Drop Dead Diva S:3~ Closure

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Episode 1: Amended Circumstances

Episode 2: False Alarm

Episode 3: Dream Big

Episode 4: The Wedding

Episode 5: No H8

Episode 6: Closure

Yup, I am posting it the day after…. so sue me!

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Sooooo I am a day late in posting it. I had a bunch to prepare for. Well, at least I am about to have a great laugh!

OUCH!!! Jane gets to be a prosecutor for the D.A for two weeks. And she was asked by name? Hmmm.

Kim gets a case by a mother who wants to sue because her daughter was supposedly brainwashed by …. STACY!!!!!!!!!!!! And there is a law that says that it is wrong for Stacy and her shopping sprees to get so many hits in one day. Hmmmm.

Okay, Jane worked at the DA’s office for two years, and worked for Allen Roberts but she never told anyone why she didn’t take a job there after her two years. Hmmm. There is a story behind this.

KIM JUST KISSED A GUY!!!!!! This episode is already juicy. Okay, so the case for Kim is Tort Community Act against Stacy. So the Pacific Holding Corp is the company that supplies Stacy with the goods she blogs about, but the law gives the company immunity. Sucks, sooooo now Stacy has to pay? I’m so confused!


Elena Estrada was a girl who was abducted on a trip towards Malibu and murdered. This was a case that Jane once worked on while at the D.A.’s office.  And… Ooooooooh There used to be an “us” between Jane and Allen!!!And where has this actor playing Allen been before? He looks like he played a bad guy in one of the movies I watched in the 90s. Hmmm. I will research in a minute.

Bwahahaah Parker expects Fred to tell him who Kim is dating. I have a feeling that it is just a friend and not a boyfriend and it was a one-time thing that Parker is getting his boxers in a bunch over nothing.

Hahahahaahahahah Stacy trying to turn herself in once she finds out that kids are buying bad fashion via her advice. And she swore “ so help her Hermes” . lmao!!!

So jane, in the Elena case, found the guy Carlos who she met in the AA meetings. And Elena was calling him tio ( uncle in Spanish). And Carlos said that she was knitting him a soda. Which leads Jane to count the knitted sweater rows and be able to come to the conclusion that Carolos did not kill Elena.  And then how does Allen close the case, therefore making it cold again, and then offer to take Jane out on a date. Ummm. Weird.

So jane did spend the whole night talking with Allen and was offered her a new job as a prosecutor at the DA’s office.  I mean, the perks are horrible. But she seems inspired.

And Teri advises Fred not to tell Parker who Kim is dating but then offers her Private Investigative skills instead. Lol. Funny!

And now Stacy is telling everyone, via her vlog, to “Return to Sender”. Hmmmm. That seems like she could get sued by the company now.

Teri finds ADA notes via a case and gives it to Jane. Somehow a Patricia Martin comes to light. I LOVE Teri, I need her to come and work for me.

And now the CEO of Pacific Holding is on the verge of suing Stacy. All she had to do was take her video down but she refused.

Patricia Martin meets Jane in the park and mentioned Nate Perskey. Patricia went to Allen Robert and instead of mentioning in his notes, he dismissed it. All of this was to save Nate who was the  son of one of the town’s most influential people.  He mentioned that he was in an AA meeting when he stood up and said that he wanted to kill a girl and gave the details.

So, now in court, when Stacy gets on trial ( from the lady from Madea’s Family Reunion) she is trying to get off, but the injunction is granted by the judge and Stacy is forced to take down her blog at once. Shame….. she should have just taken it down

Dang, Teri found out that the guy that Kim is dating is a married guy. Again, I don’t think that he is married…and his name is Andre Corrin. And the cat is out of the bag…. Parker is spying on Kim.

Jane brings Nate into the office and he confesses that he killed Elena even though his father and Allen burst into the office and tried to stop him from doing it. Nate even signed the confessions sheets. But Jane notices something and then changes her mind. She doesn’t think that Nate killed Elena. Maybe it has something to do with the zoom in and the exaggeration of him writing with is right hand. Is it his father, maybe?

Oh snap. So Kim is really dating this dude Andrew!!! And she confronts him with the news that she knows that he is married and then walks away from him. You go girl!

And based on a movie role that Jane/Deb played in years ago she was killed by a hatchet. The make-up guy put on the cut makeup from upper left  to lower right which means the killer was left handed. The same holds true for Elena…. And NATE IS RIGHT HANDED! I feel like I am playing a game of clue! Who killed Col. Mustard in the library?

Stacy has to return all of the merchandise and just as she is about to cry over a cute pair of Prada sunglasses, Fred runs in and shows a video of one of her followers. She got several hits in 2 hrs. Yeh, the support is there. I have a feeling that Stacy won’t have to return to sender after all.

Nate, in a jail visit, Jane confronts him because she doesn’t believe him at all. Nate even confesses that his dad found him outside, and disposed of the body. Hmmm, so shouldn’t they even get him on aiding and abetting?

Sales soared and the company now agrees that Stacy can put her blog up and the company will even connect to her blogs. AMAZING!!!!

And Jane dismisses Allen. Hmmm, I wonder if there is more there than just it being the fact that he hid evidence.  And I LOVE how Stacy was the best wing-woman by sending Grayson the secret drink that he and Deb use to share. CLASSIC! I need a wing-woman like that. Yeh, I continue to love this show. Lol.




~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

  1. The actor who played Allen in this week’s episode is Tony Goldwyn. He played Patrick Swayze’s best friend/murderer in Ghost.

    • EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ROCK!!! I kept seeing him in my head getting hit by a car but couldnt figure out why. It was when Patrick chased him out into the street. CLASSIC MOVIE! Thanks a bunch.

  2. The actor who played Allen in this week’s episode is Tony Goldwyn. He played Patrick Swayze’s best friend/murderer in Ghost.

  3. Alan looks like the bad guy in Ghost…I think he was Patrick Swayze’s best friend…but I might be wrong!

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