SYTYCD S:8~ The Guys vs The Beasts!

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Episode 1: Auditions (UT & NY)

Episode 2: Auditions 2nd Day (Los Angeles, CA )

Episode 3: HELL WEEK

Episode 4: Top 20 or Bust!

Episode 5: Starter Up!

Episode 6: America Has Spoken 1

Episode 7: Dance for Your Life

Episode 8: America Has Spoken 2

Episode 9: The Guys vs The Beasts

Last week was out of this world! The contestants hit the ground running as if their lives depended on it. Now, this week…. they better do the same thing. If NOT… they will be going home tomorrow night. So, let’s see what they have in store for us tonight, shall we?

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #SYTYCD ?

Is there a 20s theme going on tonight? I always try to guess via Cat’s outfit…lol. She looks amazing tonight. I still find it funny how the host of SYTYCD cant dance….lol. But she is a wonderful host.

Lil C, Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and guest, Kristin Chenowith are the judges for the night. I LOVE HER VOICE!!!!!! Every time I see her on television she cracks me up! Lil C is hilarious! Wait, what! Lil C is in the studio becoming a rapper?! LOVE IT!

The first group (Ryan, Clarice, Miranda, Sasha, Marko, Chris, Tadd & Mitchell) danced in a routine that was performed to Ray Charles Hit the Road Jack choreographed by Tyce Diorio…. ummmm. I love the lights on the bottom of the chairs. The fellas look like the lead bartender in Burlesque with Christina Aguilera. The girls… ummm.. I’m trying to figure out what they look like to me. Whatever it i,s it is clashing with the fellas for me. I mean, they look amazing… but still. And the choreo is a little messy for me. I can’t tell if it is truly the choreo or if it is the execution. It is not as powerful as I think it was intended to be. I mean, the chairs as the weapons did read well for me. Again… they look fantastic, costume wise…..but yeh, the jury is still out on this routine for me.

So tonight they went down memory lane and find out when each one of these dancers performed their first dance piece. This is going to be funny to watch with home videos and pictures from their childhood.

Sasha was a tomboy and wanted to play sports. Her first performance she was a form in Thumbelina, and ever since that performance she doesn’t like frogs. Alexander’s first performance was at his 6th birthday party and it was a tribute to Lion King…lol. funny.

Together, Sasha & Alexander will be dancing Contemporary routine choreographed by Dee Caspary. The theme of this piece is that it is a love story revisited. Alexander has nothing and Sasha is the memory of what he lost. As he sits around the piano the piano keys are the keys to getting back what he has lost. Deep interpretation. Cary BrothersBelong starts out with the piano keys and it helps set the stage for this piano on stage that Sasha and Alexander are performing around. I do, however, wish that Sasha’s dress were a different color and wasnt this tan color that matched the piano.  But their technique is beautiful. I almost wished that I could see this from one angle rather than the camera taking me all around. And WOW!!!! How spooky was it for Sasha to crawl back into the piano and have her hands come out and play the keys. WOW!!! That was a great concept.AMAZING!!!  Nigel said that they need to work in getting the audience to connect emotionally with their performance. Kristin is busy makin jokes while she gives her critique. Lil C said that Sasha was “8 notches above perfection”. If you wish to vote for them you can call 1-888-TEMP-01 (1-888-836-7601) or TEXT 1 to 83676. Or vote online at www.fox.com/dance.

         Caitlynn was a tomboy but her mother always made her dress up. In her first performance she was in this yellow outfit and she was doing a “duck dance”. Mitchell was a ham when he was little. He started dancing when he was 16 playing Leroy in Fame.

Together, Caitlynn & Mitchell will be dancing a Samba choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereux. Jean-Marc Genereux said that the Samba is all about the butt. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am! lol. He said turn your hips into speakers.  They hit the floor jamming to Alica Keys featuring Beyoncé’s Put it in a Love Song.  I am soooo distracted by Mitchell’s butt in these those pants. And the Beyoncé “O-Oh” pop ….Mitchell just straight up out popped Caitlynn…lol. I mean she looks fabulous. I just wish that Mitchell would pick up his foot work just a little. They have some pauses in their work which I wish they would trust each other just a little bit more and believe that their partner will be there without rushing. But overall is was a great routine when they weren’t rushing. Mary said that Caitlynn’s foot action was amazing! And she said that Mitchell looked powerful and he nailed it. Kristin proclaims, “Shut-The-Front-Door! Shut the back door, shut the side door, shut the garage door….”. Nigel said that Mitchell is the Chris Rock of SYTCD because he brings entertainment and his own style to the show. If you wish to vote for them you can call 1-888-TEMP-02 (1-888-836-7602) or TEXT 2 to 83676.Or vote online at www.fox.com/dance.

 So it is a commercial break right now and it just hit me…… I am waiting for a team to wow me. Not that these teams that have gone already did not do well, on the contrary they did amazing. They just didn’t dance for my vote. I watched it but I didn’t feel it. I’m looking for someone who will make my vote jump up and dial itself. Just saying.

Miranda was very opinionated as a kid. Her first performance was a tap dance routine. Cute. Robert always wanted to make people laugh as a kid. And he LOVE to play Michael Jackson. And his first performance was at a talent show where he played MJ.

 Together, Miranda & Robert will be dancing Broadway moves choreographed by Tyce Diorio.  The theme of this piece is that Miranda is a upperclass working girl….lol. And it is fast as I don’t know what. I mean, I am nervous like Tyce because they may not make it. And what is Robert is supposed to be? MY FAVORITE PLAY!!!! They are dancing to Sophisticated Ladies (1981 Soundtrack)  It Dont Mean a Thing if Aint Got that  Swing. Okay…. I am loving the song of course as VOICE blares through my veins… isn’t this Phyllis Hyman? I swear it sounds like her…. I can feel her voice in my soul so I refuse to even Google search it because I just know its her. But something in their performance is confusing me. I guess it would help if I knew what Robert’s character was supposed to be because Caitlynn looks  like she is from another genre of time but Robert didn’t look like he fit in the same era. I love how Kristin says that she approaches everything from a character’s standpoint. I agree because I need a character in order to understand it.  Lil C told Miranda ” with legs like that, who needs arms?” And he said something to Robert about the planets being aligned when he was born.YES!!!! Nigel mentioned how Robert reminded him of Cabin in the Sky and I agree. But now I have to figure out which character. I just loved Lena Horne in that movie. lol.  If you wish to vote for them you can call 1-888-TEMP-03 (1-888-836-7603) or TEXT 3 to 83676.Or vote online at www.fox.com/dance.

 Melanie has always wanted to be a dancer. As her first performance she was doing a ballet tap routine playing Little Bo Peep. Marko was a spoiled brat as a kid. Dancing calmed him down. His first concert was a jazz hip hop when he was about 10.

Together, Melanie & Marko will be dancing Lyrical Hip Hop choreographed by the genius duo of Nappy Tab.  The theme is about two best friends and Marko gets left at the altar by the other woman. He then notices that the woman that he was supposed to love him has been in front of him the whole time…..Melanie. And every time he falls she is supposed to be there to catch him.How perfect for them to dance to Leona Lewis’ I Got You. I love the look of their costumes and how perfect NappyTabs always picks the perfect music. It is soooo cute the way that they use the end of the stage the way that they have. Of course I would never put anything past NappyTab. I mean they are amazing. And I am Loving the fall, pull back, glide across the stage and fall back that Marko did. GENIUS!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Marko and Melanie kissed!!!!! PERFECT!!! It has passion and it was beautiful at the same time!!!! I VOTE THIS FOR AN EMMY!!! Okay, These two get MY VOTE!!!!!! That is what I was talking about! They made me jump up and want to vote! And Yes, it was BUUUUUUUCK! Lil C called Marko and Melanie a set of “Swiss Army Knives”!! I concur whole heartedly!Nigel even mentions that he cannot judge them separately because they danced perfectly as a couple and that they are the COUPLE TO BEAT! I am beyond happy that they got paired together!!!  UUUUUUUUUGH!!!!! NIGEL KISSED MARY!!!!! Oh my goodness that was hard for us to watch!!! Cat said it was like walking in on your mom and dad…lol . Kristin said that we “sing because we can’t speak any more. Dance is the same because we can’t speak any more so we move.” Then Kristin gets up and kisses Lil C, and then Nigel gets up and pretends to kiss Lil C…. THIS IS HILARIOUS!!!!!! Entertainment people! You never know what you are going to get when you watch SYTYCD. If you wish to vote for them you can call 1-888-TEMP-04 (1-888-836-7604) or TEXT 4 to 83676.Or vote online at www.fox.com/dance.

 Ashley was really shy as a kid. She still looks the same. When she was 3 she performed in a red tu-tu with a shopping cart. Chris was full of energy as a kid and one of 7 kids. And his first performance was actually for poetry and not dance.

Together, Ashely & Chris will be dancing Jazz choreographed by Sonya Tayeh. I have mentioned that I am a Sonya Tayeh fanatic, right? The theme is almost like Beetlejuice and working with the other side of ourselves. It is creepy and I know it will be amazing as they hit the floor to Telepathe’s Lights Go Down (District 78 Remix). I mean this is something that would have been perfect for the remake of Thriller. Even though it is supposed to be jazz, it as a very contemporary feel to it. I love it. I mean the looks of the costume to the essence of the music. But then again… it is Sonya… what else was I suppose to expect. I just wish that they would put a little more energy into it. It seems as if they are tired and got up to perform. I mean, it looks good but it is sill missing….something. Nigel said that he didn’t connect with the music and he wanted the dancers to be more overt. He said that it came across as two people who were dancing with weird make-up on their faces. They should have delved more into the character. Kristin said that Ashley is her favorite person on the show. Lil C said that Ashley is like the sleeper cell on the show and needs to remain the silent assassin. If you wish to vote for them you can call 1-888-TEMP-05 (1-888-836-7605) or TEXT 5 to 83676.Or vote online at www.fox.com/dance.

 Clarice took every opportunity to make a performance. Her first performance was at two and a half in this red polka-dotted dress. Jess was a little crazy kid with the Nick Name called Jess the Mess. His first performance was him spending the entire time waving at his mom.

Together, Clarice & Jess will be dancing a Foxtrot  choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereux.  The theme is that the crooner will be working the room like a member of the Rat Pack. Instead of  singing he will be dancing. Jess had problem with his hand placement and it was starting to look messy.  Jess borrowed a tie from Jean-Marc during rehearsal and Jean-Marc said that it was Frank Sinatra’s. Well, not THE Frank Sinatra but there is this guy in his neighborhood named Francois and they call him Frank….lol. COMEDY!!! BRILLIANT!  Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me to the Moon  oozes out of the speakers to set the mood for this routine. I mean, I love the way that Clarice looks in this weight dress, astonishing. Of course this is right up Jess; alley. I just need them to mesh well as a couple. It is almost as if Clarice doesn’t trust Jess and as if Jess is afraid to like Clarice.  But this piece is well performed. I am missing the part of Jess being a singer, and the way that he ran back to the mic at the end…..eeeeh… I thought it could have been done better. You do notice that I didn’t mention anything about technique because I am not a Foxtrotter…lol. Kristin said that this was her favorite performance of the night. *Side eye*. Lil C said that Jess is a phenom….lol.  If you wish to vote for them you can call 1-888-TEMP-06 (1-888-836-7606) or TEXT 6 to 83676.Or vote online at www.fox.com/dance.

Ricky was so into dance when he was little. In his first performance he forgot his routine and began a piece of his friend’s routine. lol. Ryan was 4 during a Shirley Temple routine and she was on point.


Together, Ricky & Ryan will be dancing Contemporary choreographed by Sonya Tayeh. They are playing a couple who are in love and it is ending but they don’t know why. It is a story of a fight to let go. They have to create a picture of struggle and pain and bravery. Ricky is going to think of his father who left him and his mother when he was younger. Ryan says that she has not been in love and she is going to connect with that. Robyn With Every HeartBeat (Acoustic) became the backdrop for this vulnerable dance piece. I am loving the costume pieces with the piece of fabric connecting them being incorporated into Ryan’s costume. I am honestly not feeling the struggle of the piece. I mean, their technique skills are beautiful but I wish that I could wipe this semi-smile off of Ryan’s face. I SAY THIS EVERY SINGLE FRIGGIN WEEK!!! Girl, get that smile off your face. I mean, their choreography was great, the execution and technique was there, but it was not really there for me. Okay, maybe I am hating… but it didn’t make me stand up and want to cry. I saw the potential there but it wasnt there for me as much as I would have liked. Lil C said that they, too, are a powerhouse couple in this competition.Buckness. *Side eye*. If you wish to vote for them you can call    1-888-TEMP-07 (1-888-836-7607) or TEXT 7 to 83676.Or vote online at www.fox.com/dance.

 Soooooo, I guess I will be voting for Melanie and Marko and no one else tonight. We have one group left and no one but my M&Ms have made me want to rewind my DVR once the show goes off and watch that performance. I think that this week is a conflict with beautiful choreography getting lost in translation. You can hate me if you want…. but last time I checked, you are on my blog reading my opinion. I know that these are amazing dancers, and I will NEVER deny that….but something is missing this week. I thought and felt the same thing last week. I think that they came out of the woodwork so hard the first week that my expectations were set extremely high. I hope that they can bring back that same excitement.

Jordan was a crazy kid who use to growl at people on the street. Her first dance performance was in first grade to the SPice Girls’ Spice Up Your Life. Tadd was a huge asian nerd with the bowl cut. His first performance was in a traditional Filipino cultural dance routines.

Together, Jordan & Tadd will be dancing a Hip Hop routine choreographed by the magically witty NappyTab.  The theme is that they had a weird night in college and they are in bed and they come to the conclusion that they are strangers in bed together. And they have to get dressed and I can’t wait!!! Jordan is not comfortable with this piece.How ironic since she always does the overtly sensual solo routines….lol. The wild college night is done to David Guetta featuring Kid Cudi’s Memories.  Hilarious! I loves how they actually got dressed and managed t dance at the same time. I am semi lost I mean, I get the theme of it all but I think that there are some strange pauses in the . I do, however, love the ending!!!! I mean I love the performance. I think that I wouldn’t have had the clothes be such an intricate part of the piece, I think it slowed them down in parts. Lil C said,  “I now know why Jordan wasnt answering my calls and texts last night. ” hahahahah Comedy. Lil C also advised that when you get down into a grove you have to dance all the way through the movement and down to the bone. Nigel said that the routine brought back so many memories. lol. He also said that the story of the dance overwhelmed the movement of the dance. Mary loved their stage presence. Kristin…… SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!! She said that was a desert and she loved every bite. If you wish to vote for them you can call 1-888-TEMP-07 (1-888-836-7608 or TEXT 8 to 83676. Or vote online at www.fox.com/dance.

 The second group, composed of  Melanie, Ricky, Jordan, Alexander, Ashley, Robert, Caitlynn, & Jess, rehearsed a piece that is about a medieval setting where the women are seducing the men and then wind up poisoning them. If ou are not familiar with The  Civil Wars’ song Poison & Wine then I suggest you get to googling because it was the PERFECT back drop to this performance. It reminds me of the King of Naples’  Table of the Dead from The Borgias. This piece is gruesome and yet gorgeous at the same time. It is my definition of ugly beauty. The stacattoed gestures mixed with fluidity is impeccable and the music is shaking their techique’s hand and proposing marriage. It is deathly romantic. And I mean, the way that the girls gently placed the hands of the dead guys onto the poisonous cups at the end sent chills up my spine. I wish that we could vote for group pieces as well. I would vote for this piece over the first piece. BRILLIANT, Dee Caspary!!!! Just GENIUS!


Well… that was it for tonight. America tune in and vote. Then tune in tomorrow for the first results show of the season.


Here are your TOP 20 Dancers of SYTYCD Season 8!!!!!!!!!

Top 10 Males:

  1. Ricky Jamie
  2. Chris Cole
  3. Wadi JonesEliminated Week 2
  4. Tadd Gadduang
  5. Robert Taylor Jr.
  6. Marko Germar
  7. Jess Leprotto
  8. Nick YoungEliminated Week 2
  9. Mitchell Kelly
  10. Alexander Fost

Top 10 Female Dancers:

      1. Miranda Maleski
      2. Melanie Moore
      3. Sasha Mallory
      4. Iveta LukosiuteEliminated Week 2
      5. Clarice Ordaz
      6. Jordan Casanova
      7. Missy MorelliEliminated Week 2
      8. Caitlynn Lawson
      9. Ashley Rich
      10. Ryan Ramirez


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