Drop Dead Diva S:3~ Amended Circumstances

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Episode 1: Amended Circumstances

If there ever was a show that taught me the importance of watching a pilot and never judging a book by its cover…. then Drop Dead Diva would be that show.

I remember Season 1 like it was yesterday. I got to watch the vapid Deb Dobson (Brooke D

Orsay) as she modeled her dress for Grayson Kent (Jackson Hurst) and was there as she was polishing her finger nails as she slammed/got hit by the truck. I witnessed her go to “heaven”, meet Fred (Ben Feldman), and hit the “back to earth”button and be transported into the body of Jane (Brooke Elliott). Subsequently, only her best friend, Stacy Barrett (April Bowlby), and her guardian angel, Fred, know that Jane is really Deb trapped inside of Jane’s body. Confusing, right? NOT!!! makes for great entertainment. I was there for it all and have not missed an episode yet! I saw the episode when her mother came to town, the episode where my elementary & college friend Justice Leak played the guy at the clothing boutique that discriminated against her because of her side, and the episode where the lawyer guy moved away. Yes… these were classic moments for me. And I almost wanted to quit watching the show when Grayson fell in love with the red-headed chick…..she deserves a name…but I refuse to give her one…lol. Can’t you tell how emotionally invested I am in this show? DONT JUDGE ME!!!…. unless you are Rosie O’Donnell playing the judge who is cool with Jane.

Kim Kaswell (Kate Levering) needs to stop trying to be so hard, I love to hate her! Great acting. Parker (Josh Stamberg) is such the suave playboy…….classic. The array of guest actors never hurt the dynamic of the show…and I like that. Bravo!

Outside of the fact that a plus sized woman is the lead on a show and has had the opportunity to be the love interest……this show is full of wit and comedy.Brooke Elliot is a fabulous actress and I am so glad that she is the lead on this show. I cannot even fathom who else could rock this role so well. I just wished that I had been blogging when the show first started! Teri Lee ( Maragret Cho) is my FAVORITE legal assistant in the world….when I get rich I’m hiring her. I wont be able to stop her  brother or cousin from deported like Jane did…. but she would be entertaining to have around before the feds showed up. So, enough of my blabbing…. time to watch the season 3 premiere!

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #DropDeadDiva

Show starts off with Jane running into the ER to see if Grayson has made it in from the accident where he was hit by a car. Now….this has GOT to be a dream. Jane asks the nurse at the desk for Grayson and the lady, rather nonchalantly, informs her that he didn’t make it. Ummm…Sign number one. Then, on cue better than Paris Hilton at the opening of a bad hair weave appointment, this random guy runs around the corner claiming to be Grayson who died, went up to heaven, and pressed the button and returned in another body. Yeh…. I have it on pause right now… because as soon as I release it, I want Jane to sit up in her bed with Stacy beside her telling her that everything will be okay. Frankly, because Grayson getting hit was semi her fault. What? You should have watched the season 2 finale. *Presses Play* Bwahahahahahaha! I told you!!! An older black man comes out of the room claiming to be Grayson and recanting the same story! hahahahaha I love this season already! ENOUGH! hahahahahah A Justin Bieber looking kid comes around the corner stating the same thing. THIS IS ENTERTAINMENT, PEOPLE!!!!

*Side eye* Did Jane just break out into song and dance in the hospital with the entire Saint Katherine’s Hospital staff? hahahahah The hunky guys in the wheelchair…this is soooo wrong! hahahahah She just turned Grayson into Lazarus in this dance number. Wait, where is Paul Abdul? Does she only show up in court musicals?

Oh snap! I forgot that Kim Kaswell quit the firm!!!! And she is working out of a coffee shop. Wait, Penny, the client, slept with her ex-husband and wants to technically sue him for a booty call. YOU CAN DO THAT? Like, no… seriously? If so, I COULD BE PAID!…in theory if this sort of thing were to ever happen to me, but since it hasnt we shall move on with this log. Shall we.

So, Jane & Stacy meet the actor, Tim Klein, at a bungalow at the Waverly Hotel when the Extra Extra cameras ambush him and she gets suckered into representing him in his hit and run trial. Wonder how this will turn out. Mmmmm Mario Lopez…*drools a little*.

Wowzers! Parker shouldnt have kissed Claire, but come on Kim… there are worst things that could have happened. Didnt Claire and Parker go to gether first? Okay, yeh… I would have been upset too…but not enough to quit my damn job…lol.  So, Kim is placing the “booty call” lawsuit under three causes of action: civil battery, negligent affliction of emotional distress, and general sexual misconduct. If this works….*tilts head*

Parker opening statement in the “booty call” lawsuit quotes Askew v. Askew, a real California Court of Appeals case, by stating, “The Judiciary should not attempt to regulate the human condition. Relationships begat complications which defy reason.” Okay, I am soooo hating this patterned skirt, red blouse, and odd colored blazer. Even though she is more than tacky in this ill coordinated apparel, Kim amended the complaint to add the claim of “false advertisement” as the judge deemed the case had no merit. With that change, the judge allowed it. I agree, a man saying he can do this and that and that he has changed when he knows that he has not is, in fact, false advertisement. Again….I could get paid if this is for real!!!

Speaking of outfits….As Stacy and Jane meet with Tim Klein and his manager/brother, Mark, The only people who appear to have changed outfits are the men. I swear Stacy had that SAME dress on during the first interview….hasn’t it been several days and a court appearance later since they’ve met, or did the costume designer forget to bring more clothes to this location? I’m a stickler for detail. WAIT!!!! Amy, the girl who was hit in the car accident just died and hour ago and the charges have been amended to Second Degree Murder?!!! Is this the amended case episode? Sucks for Tim!

THERE IS PAULA ABDUL!!! I talked her up! But to be in bed with Jane when she wakes up…priceless! lol. AHA!!! Paula on one side and Fred on the other to tell Jane that she needs to stop pinning over Grayson. She just needs to be a supportive frieeeeee……

HOLD UP!!! “How you doin’!” Wendy Williams is the guest judge to handle the “commercial” aspect of the definition of “false advertisement” in the “booty call” lawsuit? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!bwahahahahah I’m done! This episode is toping itself that the rest of the season will only get more outrageous or suck like hell because it couldn’t top this! But why does Wendy sound like she is damn near yelling.

Okay, now I know I am supposed to know the singer, I think she is a singer, who is playing Launa Klein, Tim Klein’s wife. Shoot me for her songs not being in my every day genre playlist on my mp3, but I recognize her face!

And the psychiatrist that is speaking on behalf of Penny’s ex-husband is soooo going to get this case ruled in Kim’s favor. The more things change the more things stay the same. He even called another chick a “3-Beer Betty”. Wowzers.

I am sooo afraid for Jane to have her back to the door as she confesses her love to Grayson in the hospital room. I have a feeling that Vanessa, Grayson’s fiancée, will pop in the door. WRONG!!! Jane confessed to Grayson that she is really Deb and BINGO he comes out of his coma, but she doesn’t even recognize Jane. Amnesia, while Jane is left alone in the room with him, is dangerous!! She could reprogram this man in her favor and it could come back to bite her in the butt!!!! So he has Retrograde Amnesia… hmmmm.

So, Judge Wendy ruled in favor of Penny and order her husband to buy a billboard warning females about dating him. hahahahah And she can do this because it was a commercial lawsuit. So, false advertisement it is.

Wait, Mark…Tim’s brother just walked into Jane’s office to confess that he was driving the car and killed the girl. Of course this happened right after Stacy noticed that the car seat was pushed up to the steering wheel and that wouldn’t have been the case if Tim, over 6 feet tall, were to have been the driver.  So, Stacy and Jane head over to the Police Impound to figure out who was the last person who drove the car. So……Launa, Tim’s wife, was driving the car!!!!! And the DA dropped all charges and will refile them against Launa Klein…..WIN!

And Parker still trying to get back into Kim’s good graces is wonderful. And Fred reminding Jane that Grayson asked to speak to Jane and not Deb was right on time.

Awwwww…. Grayson regained his memory, told Jane to come meet him just to announce that he wants her to be his best man and that he has moved his wedding to one month away! My heart hurts!


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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