Drop Dead Diva S:3~ No H8

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Episode 1: Amended Circumstances

Episode 2: False Alarm

Episode 3: Dream Big

Episode 4: The Wedding

Episode 5: No H8

Okay…. sooo what can happen after you come out of a coma and then get left at the alter by your fiancee? Hmmmmmm

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #DropDeadDiva

FREEZE FRAME!!!! I have NEVER, until today, noticed just how RIPPED Grayson is from the intro to the show when he and the original Deb are in their bathing suits!!! Hottie! Can we get him to the beach more often?

Awww… so, Deb and the neurosurgeon are officially a boyfriend? That was quick.

hahahahaha I love it, “Do Judge a Book By Its Cover”. Stacy is so funny to me.

Wait, why would Terri send the security guard to Grayson with a case about his wife leaving him? That is just WRONG!

And why would Stacy just show up to Jane’s office and interrupt her for ANYTHING?! Dont people know how to call? Leave a note with the assistant? Huh? And then she says its and emergency for Moutainside High School fashion club. oooooooh! So Nina and Julia are a teen lesbian couple who have been banned from the school prom. GET ‘EM Jane!!!

Okay, so the security guard ordered a mail-ordered bride, and Grayson gets the ring back from Vannessa via courier. WOW! She went out for groceries after two months in marriage and she never comes back.

LANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, had a flash back to the time when I had a crush on him. Don’t judge me, I went through this boy band phase. Ok, so he is the casting director for a new energy drink called Adrenaline Rush? And he wants Fred? Hmmmm. Stacy seems a little testing for not getting chosen.

Waiiiiiiiiiiiiit! Did Jane just pick up Bill’s phone? And some chick named Sherry called. Why didnt she just turn it off or hit the ignore button? You never, and I MEAN NEVER, pick up another person’s phone and definitely not your man. And then Bill just informed Jane that he didnt think that they were exclusive and Sherry is another woman that he is dating. OUCH!!!!! See, this is a prime example as to why you never call anyone your boyfriend or girlfriend unless you have had the…”discussion”. Anything else is merely an assumption that could come back and bite you in the ass…..like it just did Jane. Shame.

Yeh, this case doesnt look like its going to be in favor of Grayson, he’s speaking from emotions and not professionalism. And before I could finish the sentence, the case was dismissed. Hank, the security guard still wants to take the next step.

Okay, so the principal….which I cant remember what show he use to play on…is a BUTT!!! He had his security guard instruct Julia to park in the falcuty parking lot.While in the meeting, the guard had her car towed, thus enforcing the 3-day suspension rule in the student handbook. This means she is ineligible to attend the school prom. THAT SACK OF BISCUITS!!! I was literally wanting to rewind the DVR and go…look, see…the guard told her that she could park here! But thankfully, Jane is going to sue him. And “just in case he cant tell by the kind of car she drives (Porsche), she’s good at her job!”

Wanda Sykes as a judge? I’m going to have a tough time trying to keep a straight face. “I didnt ask you how you signed her yearbook.” lol. hahahahah this scene was hilarious.

Oh snap! Hank is a bailiff and not a security guard…..ehhh same thing. Grayson is taking this case personally. Thankfully Kim came in and saved the day. She found a true case in which to stick with the charges on Hank’s wife.

I do NOT like how Jane is playing this game with Bill. I really HATE it. Just be honest. Tell him that you thought you were exclusive and then be honest from there. Dont play games, woman!

Okay, so the judge ruled in favor of Julia and Nina but then the school’s attorney canceled prom. Sucks!!! This is just not fair. So Parker tells Jane to let the case go but then shows up in front of the school with a press conference….lol? But I hate the way that Parker went about doing it and WHY he is doing it.

Fred rehearsin for the audition and/or performance is cracking me up. What, no Uda Hagen? Stankslovsky?

BWhahahahahahahahah At Wanda and the Birmingham pool remark. Really, Pontificate this.  hahaha “They just really want to do the electric slide as a couple”….lol.

Wait… is that Clay Aiken? Is this …. I GOT IT!!!!! They have all Lesbian/Gay actors portraying roles on this episode. GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooo slow and just now figured it out. So, Clay, playing the previous husband of the Russian mail-order bride wasnt able to help the case. Kim looks determined to find a loop hole.

Thank GOD!!! Grayson said that Bill woul dbe an idiot if he didnt realize what he has in front of him.

The principal just gave the girls a couple’s ticket and reinstate the prom, but under the terms that it is just for them and that they will not press any further charges. This would mean that a 10th grade gay couple wouldnt be able to attend their prom. So, the girls declined the offer. Nina’s dad stepped up and said they will continue to press charges. The case goes on.

Hahahahahahaha. Funny!!!! Fred drinks Adrenaline Rush and then runs into a tunnel and out pops this hot guy. lol. Then he quits!!! Stacy now has a job, and her swimsuit makes me want to run and go to the gym.

So, Irena and Tyler ( Clay Aiken) actually were working together and helping to con guys via the mail-order bride company. WOW!!! So the judge will press charges and ruled in favor of Hank.

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIT!!!!! Kim told Grayson to yell at her to get his frustration off of his chest, but then he runs over and plants a deep kiss on Kim. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Kim better NOT fall for Grayson.

So Jane paid for a prom on behalf of Nina and Julia….not the rest of the class just needs to show up. And finally, Jane tells Bill how she really feels. Awww, she wants to be the only girl who is in the backseat of his chevy. But Bill is not ready to commit.  Oh, so Jane is breaking up with him at prom. Awwwww. But she does deserve better than that. Way to go girl! And then Jane dances with Grayson at the prom….cute.  AND THE ENTIRE SENIOR CLASS SHOWS UP!!!! Niiiiice.



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