SYTYCD S:8~ You Wanna Be On Top?

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Episode 1: Auditions (UT & NY)

Episode 2: Auditions 2nd Day (Los Angeles, CA )

Episode 3: HELL WEEK

Episode 4: Top 20 or Bust!

Episode 5: Starter Up!

Episode 6: America Has Spoken 1

Episode 7: Dance for Your Life

Episode 8: America Has Spoken 2

Episode 9: The Guys vs The Beasts

Episode 10: America Has Spoken 3

Episode 11: Show Must Go On

Episode 12:  America Has Spoken 4

Episode 13: All Aboard! (Top 12)

Episode 14: America Has Spoken 5

Episode 15:  On Their Own

Episode 16: America Has Spoken 6 (Top 8 )

Episode 17: You Wanna Be On Top?

Episode 18: America Has Spoken 7 (Top 6 )

ROUND 2 of the All-Stars!!!!! There is a different batch of All-Stars tonight and the competition will get tougher. I can feel it in my bones, people! It is going to be off the CHAIN!!!! So, you ready?

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #SYTYCD ?

I love this white dress that Cat has on. It gives her curves and a nice silhouette

Jordan, Marko, Sasha, Tadd, Melanie, Ricky, Caitlynn, and Jess are your top 8.

Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, Rob Marshall  (Pirates of the Caribbean), and Lady Gaga are the judges for the night.

I am looking at Lady Gaga’s outfit and all I can think of is Sargeant Pepper. lol. I just told my age. All of the young pups are gonna be lile Sargent Who?

 Sasha and Pasha: Choreographer,Johnathan Roberts, did this alter-reality piece to Terry Snyder’s Puttin’On The Ritz.  I don’t like the way that it started. I don’t think that the choreographers of ballroom can come up with out of this world concepts. I mean, the dances turn out beautifully but they never convey the theme that they mention. I need for Sasha’s head not to bob as much and to watch her frame. Here I am talking like I am Mary Murphy. The ending didn’t do it for me. OUch….and you know I love me some Pasha and Sasha. Rob said that Sasha is elegant and easily one of his favorites for sure. It is also nice to see her in heels, those legs are gorgeous. He didn’t think that this genre showed off everything that she can do. Mary said that Sasha absolutely pulled it off tonight. Nigel said that she is his favorite dancer in the competition and that she was too stiff in the body but he loved the angle that she was at. Lady Gaga said that she is just as shiny on the outside as she is on the inside. She disagreed with Nigel and thought that her stoic stature was a wonderful way to interpret the intention of the choreographer. If you wish to vote for them you can call 1-888-TEMP-01 (1-888-836-7601) or TEXT 1 to 83676 . Or vote online at www.fox.com/dance

Caitlynn and Ivan: Marty Kudelka choreographed this lyrical Hip Hop where she is tired of her man. Mario’s Let Me Love You. I mean, the intro, let me just say this…. I hate it when non-actors try to act. It kills me. It took a minute for the dance to actually start. But Caitlunn does have some swag. I love it. And she is HOT!!.  The choreo is chopping in places for me and doesn’t propel the story. I guess it was the song that was chosen. It was too slow for me. But it did have some good parts. I was pleasantly surprised. Wait… did Ivan kiss Caitlynn behind the hat. Mary spoke more about Ivan, but she said that Caitlynn did a wonderful job. Nigel wants Caitlynn to sit in the pocket a little bit more. Lady Gaga comments on Nigel’s “open your legs a little bit” remark. lol. Comical. Lady Gaga thinks that Caitlynn is extremely sexy and the connection between the two was magical. Rob thought that she did great and it was a great style. She has a beautiful smile. She just needs to lose herself in the style a little more instead of performing. He then Gave Lady Gaga a compliment about how  she loses herself in her performance.  If you wish to vote for them you can call 1-888-TEMP-02 (1-888-836-7602) or TEXT 2 to 83676 . Or vote online at www.fox.com/dance

Jordan and Ade: Tyce Diorio choreographed this piece to Tina Turner’s Nutbush City Limits. I mean… what’s love got to do with this? lol. I just wonder why are they looking out in the audience. I almost want them to look and connect with each other. This romper/jumper that Jordan has on doesn’t match the piece and it is giving her a thicker body shape that I don’t like. I am not fond of this piece. I mean, their technique is definitely there but ummm.. I have to say negative to Tyce on this one. It was supposed to be about a secret rendezvous but I wasnt feeling it at all!!! Again, I’m not a judge so it doesn’t matter what I think. Nigel asks if there was anything that her body can’t do, she’s like a doll. Lady Gaga said that she use to cut their heads off all the time. Lady Gaga said that Jordan gave her so much hope because she is soooo short, while showing her fashion cathiters….bwhahahaha. Hilarious. Her favorite part was when Jordan looked into the camera and said “baby, I’m a star”!Rob gave Tyce compliments and then said that Jordan is what he loves because she does it with such abandon. There is so much meaning and levels when she dances and if he could scream like Mary her would. Mary yelps then says that Tyce is a bad ass. She said that Jordan flourishes under these strong female roles.   If you wish to vote for them you can call 1-888-TEMP-03 (1-888-836-7603) or TEXT 3 to 83676 . Or vote online at www.fox.com/dance

 Melanie and Neil: Mandy Moore did a peice about a couple being at the cross roads. WOW!!! Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart. Of course Melanie would get put in this role. She is amazing in these types of settings. Just stunning!! I mean, she looks beautiful, the music is on point, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from Mandy Moore. The lifts are beyond amazing and effortless. WOW!!! This “Dirty Dancing” lift almost took my breath out of my chest!! Wait, DID THEY KISS!!!!. The ending was emotional and gut wrenching. Is Lady Gaga Taller than Nigel while giving this standing O?!!! Lady Gaga takes her hat off to her and said that Melanie is her favorite in this competition and she would hire her tomorrow to dance on her tour. There is something so athletic and passionate and beautiful about her. She was the first person that Lady G didn’t watch on the monitor because she wanted to watch her directly because she wanted to be connected to her. Rob said that it is so poetic to watch her. He said that she fills this room and at the end she let go of the dance and became and actor, she played the scene and that was beautiful. Mary that they was that she has the strength and dissolves the movement, the way that she threw herself…..it was fearless. Nigel warned Sasha that he is fickle and that he will change his mind because Melanie is now his favorite dancer. It was a strange moment when he did the arabesque and fell into Neil’s arms. Ellen is in the house and she once said to a dancer ” you are a carpenter because you just nailed it” and you have nailed my heart as well.  I think that you all already know that I will be voting for Melanie.. AGAIN!!! And then Melanie ran and did the magnificent leap into Neil’s arms again. WONDERFUL!  If you wish to vote for them you can call 1-888-TEMP-04 (1-888-836-7604) or TEXT 4 to 83676 . Or vote online at www.fox.com/dance

Ricky & Anya: Jason Gilkinson did this give to celebrate the movement of the Jive. Ummm.. Okay! Celine Dion’s River Deep, Mountain High. Ummm… I am a fan of the song but not for this routine. I am loving their footsteps and Ricky is keeping up with the amazing Anya. I mean, wow… look at those legs go. The costumes are confusing to me…they seem to be clashing with one another. The lift and drop at the end scared me to death!The flip over her shoulders was amazing! Rob thinks that Ricky’s smile just lights up the room and he dances with such joy. His technique is out of this world. Rob would like to see him dig into the floor a little deeper…other than that there is nothing because he is a star. Mary wasnt sure at the beginning because he was in and out of the field, but as the music picked up  he picked up. She was glad that he got back on time and he pulled it off. Nigel doesn’t want to be over critical but he did feel Ricky was too tall for the river deep. And one lift looked like he was in the “meat market” because it looked labored. But his smile does lift everything. Lady Gaga has a sweet spot for him and she doesn’t know why and she can’t explain it. She thinks that he looks so strong and so nimble and so quick. Adversely, Anya felt so dancing with the starts and it didn’t feel as modern as what Ricky was giving. She feels Ricky is a modern dancer who has worked his “tooshie” off to get here and she loves it.  If you wish to vote for them you can call 1-888-TEMP-05 (1-888-836-7605) or TEXT 5 to 83676 . Or vote online at www.fox.com/dance

Jess & Laruen G: NappyTabs did this Hip Hop routine about a guys who cheated on a girl and is trying to win her back. Rihanna’s Take a Bow. First off the simplicity of the opening is beautiful and it was all about trying to give her this flower. The way that Nappy Tabs pays attention to detail is just sickening. Jess is definitely keeping up. He is sitting in the pocket quite nicely. They are keeping with the theme and the intention of the dance. His face is not doing it s usual thing as usual. I mean… I can NEVER hate a NappyTabs routine. But I loved it. Hell, at one point Lauren eve looked like Tabitha. lol.  Mary said Progress. every week it has been progress. He was really good tonight and tonight was one of the really honest performances that he has given. He is really opening more every week. the articulation in his move ment was there and he even had that swag. ANd then she failed with the double peace sign. Nigel agrees that he has matured significantly through this competition. Just listening to Neil Patrick Harris, he mentioned that he would have enjoyed this performance ( because of his face) because he did not over play it. Lady Gaga has so much respect for him because he went to school for theatre. There were parts of the choreography that she didn’t like them so much ( the prop/flower) but his performance overshadowed the props. So she was able to like it in spite of. Rob has known his even since he was a little boy when he was in The Grinch on broadway and he was such a start then, you could feel it. It is not easy to grow and to listen but he has done it.  If you wish to vote for them you can call 1-888-TEMP-06 (1-888-836-7606) or TEXT 6 to 83676 . Or vote online at www.fox.com/dance

Tadd & Lauren F: Mandy Moore are working with Master minds who are trying to pull off a heist….lol. Queen’s Another One Bites the Dust. I love the costumes… they both look hot. It goes with the theme of the routine. I am loving the choreo but I don’t see the fact that they are trying to pull off a heist. it looks more like a dance battle in an office that sneaky, covert, heist-ing. Hmmmm. I mean the routine was nice but it didn’t stick with the theme.Nigel said that this style fits him so well because it has a Michael-esque feel to it. Somehow Tadd was able to pick up the steps and he will not be biting the dust this week. Lady Gaga said that she really loved the styling. She wished that he shirt would have been buttoned up a little more because she loved the androgynous look of it all. The story was so thick. He doesn’t have to be boxed into anything and that is amazing. Rob said that the mark of a pro is that when things happen you keep going and that he keeps surprising us. He also thinks that Tadd is very, very special. Mary said that he definitely put the C on Cool tonight. He looked like a young Elvis Presley. And when he swags it is just unbelievable. I will keep my commentary to myself…. but the hood will be burying the word “swag” after this season of SYTYCD because once it goes mainstream it is not cool any more.  If you wish to vote for them you can call 1-888-TEMP-07 (1-888-836-7607) or TEXT 7 to 83676 . Or vote online at www.fox.com/dance

Marko & Allison:  Sonya Tayeh thinks that people in the world should be a little nicer in the world and a lot less judgemental. And this piece is about how you have caused that hurt to someone else and you are basking in the guilt because of it. This routine, set to Jeff Buckley’s I Know It’s Over, should move you to change . I mean, and I know I say  “I mean” a lot…. but this is beautiful. The neck hold , drag, and pull is beautiful!!! I would rather just watch this and not critique because I should be listening to this message. AMAZING!!! Sonya can NEVER go wrong in my book. Just beautiful! uh! Just…. yeh. Beautiful. Marko’s mother was in the audience crying. Yeh, what she said…lol. Is Marko crying too? Lady Gaga is crying and she says that she is so proud of Marko. ” You know, you really love to dance and I know your mom’s here…..and there were so, so many things that I did wrong when I was younger, and so many things that I wish I could take back. And I felt every bit of that in that dance. And no matter what… you did it.” Marko’s mom flew in from Guam for the first time and he dedicated that dance to her. He said that he said some things to his mom and he’s sorry and he loves his mom. Rob thought that there was this incredible partnership; his technique is amazing. Mary said, as tears ran down her face, that it was amazing. He is sincere, honest and he takes moves that everyone does on this show and he adds a volume and a finishing that adds inches to it that no one else can do and he is her favorite on this show. Nigel says that we saw a moment here on this show that isn’t about the competition. We witnessed him speaking to his mother and it is a remarkable moment for a son to turn and speak to his mother. And so many of us have not , and many of us can not, have the opportunity to say that and he hopes that people take this as a lesson to turn and tell their mothers what they feel TOUCHING!!!! My vote number 2 is going to Marko. AMAZING!  If you wish to vote for them you can call 1-888-TEMP-08 (1-888-836-7608) or TEXT 8 to 83676 . Or vote online at www.fox.com/dance

Caitylynn & Tadd: Jonathan Roberts was inspired by Ella Fitzgerald ‘s Top Hat White Tie, and Tails as he choreographed an elegant and classic routine. This is beautiful. I am not too fond of Tadd dancing, but Caitylnn’s frame and carriage is beautiful. I mean they look elegant and the choreography is stunning. Rob thinks that there were just sparkling from beginning to end. It was like a black and white movie come to life. Mary thinks that just the two of them are shining stars, and doesn’t think that it wont go down as the most memorable performance tonight for her, but it was nice. Nigel was just in heaven watching it and he wanted to dance with them with Lady Gaga as his partner. Lady Gaga just really loved it, especially the flower in Caitlynn’s hair. She told Caitlynn to work hard and relax her hands. She told the story of how when she wins a grammy she takes all of the platinum albums down and she pretends as if she never had them and she has to work hard for them all over again. I love Lady Gaga-isms!

Marko and Ricky: NappyTabs wants them to be waste management technicians…lol. funny. The opening is so COMICAL!!!!!! Set to the tune of Diddy ft Black Roby Mark Curry’s  Bad Boys for life the boys hit the ground running.  I love how Marko is the hottest ones on this routine. I am watching him more than Ricky. Come on Ricky… where is your swag? lol Yeh, Marko can get it. Yeh, this was a Marko routine. Sorry Ricky. And i agree with Cat, they do look like the Mario Brothers…lol. I’m calling them the Marko Brothers…lol. Mary said that it is no secret because she loved it, and other fabulous routine. Nigel couldn’t believe how nasty Marko looked in the routine. Ricky you are still a little bit too high for Nigel, but they both cleaned up tonight. Nigel has reservations about whether Ricky will be in the bottom this week. Lady Gaga thinks that they are both incredible dancers and it was amazing. She mentioned Lauri Ann Gibson, and maybe that is why she felt that the style of Hip Hop tat was contrived. OUCH! Rob wants to give props up to the choreographers. He was astonished by Ricky and Marko’s range.

Jordan & Jess: Jason Gilkinson and the Ramba… Adele Set Fire to the Rain. I love how Jordan moves the chair while in a lift… I’ve neve seen that before. Watch you face, Jess! This dance is very slow…. And yet I feel a slow boiling chemistry that can work if they stay true to it. I just noticed thatJordandoesn’t have any shoes on. Now I want Jordan to watch her face at the end. Nigel didn’t feel the chemistry in this routine at all.Jordanhas a swayed back and she needs to tuck under. It wasn’t his favorite routine tonight. Lady Gaga, there was nothing wrong with it. There was so many moments in it….and she would have interpreted the dance differently because they were intertwined the entire time and Rain and Fire don’t go together. She also complimentedJordan’s legs. Rob thinks that they brought out the best in each other. And he sees big theatre careers for the both of them. Mary thought the back lift was the best lift all season. She also thought that there was a lack in chemistry, but it was still beautiful.

Sasha & Melanie:  Sonya Tayeh did a Jazz routine. All I know its going to be a beastly creation to District 76’s Game On. I mean… they look like female Green Hornets or the Incredible Hulk. I LOVE IT!!!! Just amazing to see the two of them together. I must be honest and say that I don’t know what the story is… but you have to pay attention to their robotic and other worldly movement. Was it my favorite? No, but I did love it like I aways do. It was still amazing in all of it! I’ll never take that away from them. It was on point. Lady Gaga in the dance communities when you do a really good job you throw your shoe at the stage…. and so she throws he platform shoes to the stage. It doesn’t matter what race you are, where you come from, how much money you have, that was the future. Rob said that was amazing to end the show that way, as he gives props to Sonya. Mary: talk about strength and power, my goodness you just brought it. That was the best number of the night and the best number that Sonya has ever done. These ladies brought power but with elegance and beauty with love  and masterpiece. Nigel said that Beyoncé must have been inspired by Sasha when she created Sasha Fierce. There is a piece of tissue paper between the two as to who is the best dancer between Melanie and Sasha. Lady Gaga throws the other show to Sonya Tayeh in the audience. Nigel even says that either one of them could be the winner of this season. LOVE IT!!!!

I’m voting for the same 3 people I voted for last week: Melanie, Marko, & Sasha….. who are you voting for? *Dials #*

Here are your TOP 20 Dancers of SYTYCD Season 8!!!!!!!!!

Top 10 Males:

  1. Ricky Jamie
  2. Chris Cole~Eliminated Week 4
  3. Wadi Jones~Eliminated Week 2
  4. Tadd Gadduang
  5. Robert Taylor Jr.~Eliminated Week 3
  6. Marko Germar
  7. Jess Leprotto
  8. Nick Young~Eliminated Week 2
  9. Mitchell Kelly~Eliminated Week 6
  10. Alexander Fost~Eliminated Week 5


Top 10 Female Dancers:

  1. Miranda Maleski~Eliminated Week 3
  2. Melanie Moore
  3. Sasha Mallory
  4. Iveta Lukosiute~Eliminated Week 2
  5. Clarice Ordaz~Eliminated Week 6
  6. Jordan Casanova
  7. Missy Morelli~Eliminated Week 2
  8. Caitlynn Lawson
  9. Ashley Rich~Eliminated Week 4
  10. Ryan Ramirez
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