B. Talented~Dodging a Bullet

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Days 1&2: So You Think You Can Spit

Day 3: Dodging a Bullet

Day 4: Mic Check Group 1 

Tuesday, 21 June 11,

The day that I dodged a bullet. lol. I mean, it was real, it was as if I were being held at gun point while being asked to hand over my chunky monkey ice cream!!! THIS was crucial.

Okay, all drama aside… I AM NOT IN THE FIRST GROUP OF CONTESTANTS!!! *Does the Wop* The Lord, himself, must have worked out something magical because I would have SURELY gone home had I been in this first group. Of course, no one ever wants to go first and there is a reason for that. You want to scope out the rules, see how the game is played, learn a little from the others. I have now been granted that opportunity.

So, I wind up at Union Station once again and I walk into the restaurant early, because remember…. time is of the utmost importance. But in this instance, I was over 45 minutes early. So…. I took my happy behind into the bar area and I had me some yummy lamb sliders. DELICIOUS!!! Wish they were bigger just because I was feeling greedy and wanted a little more….lol. But the bartenders were helpful and kept great conversation. Andres even greeted me when he walked past headed for the meeting. I was the first one there. In that case, I could be the first at something.

We entered into the side dining rooms facing the street. As huge as those windows are they can tell all your business so don’t try to pick or secretly adjust ANYTHING, someone will see you. But it is beautiful to sit and enjoy the food and the view. After a few minutes a few of the other contestants started to pile in as Andres gave us the rules and began to tell us who was up in this first round.

I am still waiting to see a room full of 16 poets and 16 musicians…. but I guess I will have to be surprised just like everyone else.

The theme of this round is LOVE . This is why I say that I dodged a bullet. I don’t DO love poetry. No one can vouch that they have ever heard me do love poetry. lol. It is not my thing. Now, I HAVE love poems, but I don’t DO love poems; it is two different things.  So, this OBVIOUSLY was NOT my week to perform. Yes, it would have tested every fiber of my poetic being, but I am glad that the poetry gods have heard my cries….lol.

I also learned that the musicians do not have to create any new music and the poets don’t have to create any new poems either. I have a problem with this. I say that because I think that if we are testing their skills then we should all be put to the fire and challenged to create something new. Maybe that should be what the finalists should be forced to do. I just want us to be challenged to create something new in this wonderful opportunity… to “step outside of our comfort zones” like Ms. B. Smith advised us to do. I will see who will recycle old tunes and old poetry….. no judgement but it will be very telling to me. I also say that as I save that option to possibly be my safety net should I need it. All jokes aside, I want to be PUSHED in this experience…in any area but love….and I want to grow. I think we all do… I just want to grow until it hurts me.

The prize will be $1500.00 for the team, 2 performances in D.C. and in New York, and to record a single with the Jolley Brothers. There is so much to be concerned about but it is better to have overall showmanship. I can’t tell you how I will perform, because this is…after all…a competition. But I will be taking notes.

The first groups up will be:

  1. Kareema (poet) with Issac Saavedraon the guitar
  2. Testimony (poet) with BJ on Sax playing the sax
  3. Spicey Poet (poet) with Gena Photiadis on the piano/keyboard
  4. Karega Bailey (poet) with Graham Doby on drums

The competition this evening will be one that I cannot wait to see. Only TWO groups will make it to the next round. I have no clue as to who those two will be, but I will definitely keep you updated.

B. Smith's B. Talented contestants & judges w/ Ms. B. Smith


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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