Alphas~ RAGE!!!!

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Episode 1: Cause and Effect

Episode 2: Unpredictable Prediction

Episode 3: Rage!!!!

I took one of the longest naps in history and I woke up just in time to turn the channel and watch this. I tweeted Malik Yoba and told him that I was going to make it in time to view……SCORE!

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2……#Alphas

Okay, what in the world did I miss. This guy was having a disagreement with this lady and a cop grabs her and an all-out fight breaks out on the train, ending in a police officer being shot! Double-U, Tee-Eff!!!!

How does Garry walk and look at the electromagnetic signals at the same time? Bwhahahaha… and then he asked Bill for a gun and then a grenade…lol. And then he asked Nina to push Bill to persuade him to shoot the tower. Funny.

Apparently, Rachel’s parents picked out a guy for an arranged marriage and she needs to learn how to be more assertive and tell her parents no. Obviously it didn’t go so well. Yeh, she needs more work.

And Cameron is slamming balls through glass windows in the office because his wife wont be more accommodating to his visitation schedule with his son. Shame. People…if the man wants to be there, let your feelings go and let the man take care of his son. He doesn’t want you…..and I’m going to stop preaching right there.

Wow, Nina’s walk has too much bounce to it. I can’t focus on Bill. And Don thinks that this is an Alpha event…. It sure does look like it to me.

Okay, so what is the toy that Rachel discovers on the metro? She responded to it quite interestingly. So, whoever this Alpha is….they can push pheromones like ants. So, Nina can only push one person at a time, but this mystery Alpha can push an entire crowd.

I want to be able to chuck pencils into the ceiling like a dart board the way Cameron can. Just a thought.

So Rachel was able to pinpoint a possible Alpha, the female who the cop grabbed, via the surveillance footage. So her name may be Tracy. She checked into the hospital but was released before the cops could interview her. BWHAHAHAH!Garysaid, “I have to be in bed by 9:30; you’re killing me. “ He is hilarious to me.

How do you say “Leave me alone, mom. Now get out my face.” with as much respect as possible in Farsi? Wow, Rachel’s mom was getting on my nerves.

I love how Gary calls in this observation from home since it is past his bedtime. So This mystery Alpha runs into a youth hostel… BAD IDEA!!!! They will definitely kill each other. Then out runs this dude….hmmm. But I don’t think it is the Tracy girl, I think it may be this random guy or the pair of them together. Like he triggers her pheromones. NIIIICE. The way that Cameron stopped him by stepping on his shoe string. So now Tracy is this guy’s sister and he is immune from it. So he may be the key from stopping her from doing it.

Hahahahahah Gary: “That’s not what my mom said. Well, she used words that I cant use and then she drove me here.” CLASSIC!!! They had to wake Garyto come into the office to assist them. So Matthew Hurley is the brother of Tracy Beaumont, and their mother was beat to death by their father 3 years ago….okay,Tracy’s real name is Alice. Bwhahahahahaha Gary mocking Bill “this is what I do for a living”….he is my FAVORITE character!!!! Wait… did Agent Don call Gary Rain Man? Someone punch that dude in his throat!!!

TOLD YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! Mathew is the one who released the pheromones!!!! And the wanted poster of Alice Hurley was NOT the chickTracywho was on the train with him. Now who is she? Matthew was lying. But at least I am not upset at the fact that Cameron is whooping Don’s ass.  Why is Bill the only one who is wasn’t initially unaffected by it. PoorGary…. This scene is too much for me to handle. It is action packed!!! Well, at least Don got done in by one of his own agents and not one of the Alphas. Pardon me if I don’t show sympathy….lol.

So Tracyis Matthew’s girlfriend. And now she is the only one who isn’t affected by Matthew. Man, this just gets more intense as the plot thickens!!!! But Tracy alluded to something having happened to his sister. WTF happened toAlice? Yet again, Matthew eludes the Alpha team while a fight breaks out in the train station.

WOW!!! The way that Cameron lifted Tracy over his shoulders, stepped over everyone and up onto a balcony……NIIIICE!!! But dang, did Bill have to knock the hell out of Matthew to get him to Binghampton…lol.  Ali is back…ummm Agent…..I cant remember his name. The dude who called himself King last episode, the cocky dude.

I think that the case where he keeps videos of Alphas gone awry will be important in future episodes. They wouldn’t have zoomed in on it if it weren’t important. Someone is going to come and steal that case and use it against them. Watch. I think this is my Alpha talent….lol.

So, when everyone broke out into rage in the office, Rachel told her mother off and then told her that she was moving out. As a result, Nina told Rachel that she could come and move in with her.

Agent Sullivan will probably replace Agent Don Wilson. And I fine it so nice Cameron threw he baseball off of the building to stop the buzzing tower forGary.

Next Week: WOW!!! Did the dude touch the ground to make a truck blow up? And a woman can read everything on a computer? NIIIIIIICE!!! Okay, I never did drugs a day in my life but this must be how an addiction feels. Hello, My name is 2Deep and I am addicted to Alphas!



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