way. He makes my words pop and I LOVE that!!! So yeh, thanks TJ, much love and respect from me to you!

Shout out to my diva, Isha, who showed up to support me and my divas Rachel, Nikki B & Kanikki J who supported me via twitter. And Shout out to Jay who kept checking on me via text because he had to be at work ( kiss on the cheek…lol #insidejoke). Oh yeh, and Challenge to Angelique and Lauren… they will be competing in Round 2 of Semi-Finals next week. I know for a fact that I will see them in Finals, it is not even a question. So… BRING IT!!! lol. Love y’all!

So…… I need everyone who has ever supported me to come out to B. Smith’s in Union Station on August 15th at 7:30pm to come and root me on for the big win. I have some competition and I want and need all of the love and support that I can get to help me rock out one last time in this competition.  I REEEEEEEAAAAAALY want to win, but at this point I just ask for God’s will and I will be happy with that. So, keep TJ & I in your prayers.


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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